Apr 192017

Fight Rail Access cuts

Image of disabled people protesting about transport accessOn the 28th of April Transport for All will be protesting at eight stations across London, calling on the Government to reverse the shameful decision to cancel their key Access for All projects.

Over twenty years have passed since the rights of disabled people to access goods and services were passed into law – yet still many of us cannot use our local train station. Only 1/5 of stations in the UK are step free and the majority of stations do not have lifts, tactile paving, audio visual information, induction loops or the other fixtures that enable disabled people to use them.

Last week, Disability News Service revealed that “the UK has one of the least accessible rail systems in Europe“, contrary to recent Rail Delivery Group claim and their “‘shameful’ attempt to disguise Britain’s inaccessible network”.

Access for All projects have provided vital accessibility upgrades to stations across the UK. It has helped to open up vast swathes of our railways to many people who have never been able to use them before.

However, last year the Government chose to accept the findings of the Hendy review into Network Rail spending – slashing the number of Access for All projects to be delivered before 2019 by 50%

The Government’s decision to defer £50m worth of Access for All funding for another five years is major blow to rail access. Disabled and older people can’t be expected to defer their lives for another five years while accessibility funding is raided to plug holes elsewhere in the Network Rail budget.

Early last year TfA together with Inclusion London, Disabled People against Cuts, Disability Rights UK, RNIB, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign UK and Campaign for Better Transport wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport to express our dismay at the proposals, calling on them to ensure to deliver all the Access for All projects they had promised. Unfortunately the Government chose to push ahead with their plans – delaying accessibility projects at 26 stations across the UK.

In London, 8 stations are affected by this decision

  • Battersea Park
  • Hither Green
  • St Mary Cray
  • Seven Sisters
  • Peckham Rye
  • Streatham
  • Barnes
  • Petts Wood

Other affected stations across the UK are: Alfreton Parkway, Liverpool Central, Southend East, Llanelli, Barry Town, Luton, Market Harborough, Alok, Cathays, Northallerton, Trefforest, Chatham, Walton-on-Thames, Garforth, Weston-Super-Mare, Grays, Worcester Shrub Hill.


Since the beginning of this year TfA have been meeting with MPs from across the political spectrum including Chuka Ummuna, Bob Neil, Heidi Alexander and Sarah Olney who agreed to support the Access for All campaign in their areas.

Make your voice heard

Following the success of our Southern Rail action earlier this month we will be organising a coordinated protest at every station in London which has had an Access for All project deferred.

It’s so important that we show the Government just how much support there is for Access for All projects across London.

We need as many Disabled and older people as possible to take action outside the eight stations across London and to demand Rail Access Now

WHEN: April 28th


Barnes station: 17:00 – 18:00

Battersea Park station: 17:00 – 18:00

Hither Green station: 14:00 – 15:00

Peckham Rye station: 17:00 – 18:00

Petts Wood station: 17:00 – 18:00

Seven Sisters station: 17:00 – 18:00

St Mary Cray station: 15:00 – 16:00

Streatham station: 17:00 – 18:00

It is important that you register so we can keep you informed about the protest you will join at a specific station.

Please let us know if you can come by completing the following brief registration form.

Please contact for more details.

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Apr 172017
As some of you may know there is an opportunity for people along the route between Wolverhampton and Wigan to tell their story to the Mirror’s Road to Wigan Pier series.
Three of our supporters have already done this to help highlight the cuts disabled people face and links to their articles are here.
If anyone else is willing to speak to Ros Wynne-Jones or Claire Donnelly please phone 07538 000271 or you can sign up in the link below
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Apr 132017

For He Who Is Winning, Another Must Lose

A song about social justice (or the lack thereof). Written and performed by Ryan Fox. (Lyrics below)

Rich is a wolf, he cheats and he steals
He’s jolly well banking on insider deals
He lies in his den with a grin full of sin
As Sarah the cleaner mucks out his bin
He howls at her haircut and third-rate shoes
For he who is winning, another must lose

Lucy forgets to turn off the hob
The government says she should go get a job
The voices she hears make her feel sad
Though Sarah her carer makes things less bad
But working two jobs gives Sarah the blues
For he who is winning, another must lose

Rushing for the bus
Sarah has a fall
Racing to the A and E
She needs a new hip
The wait will be a year
‘Til then she can’t walk
Forced to take an office job
How will Lucy cope?

Upper side of town
Rich is racing fast
Didn’t see the ambulance
Crashed his Jag
Neck brace and physio
The firm will cover that!
He’ll be fit in no time
The very very best

Lucy forgets and now is forgotten
Society’s safety net ragged and rotten
Her benefits slashed for missing a meeting
No money for food or central heating
Lifting the cup to her cold, crusty lips
She takes enough pills to make it quick
This wasn’t the end she imagined she’d choose
But for he who is winning, another must lose

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Apr 032017

Doug Paulley (who last year won a case in the Supreme Court over wheelchair access on Buses ) has written to DPAC with some important information about how disabled people can exercise their rights to travel on buses.

Doug Writes:

Through the Police Crime Commissioner, I’ve got West Yorkshire Police to recognise that a bus driver who refuses a wheelchair user access to an empty wheelchair space on a bus is committing a crime and should
face punishment.

The Police want wheelchair users to report such crimes to them.  They are ready and waiting to investigate and (if appropriate) prosecute the driver.

Disabled people, bus companies and drivers should all be made aware that such crimes should be reported to the Police.

Under the same legislation (1), drivers are also under a criminal obligation:

:- to accept passengers with assistance dogs

:- to allow a wheelchair user onto the bus even if the wheelchair space is occupied, if passengers and/or their effects in that space can readily and reasonably vacate it to another part of the vehicle

:- to operate a ramp or boarding lift, including by using the manual override if an electric mechanism is broken, whenever a wheelchair  user wishes to get on or off, e.g. when a wheelchair user presses the special blue button to indicate they want to get off

:- to help wheelchair users get on or off

:- to enable wheelchair users to access and leave the wheelchair space

:- to kneel the bus if they think a disabled person would benefit from it and/or if asked to do so

:- to ensure the bus is displaying the correct route number and destination.

The above duties are criminal duties on a driver, separate and additional to the duties under the Equality Act. Failure to comply  with the duty may result in a driver’s criminal conviction and a fine of up to £500 and endorsements on the driving license.

I would encourage disabled people and their allies to contact other Police Forces / Police and Crime Commissioners, to encourage them to take similar proactive action.



This is a forwarded message
From: [Redacted]
To: [Redacted]
Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 9:16:17 AM
Subject: FW: Police action where a bus driver refuses to allow wheelchair users into   empty spaces [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

===8<==============Original message text===============

Dear Mr Paulley,

I have heard back from West Yorkshire Police now. They have confirmed that bus drivers refusing access to wheelchair users is a summary only offence which can be enforced by the police. They have done some work to check whether any reports of this have been made to West Yorkshire Police since 1 March 2016 and cannot find any that match these exact circumstances, but there were 346 reports found with the keywords WHEELCHAIR and BUS with different circumstances.

They have said that any reports of access issues would be logged and an enquiry conducted on the evidence available. Prosecutions could subsequently be considered. The police would therefore encourage
anyone to contact the police if they believe they have been a victim of this crime.

They have acknowledged your concerns about lack of awareness of the legislation and have taken steps to ensure the Force’s Contact Centre staff are informed to ensure that any calls are handled appropriately.

I hope you find this information reassuring but please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards


Casework Manager
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire
Follow us on Twitter – @WestYorksOPCC
Like us on Facebook – ‘Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire’

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire Ploughland House, 62 George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DL Visit: for more information.

Help for victims and witnesses Independent, informed and impartial

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Apr 032017

Potent Whisper (@PotentOfficial) has dedicated his song Deep Cuts to DPAC (Lyrics included below) .

Georgie (Potent Whisper) said

My name is Georgie, also known as rapper ‘Potent Whisper’. I have just released a music video called ‘Deep Cuts’ which I have dedicated to DPAC.

The video has been released on the second largest youth music platform in the UK: ‘Link Up TV’. They have over 1.2 Million followers on Facebook.

Link to this upload on Facebook: 

The video has also just been uploaded to a Youtube channel: ‘Global Faction’. They have over 70,000 subscribers.

Link to this upload on Youtube:

The song/ video is a response to austerity and the music video features DPAC’s name on screen at the end.

This is just a small thank you to all of you for your relentless, inspiring, hard work. I will take great pride in sharing this video and invite you to do the same if you like it.

Respect and deep solidarity.
Potent Whisper
We hope you enjoy this as much as we do, here it is:

You can see more of Potent Whisper’s work here :…

The Lyrics are reproduced below :


They said they loved you, but then they cut you
They never loved you, they only fucked you
They said they loved you, but then they cut you
They never loved you, they never loved you

[Verse 1]

Run up on HMRC. Take an army in fake Versace’s
Stamp of the march like bass at parties
Take em all apart and claim our money
Gimme the p – gimme the money bags
Run up in the bank like “gimme the money back!”
Stand back! Grabbing that. Baddin the 1%
Then when I’m done there, I’ll run up on number 10

Baddin him up – jackin him up
Grabbin our cut – stackin it up
Imagine the rush, havin him up
One time. I’m hype. I’m baddin him up
It’s about cash, it’s about pride
It’s about tax, it’s about life
It’s about black, it’s about white
It’s about to bang, and fam it’s about time!

They’re spilling our blood, they’re killing our mums, they started war
If they wanna cut, we’ll build an army on the scars that form
Walking around, talking about how you and the countries’ screwed without them, but look who wars them now, even Iain walked out – he knew all about them!

[Verse 2]

They snatch you, abuse you
They trap you and use you
That’s their attitude, no gratitude
They’re attacking you like Zulu
They tax you, then cut you
They jacked you, they moved you
They had you, they dun you
They don’t have to, they choose to

Baddin him up – jackin him up
Grabbin our cut – stackin it up
Imagine the rush, havin him up
One time. I’m hype. I’m baddin him up
It’s about cash, it’s about pride
It’s about tax, it’s about life
It’s about black, it’s about white
It’s about to bang, and fam it’s about time!

They’re spilling our blood, they’re killing our mums, they started war
If they wanna cut, we’ll build an army on the scars that form
Walking around, talking about how you and the countries’ screwed without them
But look who wars them now, even Iain walked out – he knew all about them!

[Chorus x2]

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Mar 292017
 Transport For All Banner Logo
Take action for Rail Access on the 5th April 2017

Transport for All hear daily of the unacceptable treatment faced by so many Disabled and older travellers on our Railways. Whether it’s assistance failing to turn up, inaccessible platforms or a lack of accessible facilities on trains – what is clear that our railways are failing Disabled and older passengers.

Now to make matters worse Southern Rail have announced that they are withdrawing Turn-Up-and-Go assistance from 33 stations across their network.

This is a huge backwards step for accessibility.

So next week we’re taking the fight to Southern Rail, with an action demanding that they reverse this shameful decision.

When: 5pm, Wednesday 5th April 2017
Where: Heeltap, Borough Highstreet, SE1 1NX

We’ll meet at the Heeltap Bar on Borough High Street for a quick briefing, before marching to London Bridge station to protest. If you’d like any more information please contact Catherine on

Please feel free to share this information with your beneficiaries and partners.

Please let us know if you would like to come:

Best wishes,

Catherine Smith

If you can’t come and would like to support our action, you can do so by registering your organisation as a member of Transport for All:
Yes, I I would like to register my organisation as a member-organisation of Transport for All
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Mar 272017

If you can’t get to one of the street protests organised by Unite against sanctions on March the 30th, you can join in on social media using the Hashtag #No2Sanctions

Here is some material that you can copy and paste into tweets or facebook posts:

See also this online action organised by Boycott Workfare (@BoycottWorkfare) against Samaritans, Scope and Sue Ryder workfare operations

DWP must review harmful welfare conditionality, policy unit set up by Downing Street says #No2Sanctions
Benefit Sanctions vs Rule of Law #No2Sanctions
600% increase in benefit sanctions against people with mental health problems #No2Sanctions
Benefit sanctions: Britain’s secret penal system #No2Sanctions
BBC News – Benefit sanctions force people to sleep rough, claims charity #No2Sanctions
Benefit sanctions handed out to thousands of people ‘unlawful’ #No2Sanctions
Jobcentre sanctions: ‘Your money is stopped, you go into freefall’ – video #No2Sanctions
Benefit sanctions hitting homeless people hardest #No2Sanctions
Benefit Sanctions Lead To Hunger, Debt And Destitution, Report Says #No2Sanctions
Britain’s benefit sanctions: ‘You’re not even human’ #No2Sanctions
Benefits sanctions are creating ‘horrifying levels of destitution’ #No2Sanctions
David Clapson’s awful death was the result of grotesque government policies #No2Sanctions
Dr David Webster’s commentary on the NAO Report on #Sanctions #No2Sanctions
DWP admits inventing quotes from fake ‘benefits claimants’ for sanctions leaflet #No2Sanctions
DWP “stubbornly ignoring” calls for sanctions review #No2Sanctions
Gill Thompson and Debbie Abrahams MP speak about David Clapson’s death following a sanction #No2Sanctions
It was my job to impose cruel benefit sanctions – that the DWP can’t justify #No2Sanctions
Government must review the use and impacts of benefit sanctions #No2Sanctions
Jobcentres ‘tricking’ people out of benefits to cut costs, says whistleblower #No2Sanctions
People with depression and anxiety are bearing the brunt of benefit sanctions #No2Sanctions
Jobseekers forced onto the streets under cruel Tory benefit sanctions regime #No2Sanctions
Leaked jobcentre newsletter urges staff to improve on sanctions targets #No2Sanctions
Luke Loy had a life, until his benefits started falling away | Frances Ryan #No2Sanctions
BBC News – Map of benefit sanctions shows cruelty, says homeless charity #No2Sanctions
Mental Health, Employment and the Use of Sanctions: What the Evidence Tells Us #No2Sanctions
‘My mental health deteriorated rapidly’: the real impact of benefit sanctions #No2Sanctions
Study: Benefit sanctions forcing people to use food banks #No2Sanctions
New Walk Jobcentre Protest, Leicester #No2Sanctions #No2Sanctions
‘No one should die penniless and alone’: the victims of Britain’s harsh welfare sanctions #No2Sanctions
Tories’ benefit sanctions costing £153m more to run that it saves a year #No2Sanctions
Scottish government calls for end to work programme sanctions #No2Sanctions
Scrap benefits sanctions ‘or risk mental health crisis’, psychologists warn #No2Sanctions
Synod calls for “full independent review” of benefit sanctions #No2Sanctions
Tens of thousands of disabled people hit by cruel benefit sanctions, DWP figures show #No2Sanctions
Homeless people’s experiences of welfare conditionality and benefit sanctions #No2Sanctions
Sanctions report goes viral. #No2Sanctions
For people claiming I, Daniel Blake doesn’t reflect reality, here’s the proof it does #No2Sanctions
The government doesn’t care about the impact of sanctions: they want them to hurt #No2Sanctions
Top 5 Most Appalling Sanctions #No2Sanctions
Tory Murders  #No2Sanctions
Rise of benefit sanctions #No2Sanctions
‘Tory Cuts Kill’ The Canary Meets disability campaigners protesting #No2Sanctions
Ex job centre staff discuss the pressure they were under to sanction people. #No2Sanctions
People are dying as a result of benefits system failings #No2Sanctions
Sanctioned whilst pregnant #No2Sanctions
Sanctions driven by targets #No2Sanctions
1.2 million low-paid workers face new sanctions #No2Sanctions
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Mar 132017

As many of you will know this has been a busy week for DPAC starting on Tuesday with a hastily organised protest in response to the underhand changes to entitlement Penny Morduant and the Tories plan to make to PIP, with support for International Woman’s Day and the Waspi protests on Wednesday, the Womens’ TUC Conference and culminating on Sunday with the DPAC team flying off to Geneva to present both the RoFA shadow report and out own response to the government’s reply to the UN inquiry which found the UK government guilty of the grave and systematic violation of disabled people’s human rights.

Credit: LetMeLookTV

Added to that there’s been a couple of feature articles written and published, finding people for a legal challenge and the usual other things going on.

Credit: The Canary

As always however while we fight daily to try to uphold and advance our rights we nevertheless end up with some people whining especially on our facebook group about it being a waste of time to protest as it doesn’t make any immediate difference. While that may be correct we wanted to post this response from our very own Vicky Lopez which addresses the reason why continuing to protest is so important and why we need to keep making sure we are seen and heard – even if change and progress are not as immediate as we might all want.

Vicky says

“For me, as long as there are others who are willing and as long as I can then I will continue to protest for what I truly believe in. 

The thing is the more people demonstrate, the less the government can ignore our plea when more and more public support us. 

One demonstration seldom changes anything. It takes relentless shouting from the rooftops, obstructing traffic and opening peoples eyes in making an abrupt point in their lives that makes them understand what we are going through, why we are protesting and that it is them we fight for too. It can take years as already proven with countless equality changes but at the end of the day changes were made.

For previous causes, lives have been lost at the hands of military and police when they have attempted to prevent demonstrations and riots in chartist’s and suffrage movements and even some being murdered through our old death penalty in particular one man I believe was hanged for treason because he felt strongly in the rights of normal working men to have the right to vote the same as the upper class and authorities wanted to use him as an example to deter further protest. It took tonnes of petitions signed in their millions for all the above mentioned too.

It is proven demonstration has worked for some of the biggest changes in our laws to give equal rights and therefore it is about persistence. If we are willing to keep fighting, the more likely demonstrations give hope to the voiceless that there are people out there willing to fight for their (and our own) lives.

To put it in a picture in mind… imagine its a windy night, you are outside in the dark, no idea where you are and the only useful things you have is a candle and matches/lighter. Everytime you keep struggling with matches or a lighter and even get a flame, it goes out too quickly as the wind keeps blowing before the candle can be lit, the wind blows the flame out. But like parliament, the wind changes and then you find it just took for the wind speed to change and you keeping on persevering like people do with demonstrations, that even the slightest change can give you the opportunity to ignite the candle. Once the candle has a flame, you can use the flame from this to light another candle and this keeps continuing until there is enough lights to find yourself home.

If you give up trying to light the candle then you may have lost your chance of finding your way home… you automatically accept you will be in the dark forever.
But then imagine there are other people trying to light their own candles in the same darkness, then you may suddenly notice the light of hope from another candle being lit by someone else. If no one else was trying, there would be no chance of light at all.

If people stop protesting because they don’t believe change will occur, then effectively you are in acceptance of the hell that many of us are facing or about to face. To stop fighting you have let them win automatically. I would rather lose going down fighting and at least say I tried my hardest, then ever accept this and allow myself to be slaughtered without defending myself.

Unity is the key to progress.

Throwing in a bit more history for those doubting how protest can and has changed government majority mindset to change laws and show how a small group grow into a much larger capacity to make that change.

The suffragettes movement started in 1887 started by Millicent Fawcett (NUWS). It was a small group of women all with one common thing they wanted to fight for the womens right to vote.
Then the Pankhursts created WSPU not long after that as they felt Fawcett was not driving enough attention as she believed in non-violence whereas Pankhurst’s felt that heavier action was needed to create a stir for the government to take notice. The never ending protests whether peaceful or not started gaining more and more support, making the government restless about it but it took people to be jailed, go on protest by fasting, one throwing herself in front of a horse and dying publicly and many resorting to chaining themselves to fences of important buildings and many arrested and given convictions to do hard labour or prison time when prisons were not as nice as they are today and even assaulted/abused by authorities for trying to defy the law.
As we know the law did change, but it took until 1918 to start allowing some women who met certain criteria to vote and the rest is history…
My point is this… it took 31 years to fight for a basic human right for a woman to have her say in who she wanted to represent her in government. Think about it… 31 years. A few years more than my current age. 

Also there was more recent the Gurkhas Justice Campaign to allow ALL servicemen from the Gurkhas to have automatic right to British citizenship. They protested nonstop for several years and the law was changed in their favour i believe around 2010 (please correct me if wrong).

Mens’ Chartism movement to give all men the vote regardless of income/status started around late 1830s. There was never ending protests countless petitions some with well over 1 million signatures to have the laws changed to give the right for all men to vote with i think 4 particular points inclusive of what was protested and requested from government (i.e. any man over 20, disregard class/income, given a right to secret ballot etc). In 1867 more men were finally given the right to vote (still with very strict criteria) and the following year the Tories were voted out when there was the general election. However, all the points requested were not fulfilled until 1918. From start to complete conclusion requested it took 80 years total. 

Yes i know some on both sides of this debate may feel disheartened at the prospect of gaining full rights through 80 years but we already have in our advantage, guidelines within the equality act, the recent UN report as well, as a starter of ammunition to use in our favour and slowly slowly more are taking notice the more we speak up about it. 

We now have online petitions, internet and social media on our side that many previous campaigns didn’t have.

These are only a few examples of protest impact where laws have been totally overturned as a result of relentless protest. No, change doesn’t happen overnight.
I brought up the above 3 examples above, as i felt they were relevant to fighting for equality. It shows it takes time and can take many years and much of that is to do with continually raising awareness and keeping the issue fresh in the public’s mind as well and to make it relevant to those who are still ignorant of this fight and also to change the views of even a few MPs who are willing to listen and speak on our behalf then it starts the ball rolling.

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Mar 132017

As well as, and completely separate to DPAC’s complaint to the UN Committee for Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD)  there is a thing called the Periodic Reporting Cycle. That means every few years each government that has signed the UN Treaty on Persons with Disabilities (which the UK has done) has to give a report to the UN Committee on how well it is complying with the Treaty.

Of course every government is going to produce a report on itself saying it’s doing great and everything is going just fine – especially our much loathed Tory Government.
However there is also a supposedly independent monitoring body for the UK who also produce a shadow report. In our case this is the Equalities and Human Rights Commission plus the devolved equivalents for Scotland and Northern Ireland. But they’re also funded by the government and of course this is also the same Equality and Human Rights Commission (keep thinking about the name) who recently sacked 12 workers by email giving them 24 hours to clear their desks and leave after years of service. 9 of those sacked in this appalling way are BME and 6 are also disabled people.
And perhaps unbelievably although sadly true one of the disabled workers has had their powered wheelchair taken away from them by EHRC who claim as it was provided by Access to Work funding so it belongs to them and not the person who needs to use it.
Added to this shadow report we have another one produced by DRUK, Inclusion Scotland, Disability Wales and a Northern Ireland DPO but again the funding for this came from the government via EHRC.  Oh and by the way DRUK also has a commercial side and the commercial side has a contract with Maximus to provide disability training to WCA assesors.

So to cut a long story short, EHRC and DRUK etc publish their submissions to the UN – and we at DPAC get to look at them – which is when the wheels start to fall off this establishment bandwagon.



So the upshot of all this is that DPAC along with our allies Inclusion London and Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (RoFA) went ahead and wrote our own Independent Shadow Report – we had no invite from the government to do this and we certainly got no money from the government for it, but we wanted this job done properly.

Its important that the UN Committee gets to see an un-varnished, full, detailed account of the effects of UK government attacked on disabled people. And we had no confidence that the semi-official bodies were willing or even able to produce one.

So our small team of researchers and writers at DPAC, Inclusion London and Rofa got together and we did our own.

It has already been submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and this week, on Monday, representatives from DPAC, IL and Rofa will be joining the EHRC and Druk representatives in the UN in Geneva to present our reports to the committee.

You can see the DPAC/IL/RoFA submissions to the committee here:




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Feb 282017

Protest in Wymondham this Friday 3rd March, 12 – 1.30pm.  We will assemble at the Market Cross, Market Place, Wymondham, NR18 0AX and will make our way to George Freeman’s constituency office where his surgeries are held. Protest organised by Equal Lives

We need to let him know the strength of feeling about his comments and let him know that we won’t accept more cuts to PIP or any other welfare benefit for disabled people.

Mark Hartrison, CEO of Equal Lives said:

‘His comments about disability are crass and ignorant and belong in the last century.  I suggest George reads the UN Inquiry judgement on the grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights by his Government and then implements the recommendations.  This Government is continuing with the failed austerity policies of the Coalition which targeted disabled people for the harshest treatment.  I really don’t understand why disabled people are being singled in this way for more cuts to our independence and living standards. What happened to this Governments commitment only made last year that cuts to PIP would not go ahead and there would be no more welfare cuts?’

We will be producing a flyer for the event which will be  circulated ASAP.

If you are a constituent of George Freeman please try and fix an appointment to see him at his surgery this Friday morning.


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Feb 182017

If you or someone you know living in Southampton has had their social care package from Southampton City Council cut in the most recent round of reassessments, we would like to hear from you.You can contact us by email at

We are looking at mounting a legal challenge to these cuts to care packages following recent revelations in Disability News Service about the way these reassessments were performed.

In order to bring a case against Southampton City Council we need people who have been affected by the cuts.

 Posted by at 21:38
Feb 152017

Southampton City Council drafted in Capita to help deal with a backlog of assessments for care packages. Leaked emails suggest that staff who work for Capita are given financial incentives to reduce people’s care packages without assessment. To date 1 in 5 people have had their care packages reduced but none have had an increase, in spite of the increase in the National Minimum Wage (as employers disabled people now have to pay their PAs). This is contrary to the Care Act of 2014. DPAC held a protest against Southampton City Council on Wednesday 15th February 2017.

The protest was organised by Southampton DPAC with support from national DPAC

See the news item with an interview with DPAC’s Ellen Clifford on BBC South Today on 15th Feb:

Feb 122017

We started off 2016 campaigning against Southampton Councils plans to cap social care packages having invested £12 million into a ‘super’ care home. These actions were abandoned by Southampton council due to pressure brought by DPAC at the time and because they were legally questionable.

Our planned trip to Southampton had to be put on hold but now due to further shoddy actions from the Labour led council it is now very much back on the agenda.

Disability News Service has found that the council has now subcontracted Capita specifically to reduce the size of people’s care and support funding and also to replace it with cheaper options like telecare whether this is suitable or not.

These freelance social workers are not only being paid over £1,000 a week but are given bonuses when they cut enough care packages.

We say this is immoral and unacceptable and must be stopped now so this Wednesday, February 15th DPAC are going to let the council members know exactly what we think of their nasty, grubby behaviour.

Join us if you can both in person and online.

In person – Join us on

Wednesday 15th February at 1.45 pm

Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, SO14 7LY Southampton

(close to both Coach and Rail Stations)

Facebook Event Page

Join in on-line


leader of Southampton council Simon Letts:

and Warwick Payne, portfolio holder for adults and housing:

You can telephone both on 023 8083 3340(PA)




#CareHomesStink #RightsNotTelecare Capita staff paid over £1,000 a week to cut care packages @SouthamptonCC

#CareHomesStink #RightsNotTelecare Capita staff got bonuses up to £400 for cutting care pakages @SouthamptonCC

#CareHomesStink #RightsNotTelecare Did council leader lie? @SouthamptonCC

#CareHomesStink #RightsNotTelecare Capita emails from Sue Thomas @SouthamptonCC

#CareHomesStink #RightsNotTelecare Labour council’s abuse of disabled people @SouthamptonCC

and here are some meme’s to add to your tweets:

Tweetable Meme's #1

Tweetable Meme's #2

Tweetable Meme's #3

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Feb 122017
Ken Loach’s “I, Daniel Blake” winner of the BAFTA Outstanding Film award
Screening, 2pm Saturday 25 February in Kilburn.
Venue: Kingsgate Community Centre, 107 Kingsgate Rd, London NW6 2JH.  Fully wheelchair accessible.  Entry by donation
Facebook event here
Camden Momentum and WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) are hosting this community screening, with speakers from Disabled People Against Cuts, and Gill Thompson (anti-sanctions campaigner on behalf of her brother David Clapson) followed by discussion. This comes after the moving and well attended vigil held 25 January for Lawrence Bond, the Camden man who tragically collapsed and died after leaving Kentish Town Jobcentre, having been found “fit for work” by Maximus and the DWP.   Ken Loach, John McDonnell MP (Shadow Chancellor) and Debbie Abrahams MP, came and spoke at the vigil.   Ken Loach’s film is crucial viewing and the showing will bring people together to resist the benefit cuts and sanctions which have killed thousands of people and cause misery and destitution on a massive scale.  We’ll discuss how we can oppose the latest disability benefit cut due in April.
John McDonnell said that I, Daniel Blake is one of the most moving films he’d seen, and was very pleased to team up with Ken Loach to urge people to go and watch it.
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Feb 112017

[Text courtesy of CND]

The recent revelation that a Trident missile test had to be aborted after the missile veered off course towards Florida highlights the continuing danger nuclear weapons pose to the world. Coupled with the many erratic statements from President Donald Trump, the time has come for international action to eliminate nuclear weapons everywhere.

The United Nations is starting to negotiate a nuclear weapons ban treaty at the end of March. This presents an opportunity to end the threat of nuclear annihilation and for the nine countries that have nuclear weapons to join the international consensus in favour of scrapping them.

While the UK government has yet to say if it will take part in the upcoming discussions, it has boycotted previous steps in this process. That is why we need to make sure the voice of those who support a ban on nuclear weapons is heard.

Please join us in Parliament on Wednesday 1 March to tell your MP that the government must play a constructive role at the UN. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never spoken to your MP before, experts will be on hand to give you support and guide you through the process.

Meetings can be arranged any time between 12-6pm. You can use the CND website to contact your MP and arrange a meeting, but you can attend without a booked appointment and request a meeting on the day. The afternoon’s lobbying will be followed at 6pm by a parliamentary public meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Feb 072017

Update: Following interventions from several DPOs including DPAC, DRUK has agreed to recall and amend their report and we will be examining the changes closely. Watch this space……..

DPAC have previously had a few skirmishes with the hilariously named Disability Rights UK. DRUK are one of the big corporate disability charities that collect money from the public under the guise of championing disabled people.

To start with, our problem with charity for disabled people is we think it shouldn’t be necessary at all- we need equal rights, not charity handouts. DPAC’s slogan is “Rights Not Charity”.

But our particular problem with DRUK, is they advertise themselves as a charity for disability rights, while also taking money from this government with it’s horrendous welfare reforms, cuts to social care and attacks on just about every sphere of disabled people’s lives. DRUK also take money from private companies like Maximus to deliver “Disability Awareness Training” to its WCA assessors. And yet these people claim to stand up for disabled people’s rights?

You can see some examples of our previous battles with DRUK at the end of this post.

But this time they really have taken the biscuit. They’ve not only taken the biscuit, they’ve dunked it in our coffee, dropped the soggy bit on the carpet, taken another biscuit, and scoffed it.

To explain:

DRUK are one of the lead organisations who have been paid by the government to do a report on the state of disabled people’s lives in the UK. This report is going to be submitted to the UN disability committee later this year. Its something called the “Shadow Report”.

Basically Britain signed up to the UN treaty called the UN Charter for Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and every few years the government gets reviewed by the UN on progress towards implementing the treaty. So the government submits a report about that and it also pays non-government organisations to submit a Shadow Report to give their side of the story.

Its meant to prevent the government just giving a glossy everything’s fine report, and its meant to give a critical counter-balance to that as well.

So the government gave a wad of dosh to the Equality and Human Rights commission, who skim some off the top and gave a smaller wad of dosh to DRUK, Inclusion Scotland and Disability Wales to write a shadow report.

The shadow report from DRUK & Co got released at the end of January and we had a look at it. OK its critical of the government in many areas, but one of the first things we looked at was what they said about one of the most important issues facing disabled people right now, the deaths of benefit claimants due to welfare reforms.

We looked, we searched – and the report contained nothing about it at all.

John Pring’s Disability News Service also picked this up and published this article about it: UN report failure on benefit deaths by national DPOs ‘is extreme insult to activists’

And then after asking around and doing a little digging, we discovered that the submission made by Inclusion Scotland to go into the report DID include evidence of deaths of claimants due welfare reform.

So we naturally wanted to know what happened to the vital evidence that was submitted by Inclusion Scotland but didn’t appear in the final report.

The answer came back that the evidence about claimant deaths had “accidentally been edited out” during final changes to the report. To say that we at DPAC were angry about this is an understatement.

We have written to Liz Sayce, CEO of DRUK to demand that they recall their report and put Inclusion Scotland’s evidence back into the report, here is the email we sent yesterday:

Dear Liz,

While we agree that DRUK should make the final decision about what is included in their CRPD shadow submission, like Inclusion Scotland DPAC are also very concerned that during editing of DRUK’s shadow report a vital section relating to claimant deaths and links between those and WCAs was omitted.

While we understand this was accidental and are sure you would never intentionally be so offensive to the memory of thousands of deceased disabled people we feel nevertheless that it is essential you recall the version of this report that was submitted in error and re-submit it with the additional information on the horrific impact on social security claimants the UK government’s welfare reforms to date has had on social security claimants.


Yours sincerely,

Linda Burnip

On behalf of DPAC Steering Group

This morning we had a reply,

Dear Linda

Thank you very much for your email. We support the inquiry done last year and the Committee’s conclusions and are acutely aware of the impact of sanctions and cuts on disabled people. Our shadow report is a joint report from Disability Wales, Inclusion Scotland and Disability Rights UK so Rhian from Disability Wales, Sally from Inclusion Scotland and I are agreeing ‎next steps and will get back to you asap. 


‎Best wishes



 Liz Sayce OBE

CEO Disability Rights UK

We’ll keep you posted on what they decide, but if you want to tell DRUK to recall their Shadow Report and include information about claimant deaths, you can tweet them on @DisRightsUK or email them at

Some of DPAC’s previous run-ins with DRUK


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Feb 022017

Join Southampton DPAC’s protest vs Southampton City Council & Contractors Capita,

Wednesday 15th February at 1.45 pm

Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, SO14 7LY Southampton

(close to both Coach and Rail Stations)

Facebook Event Page


Reads: Crapita, Not as bad as Atos (until we found out)

A whistleblower from inside Capita has told Disability News Service (DNS) that Capita has been piling pressure on its team of social workers – while paying them more than £1,000 a week – to cut social care spending, on the orders of Southampton City Council. You can read the full DNS Article here

Southampton DPAC have convened this protest to shame both councillors and contractors. All DPAC members and allies that can get there are urged to go. This might be Southampton but it could be happening across the country soon and we need to demonstrate our willingness fightback here.

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Feb 022017

Logo and banner for the LUSH Human Rights Summit


Event summary:​ ​ Lush Cosmetics will be holding an international meeting for its staff, key invitees, and a range of bloggers, fans, and the public. We expect an audience at the event of around 2000, and a lot more through our online and streaming content – at our last event we ended up with a global online audience of 27million!

Our aim​ is to create an engaging, interactive and uplifting event that focuses on inspiring people to get involved in the issues being addressed through education and sharing of solutions. We also want to celebrate the hard work of grassroots organisations such as yourselves in making things better.

Event dates
Wednesday 8th February 12-6pm
Thursday 9th February 12-6pm

On the 8th at 11.30 am John Kelly will be singing known and loved disability protest songs and on the 9th, Penny Pepper and Mary Ellen are performing at 3.30pm

The event is free and open to the public. Please ask your friends and contacts to get their E Ticket via this link:
Venue:​ Tobacco Dock, ​ Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, St Katharine’s & Wapping, London E1W 2SF

Tobacco Dock Tel: 020 7680 4001

Nearest Train & Underground
Shadwell DLR & Overground Wapping Overground, Tower Hill Tube

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Jan 282017

Join Us for a special screening with Ken Loach of his award winning film “I Daniel Blake”.

Tuesday 28th February, at the Pheonix Cinema, 52 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 9PJ.

Admission Free, (there will be a bucket collection for DPAC) arrive at 5.45 to collect tickets, Film Starts at 6.15pm, after the film there will be a Q&A with Ken Loach and Paula Peters from DPAC, interviewed by Aditya Chakraborty

DPAC wish to express thanks to John Burgess for organising this event, and to Barnet Unison for paying for the venue, to Ken Loach for coming to speak and Aditya Chakraborrty (senior economics commentator for the Guardian) for coming to interview Ken and PaulaPoster reading : Join Us for a special screening with Ken Loach of his award winning film "I Daniel Blake". Tuesday 28th February, at the Pheonix Cinema, 52 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 9PJ. Admission Free, (there will be a bucket collection for DPAC) arrive at 5.45 to collect tickets, Film Starts at 6.15pm, after the film there will be a Q&A with Ken Loach and Paula Peters from DPAC, interviewed by Aditya Chakraborty

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Jan 232017

We are publishing the complete set of DPAC Submissions and government responses to the UNCRPD Comittee that DPAC used to initiate the inquiry into grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s human rights by the UK government

You can see the chronology of events in the process in this document , which puts the document given below into context of the whole process.

You can also view all of DPACs research documents and some from Reclaiming Our |Futures Alliance (of which DPAC is a part) documents on the Research Page on this site

Headings Index

(Click the headings below to jump to that section)

UNCRPD Inquiry

2013 April – DPAC 1st Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry

2013 June – UNCRPD letter from CRPD Chair-PM of UK

2013 August – Government Response to the 1st Submission

2013 October – DPAC 2nd Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry

2013 December – DPAC 2nd Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry – Update

2014 January – Letter sent to UK from UN 23 Jan 2014

2014 March – Government Response to the 2nd Submission

2014 August – DPAC 3rd Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry Aug 2014

2015 October – DPAC Submission


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Jan 062017

Damian Green scary badgeThis is the new “must have” accessory in 2017 for the properly turned out street activist. Tastefully designed in shades of lurid green, it features Damian Green in a scene from “The Omen” with the caption “The Tories, more frightening that fiction”.

It costs a quid plus 78p postage. The quid will go to DPAC campaign funds and the 78p will go towards buying the newly privatised Royal Mail bosses a new private plane probably, but we can’t do anything about that.

If you want one (or more ) you can buy it here

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