Feb 092018

From Arts Against Cuts:

To draw your attention to the occupation of Tottenham Chances and its’ community lead campaign.
The Occupation is currently resisting eviction, and needs urgent support both on social media and at the public assembly and eviction resistance this coming Sat . They ask for a public acts of solidarity and that people raise awareness of the campaign and occupation urgently on social media.

The building is currently occupied due to major grievances with the current board of trustees  who have been making deals with property developers,  blocking user groups from the building, have allowed a white nationalist to broadcast from the centre and in support of a long term resident caretaker who has lived at the centre for 12 years and who is facing eviction.

More, detailed information is on this flyer and info pamphlet:

This is also linked to the development dealings:
is a page purporting to be written by the charitable trust that owns the T. Chances building, the Tottenham War Services Institute. It is being ghost-written by a single trustee, this fascist youtuber named Mark Windows, in league the TWSI chair Penny Potter.

The occupation is asking for support from political groups as the court hearing is tomorrow am and the eviction/bayliffs on Saturday.

There is also a crowd fundraiser where people can donate

Finally as the occupation has been served eviction notice yesterday: it would be great if people can show support by joining the assembly and eviction.

For further info and co-ordination please see

Since posting this as requested by Arts Uncut with whom we’ve worked in the past we’ve been contacted to be told this is libellous and have had the following message sent. We don’t know which version is the truth but anyone interested can follow up themselves.

 I have just been sent a post from your website.
The content is entirely untrue and libelous, it is also inflammatory and incites hatred.
Justin Katko and Lucy Beynon have been working with a small group of subversives to destroy the TWSI Trust.
This includes criminal damage and fraud by impersonation plus libel.
The Trustees have been under attack and the venue is not for sale. The group are funded and have destroyed the community activities within the building even gatecrashing events.
It is clear that they are working for outside interests which are under investigation.
Justin Katko was offered space in the building but has an agenda to takeover the Trust.
Please remove the libelous post and issue an apology.
The matter is being dealt with by the police.
Mark Creathorne
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Jun 212017

The EID STREET PARTY will take place on : Sunday 2nd July Between  5pm and 7pm on Dynevor Road (Outside 93a, N16 0DB) – Opp. Sainbury’s Local

On behalf of Musallaa an-Noor Mosque I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our EID STREET PARTY, where we plan to celebrate the Eid festival with our neighbours, Faith Leaders, Community representatives and the wider community.

After the success of last year’s event, we are again inviting all local residents & businesses, as well as all Hackney community, social and voluntary organizations and the wider Hackney community to share an enjoyable evening of food, drink and festivity with us.

We aim to display the true characteristics of Islam and of Muslims to all our neighbours who live beside us and to portray the message of love, harmony and peaceful co-existence that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught and strived his whole life towards.

We learn from his sayings; “A true believer is not one who sleeps on a full stomach whilst his neighbour is hungry”.
He also said, “Mankind are the household of God Al-Mighty, and the most beloved to God is the one who is most caring of His household” (Prophet Muhammad)

We hope you will accept our invitation and grace us with your presence.

We have on the menu lamb biryani, vegetable curry, naan bread, samosas, dessert & drinks
(All food & drinks are compliments from the Musallaa an-Noor Mosque)

We will also be having a henna table and an Arabic calligraphy stall to showcase Islamic art.

There will also be a bouncy castle, an arts and crafts table and other fun activities for the
kids – and grown ups, if you dare the bouncy castle

The EID STREET PARTY will take place on : Sunday 2nd July Between  5pm and 7pm on Dynevor Road (Outside 93a, N16 0DB) - Opp. Sainbury’s Local

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Jun 152017
Demonstrate:  Justice for Grenfell!
6pm, Friday 16th June
Department for Communities and Local Government
2 Marsham Street, SW1P 4DF
fb event and map
At least 12 people have died in the fire at Grenfell Tower. They deserve justice. We demand answers.
Please let us know if you can make it.

Grenfell House- tenants repeatedly warned this tower block was unsafe. They were told to shut up.
Tenants die when landlords don’t listen

Message from Defend Council Housing:
Tenant groups are horrified and scared after the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in west London last night. The fire has killed and injured many, and is devastating the lives of hundreds.
In sorrow we send our sympathy and offers of practical support. And in anger we demand an end to the murderous disregard and contempt for tenants, by the landlord in Kensington: see Grenfell Action Group warning
Across the country other landlords are ignoring safety warnings from tenants and others – Fire safety report on 4,000 blocks ignored. Government cuts funding for major repairs and maintenance, promotes demolition and describes our homes, estates and communities as ‘brownfield sites’. This is the context of the disastrous failure to act on tenants’ warnings.
Across the country landlords ignore tenants’ warnings, in order to cut costs or avoid works.
We need a full, immediate safety enquiry into Grenfell and every other block. We need full funding for any improvements including sprinkler systems, recommended by fire services. And we need to listen to tenants views on redevelopment and warnings about the risks to homes and lives.

Protests follow terrible fire
Tenants will protest tomorrow, 15 June from 8am outside a Developers’ forum in Berkeley Sq W1J. Kensington and Chelsea council is one of 22 councils paying to attend, along with Lendlease and other developers and companies. Tenants groups are banned from attending.

A housing protest on 24 June to demand action on homes and repeal of the Housing and Planning Act will also demand action on safety: 24 June from 12 noon at Parliament Square SW1P 3AD – see leaflet.

Join us in Southwark
SDCH Saturday Stall

12pm-1pm Saturday 17th June
Rye Lane, Peckham, Outside Boots
SE15 5BS
Map here

March for Homes protest
12pm, Saturday 24 June 

Parliament Square
Control rents
Stop demolishing good homes
Council housing not social cleansing
Secure homes for all

Leaflet here

Tanya, Chair Southwark Defend Council Housing

Tanya, Chair Southwark Defend Council Housing


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Jun 152017

Save Eastern Avenue Job Centre!

This week from Monday 12th June to Friday 16th June, PCS union members at Eastern Avenue Job Centre are on strike.

Clare Goonan, local PCS rep explained that 78 Job Centres up and down Britain are earmarked for closure:

“Staff at Eastern Avenue have voted with their feet, we’ve had a 96% Yes vote to our strike ballot. Our jobs are safe, staff would be moved elsewhere, the strike is about defending the community from negative impact of the proposed Centre closure.

If we close, service users will have to attend the offices in Sheffield city centre in order to perform job searches and attend mandatory interviews.
For people who live nearby the Centre, this would mean a 6 mile round-trip, however for service users living further out the distance will be even greater.
We’re doing this to support the community and i’m so proud that our members care so much about that.”

Sheffield DPAC were invited to speak at a public meeting at the start of the week along with Unite Community, Sheffield City Council leader Julie Dore, PCS reps and PCS union boss Mark Serwotka.

Jennifer Jones of DPAC Sheffield talked about her personal experience of currently going from DLA on to PIP and how distressing the whole experience is, and comparing difference between dealing with ATOS staff over the phone she said “… its a far-cry from dealing with Job Centre staff face to face who know you and know about your illnesses and with who you have built up a relationship.
At Eastern Avenue I can sit in a side room with my advisor, to support my anxiety and mental health and keep me calm, my advisor goes through the information that I need with me, at a pace that I can understand and will ensure that I’m absolutely clear about what I need to do. Without that help I wouldn’t be able to cope…

Stuart P of Unite Community talked about the impact of closure on poverty stricken claimants who would have to make the journey on foot in all weather. The elderly and disabled, as well as people with young children. He referenced I Daniel Blake, we will only see more scenes like those in the film. He added:
…these areas affected, especially the Manor estate in sheffield, are not only the most poverty stricken areas but they have a high amount of elderly population. Alot of support is needed to help these people with job searches, a lot cant use a computer, they aren’t of that generation and simply aren’t going to get the help they need..

PCS Union boss Mark Serwotka praised his staff, he said the Union was so proud of what they are doing:
“When I joined the service (then the DHSS) in 1980 the motto was : do whatever you can to help. fast forward to 2017 and it’s a Tory imposed Draconian service where staff can do less and less to help.
Tories have decided to close 78 Job Centres as a cost cutting exercise.
They don’t care about the effects on staff or the people that use the service.
7 out of the 8 council wards effected in Sheffield have higher benefit claimant rates than the rest of the city.
People are already travelling for 3 times longer than the 20 minutes acceptable travel time that ministers have set out in order to attend Eastern avenue, this is set to increase if closure goes ahead.
It’s clear from this election that people don’t support public sector cuts.
This is the first PCS dispute since the anti trade union laws came in. The Yes result was 96% . Even Theresa May cant argue with that!

Sheffield DPAC are supporting the strike, this is absolutely an accessibility issue that will affect the disabled community greatly.
The claimants living furthest out on the affected areas will have to make a whopping 20 mile round trip in order to go to appointments in town and this isn’t acceptable.

We continue to fight for and end to WCA , to benefit sanctions and for the restoration of DLA , ILF and more but we ask you all to support us by sharing news of this strike and the reasons for it.

We have been told that other Job Centres out of the 78 are currently balloting for strike action so keep out for a picket near you.

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Jun 142017

Join the protests:

Protest: May Must Go – No Coalition of Chaos and HatredSaturday 17 June, 2-4pm, Whitehall, London, Called by Owen Jones.

Protest the Queen’s speech – no to May/DUP racism & bigotry!Monday 19 June, 6pm–8pm, Parliament Square, London, SW1P. Called by Stand Up to Racism.

Not One Day More #ToriesOut National Demonstration SATURDAY 1 JULY – NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION.  Not One Day More #ToriesOUT. Assemble 12pm, Saturday 1 July 2017. BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. March to Parliament Square

While certain disability charities are trying to hook up with the new government, Disabled People Against Cuts is calling on Deaf and Disabled people and their organisations to boycott engagement with any government involving the DUP. Collusion with an anti-equalities party who openly oppose women’s right to choose and gay marriage while denying climate change is nothing less than shameful. Disabled people must be united in resisting the politics of hate.

Immediately after the election, Disability Rights UK released a statement offering to work with the new government. This bizarre move smacks of an organisation so out of touch that it called the wrong outcome and is now at sea with how to respond. Their “offer” is a desperate attempt to retain influence that not only stands in contempt of the years of suffering Disabled people have endured under the Tories but also disregards the harm and division that any form of alliance with the DUP represents.

The Tories are in chaos and cannot credibly remain in government. Now is the best chance since 2010 to end a government that has carried out a regime of conscious cruelty against Disabled people and systematically and deliberately dismantled our rights. We stand on the bring of social change built from the aspirations of the many not the few. Labour has made firm commitments to the issues that Deaf and Disabled people have been fighting to achieve for years such as enshrining our rights under the CPRD in domestic legislation, working with Disabled people to develop a national system of social care, and scrapping out-sourced benefit assessments.

Instead of helping build the grassroots movement for social justice that has shaken the political establishment in the UK to its core, DR UK would rather get in bed with the Tories and their anti-equalities partners. The demands they now apparently want to work with a hard right wing government on implementing are the same ones they failed to support when they were demanded by Disabled people on the streets and pledged by parties on the left.

DRUK’s position rests on a false notion that disability rights exist in a bubble that floats above Party politics and left and right ideological divisions. This is utter nonsense. The ideological division between left and right is based on a real difference in interests over whether society is better run when in the interests of the many (from which flows a belief in the importance of rights and equalities) or to secure profits for the few. At a time of economic prosperity governments can afford to make concessions in order to reduce opposition, but in a period of economic decline inequality grows as the many are made to shoulder the cost of the crisis.

Inequality has grown sharply since the last financial crash in 2008 and as a result of the austerity measures imposed as the response by Tory led governments since 2010. While still suffering under those impacts the economic outlook for the UK continues to weaken: as economist Michael Roberts notes in his post election analysis1, “In the first quarter of 2017, the UK’s real GDP grew more slowly than any other top (G7) economy”. These are not the economic conditions under which governments make concessions. They are the conditions under which they step up attempts to scapegoat and divide.

Bring in the DUP. A party with a track record of specialism in the politics of hatred and violence. In 1977 founding member Ian Paisley launched a political campaign to prevent the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Northern Ireland called “Save Ulster from Sodomy”. In 2008, DUP MP Iris Robinson stated in Parliament that homosexuality is “viler” than child abuse and the party today continues to oppose equal marriage which is still not legal in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile the 1967 Abortion Act, which established legal abortion, has never applied in Northern Ireland. The law is far stricter and even pregnancy as a result of rape is not a circumstance in which an abortion can be performed legally. The High Court recently ruled that this was incompatible with the human rights of women, but the law can only be changed by legislators. Already an ex-Tory minister has hinted there could be a Commons vote on increasing abortion limits as his party looks to cement its alliance with the DUP.

These issues are not irrelevant to Disabled people who are not only Disabled but also Black, gay and women. We do not stand in isolation from our communities but rather fight against cuts that segregate and separate us.

The DUP’s position on welfare will also be familiar to those who followed the sustained attempt by other parties to block the welfare reform bill in Northern Ireland, despite fines from Westminster of £9.5m per month for non-implementation. Due to devolution of powers, this could only be introduced by passage through the Northern Ireland Assembly in Stormont. With a population that experiences greater levels of mental health issues, campaigners were concerned about the impacts welfare reform observed in areas of the UK where cuts had already been rolled out.

The Department for Social Development which oversees benefits in the North admitted that a full 25% of people currently receiving DLA would not receive anything under PIP while a further 33% would receive a reduced award. Nevertheless, DUP social development minister Mervyn Storey put a legislative consent motion to MLAs (members of the Northern Ireland Assembly) which was voted through, transferring power over welfare reform from Stormont to the Tory government in Westminster and paving the way for cuts.

Another DUP MP, Gregory Campbell, made a name for himself claiming that rising levels of DLA claims were due to fraud and pointing specifically to numbers receiving the “taxpayer-funded hand-out” in West Belfast. He claimed that “it would appear from these figures that there are people in some areas who are able to claim DLA long after you would assume they were no longer entitled to it” drawing a distinction from what he called “legitimate claimants”.

As the BBC, in its newest role as DUP apologist, keeps pointing out, DUP demands on the Tories include that the introduction of means testing for Winter Fuel Allowance, pledged in the Conservative manifesto, will not apply in Northern Ireland, as well as extra capital spending and more cash from the UK Treasury for Northern Ireland’s schools and hospitals. We shouldn’t let this fool us into seeing the DUP as a party with social principles. Had they really cared about the impact of cuts, they could have mitigated the effects with the funds that were instead ploughed in to paying businesses to heat empty properties in the “cash for ash” scandal.

Disabled People Against Cuts have led a bitter fight against the Tory cuts for 7 years, our #TrashTheTories campaign helped deliver a serious blow to the Conservatives at the general election. We can’t let this attempt by Theresa May to cling on and do more damage by trading away our rights to secure a deal with the vile bigots of the DUP go unchallenged.


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Jun 142017

The Secretary of State for Health is addressing the Confed17 NHS Conference. The NHS Confederation is a group which represents some 85% of NHS providers and commissioners.

He is scheduled to speak at 11.45 am although we are told he will appear at 10am (but that may change).

So people from various NHS activist groups, community groups and trade unions will be there to welcome him from 07.30am outside the venue. Others will be at the venue with banners and loud voices from 10.00am. Please come along if you can – if you can’t make it for 7.30 am please come along later at 10.00 am

Why not go along and let him know what you think about our NHS and about his plans for it – meet up outside the Arena!!!

For information the NHS Confederation describes itself as “the only membership body that brings together and speaks on behalf of all organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services. Members are drawn from every part of the health and care system and join 560+ organisations connected to the NHS Confederation”.

Here is a link to the Conference schedule and description: confed17

If you need reminding about Jeremy Hunt and his style of operation read this open letter from Dr Louise Irvine to the new/old secretary of state:

https://nhaswsurrey.wordpress. com/2017/06/12/the-facts-dont- lie-and-nor-do-i-an-open- letter-to-jeremy-hunt-mp/

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Jun 132017

X by X are holding our AGM 2017, our theme this year is Deaf and Disabled* people’s Rights and Responsibilities in 2017. Everyone is welcome but you will need to fill in an X by X membership form to take part in the AGM vote. We have invited significate speakers from Disabled People’s User Led organisations covering topics like;
~ Our Rights in 2017 – Where Deaf and disabled people are at with so many changes
~ Our Responsibilities – What campaigns are coming up and how we can get involved in 2017

Friday 30 June

1.00pm – 4.30 pm

light Lunch Provided

Bromley Civic Centre
Committee Room 1,
Stockwell close, Bromley, BR1 3UH

Deaf and Disabled people’s Rights and Responsibilities in 2017 Event
Speakers from: London People’s Assembly, DPAC,
Inclusion London, ALLFIE, Transport for All and
Stop Changes to Access to Work

Information stalls of Local Deaf and Disabled people’s services

Please contact Justine to book your place, request any access needs or any further info by 23 June or 020 8650 2102


*By Disabled People we include people with physical impairments, sensory impairments, mental health survivors, people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities, people with long term health conditions

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Jun 082017

The Around the Toilet project are currently asking for contributions to a zine we’re creating on the topic of toilet accessibility. We wondered if you might consider sharing our call for contributions on your website and social media platforms? We hope it might be of interest to some of your readers and members of your organisation. We’re open to submissions on a range of topics, but we’ve listed disability and accessibility as well as funding cuts and the closure of public toilets as two topics we’re especially interested in. The link to our website and further details about the zine is here.  The deadline for submissions in Friday 14th July.

What can I submit?

Contributions in a range of formats are welcome: personal experiences, creative writing/stories, drawings, poetry, political essays, experimental pieces, or whatever you feel like doing. Contributions can be written anonymously if you prefer.

Please keep submissions to under 1,000 words.

What’s a zine?

A zine is a self-published mini-magazine. They can be collaborative or written individually. We’re making a collaborative zine because we’re hoping to express the wide range of different uses and experiences we have of toilets.

What are the themes?

One of our aims is to raise awareness about the ways that toilets can be unsafe, uncomfortable, and inaccessible for some people. However, we also welcome submissions that reflect on positive toilet experiences, the important role they play in our lives, and the privacy and quietness they can often provide for some of us. Themes may include:

  • Toilets and mental health
  • Disability and accessibility
  • Transphobia and public toilets
  • Racism, Islamophobia and public toilets
  • Intersex, body policing and public toilets
  • Toilets and intersectionality (especially experiences from trans, non-binary, queer and/or disabled people of colour)
  • Fatness and fat phobia in toilet spaces
  • Sex and sex work and public toilets
  • ‘Invisible’ impairments/disabilities and toilet-use
  • Parenting/childcare and public toilet facilities
  • Drug-use and toilets
  • Homelessness and public toilets
  • Funding cuts and the closure of public toilets
  • Periods/menstruation and toilet facilities
  • Importance of gender neutral toilets
  • Toilet door signs/labels
  • Queer and radical potential of toilets
  • Toilets, campaigns and protest
  • Critical ideas about ‘access’

How do I submit?

All zine submissions should be sent by Friday 14th July 2017 to or, if you would like to submit your contribution anonymously, then please use our electronic form. You’re welcome to email us an online document, scan or photograph of your contribution, or you can post something through the mail if you’d prefer.

All contributors selected for the zine will be given a small gift of thanks.

Please note: we’re hoping to include a wide range of submissions in the zine but we want to keep the zine readable and easily reproducible, so we can’t guarantee everything we receive will be included in the final publication. We’ll be in touch to let you know either way.

Please get in touch with us via if you have any questions or if would like to discuss your ideas with us.

Thank you to the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCPPE) for funding this zine.

Toilet Zine flyer.png

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Jun 082017

With thanks to @RRowanOlive for giving us permission to reblog this important piece, please share it widely

Elections are frightening times for those of us who need the safety net the state is supposed to provide. Everyone is impacted by political decisions, but for those of us who rely on the NHS to keep us alive and on benefits to keep rooves over our heads, elections remind us of our powerlessness and our vulnerability. If you have someone in your life who’s chronically ill or disabled, get in touch with them this week if you can. It’s a good time to be reminding people they’re not alone.

I had a suicidal crisis just after the 2015 election and not long after the Brexit vote, so I’ve been thinking about how I can get ready for Thursday night and Friday morning. I know Labour have been doing better in the polls, but I’m not getting my hopes up – I was blindsided by the results before. This time I can be prepared. I’m going to try to volunteer with my local candidate’s campaign on Thursday evening, if my anxiety allows. I’ve got a plan to go to my art studio on Friday, and I know that a GP I know well is running the duty service that day. I’ve arranged an appointment with my usual GP for the following week. I’ve made plans so that I don’t spend the weekend alone. I’m writing a list of things to remember on election night. I’m sharing it in case anyone else needs it.

1) Whatever the result, nothing in our day to day lives is going to change instantly. We aren’t going to wake up on Friday morning to find the sky rent in two and the horsemen of the apocalypse riding, even if the worst happens and the Tories increase their majority. Nor will we wake up to find our benefits have instantly been removed or that the NHS is instantly ten times more underfunded. This election matters, but it takes time to push through changes, and there are many ways to resist. We will have time to breathe, to gather ourselves, to feel devastated and frightened and then to pass through to the other side of those feelings, and start fighting back.

2) It’s ok if you feel like shit. Curl up in a ball under a blanket. Wait for the dust to settle before you react.

3) The Samaritans are always there. It’s free to phone them. You can also text them on 07725909090, or email

4) Cats are still good.

5) Dogs are still good.

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Jun 032017
Trash the Tories Sticker

#TrashTheTories – film preview, Q &A and discussion

with film makers Anthony Swords and Danielle Kummer, disability campaigner Jenny Hurst and DPAC’s Paula Peters


Sunday 4 June 4 – 5.30pm – 1 Matthews Yard, Off Surrey Street, Croydon, CR0 1FF


As the GE2017 reaches its final week come DPAC invites you to join us to launch the final chapter in our #TrashTheTories election campaign.

While the mainstream media keeps the focus on Brexit and the economy, Deaf and Disabled people have taken to the streets and to social media to tell the public why this election matters so much to us and what the consequences of another five years of Tory misrule will be.

On Monday, 5 June, DPAC will be go live on social media with a set of short films generously produced for us by media production company Tough and Rumble aiming to expose the human cost of cuts and the reality behind the Tory narrative of welfare reform.

Join us this Sunday for a preview of the films followed by a Q and A and discussion. Light refreshments will be provided.

The venue is wheelchair accessible but please note there are cobbles and a steep incline in front of the building. The Matthews Yard website provides information about an alternative approach if needed:


For other access requests or any questions please text Ellen on 07505144371.

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Jun 022017

2 days ago, on 31st of May, we wrote the following letter to the Green Party co-leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley asking them to respond to our concerns over their social care Manifesto proposals. We’ve not yet had a response, but we will publish any response we receive.

Dear Caroline and Jonathan,

We were very surprised to see, as were a number of our allied campaign groups, in your Disability Manifesto the following statement

“At the heart of the Greens’ disability manifesto is a plan for a community-led Care & Support Service where we will train, support and resource communities to better help each other and the most vulnerable in our society, at the same time saving money by supporting wellbeing and helping communities to identify and meet their needs, alongside councils, the NHS and Government.”

We can only interpret this as meaning that the Green Party are proposing that care in the community is delivered by volunteers who will no doubt disproportionately  be women. We feel it is only right that we ask for clarification of what this policy actually does mean in plain English.

We look forward to a speedy reply.

Disabled People Against Cuts.


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May 312017

‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time’ host Disability Queer Riot! 15th July 2-pm – Meet in Soho Square – Facebook page here and website here

Queer Tours of London, A mince through timeTo book your place please email ASAP as there are very limited spaces. Please include in your email any special requirements you have /support needed. Priority places to wheelchair users. Payment on the day is ‘pay what you feel / can afford’. Please share to all those you think will appreciate!

All requests for involvement / press requests please email
How can I be proud of my LGBT+ identity at ‘Pride in London’ if I can’t even get to the bar to celebrate? 
How can I mince, flirt and meet others if there is not even 1 LGBT+ bar or club that is fully accessible to the LGBT+ disabled community? 
How can I be proud of my impairments if i’m discriminated to come on Pride? 

Are you part of the LGBT+ disability community? Are you sick and tired of being ignored and tokenised? Want more action and less talk? 

Well join me – Josh – a ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through time’ guide, trainee lawyer and sexual revolutionary whilst we take to the streetsand in true queer provocative style do an informative and interactive tour of Soho to share the lived realities of the LGBT+ disabled community.

There’s only 20 spaces for the tour so get in there quick – please email to register your interest or for any press / volunteer support. Suggested donations £10 or whatever you can afford.

Here’s the plan

2pm – Meeting point – Soho Square
2-3pm Placard making with the scores for each venue and the demands
3-5pm – Queer disabled Riot-tour!
5-6pm – Presentation of our demands in central London venue tbc. Invites are being sent to London’s LGBT+ cultural spaces managers.

Our demands 

Equality over profit – LGBT+ venues just stop pretending you are not under to be accessible – you know you should be – are you doing everything you can?

Access 4 All – we’ll chain ourselves to the steps by September if you don’t make an explicit statement of your intentions




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May 272017

In the vital last 12 days before June 8th we’re asking as many of you as possible to write to your local papers letter page this weekend or this week at the latest.

Most local and national papers will only publish letters of 250-300 words so here are a couple of suggested letters to send/edit. For the most marginal seats we’re also publishing a list of contacts for local papers but for anyone else please also write and you should be able to google your town name and local paper to find details. Mark anything you send Letters to Editor

Template Letter 1 specifically about some disability issues

The legacy of the Conservatives is shocking and we are now shamefully the first country in the world to have been found guilty by the UN for the grave and systematic violation of disabled people’s human rights following a lengthy inquiry.

 It would be impossible in a letter to outline all of the vicious attacks against disabled and older people made by the Conservatives since 2010 but a few of the main cuts include £4.6 billion of cuts from social care funding, 700 disabled people a week losing their entitlement to Personal Independence Payments and access to adapted vehicles, loss of a third of their income for many disabled people from their ESA disability benefits in spite f the additional costs of being disabled. Many disabled people have also lost £14 – £28 from support for their housing costs due to the Bedroom Tax yet are unable to downsize or have homes which have been adapted to meet their needs which makes moving impossible.

Britain’s benefits, including pensions, are already among the least generous in Western Europe. Women born in 1950s have had up to 6 years retirement income stolen from them and now the triple lock on pensions, winter fuel allowances is being threatened by the Conservatives.

 Due to cuts to Disability benefits 2.8 million disabled people are existing in deep poverty – that is they have 50% below the median income.

And even though we’re not yet a third world country shockingly nearly 400 citizens died from malnutrition or hunger in 2015 up 27% since 2010.

Words 258

Template Letter 2 – general about cuts to public services

Public services which we all use at some time in our lives since the Conservatives came to power have been slashed to the bone. On June 8th vote to protect them against another 5 years of Conservative cuts.

Since 2010 Social Care has been cut by £4.6 billion and 440,000 disabled people are no longer entitled to state funded care.

Hospital trusts are on course for a financial deficit of up to £850m at the end of this financial year. A Tory MP Dr Wollaston said “Local clinical commission groups are being forced to hold back £800m to prevent an even bigger black hole at hospitals. Again, this is patient care that is being cut back.”

Mental Health Services have all but disappeared and there has been a £41.3 million reduction in spending to 2015. Devastating cuts mean there are days no crisis beds are available anywhere in the UK..

Our Police service has lost 22,000 police officers and 15,000 support staff. Both security experts plus the Police Federation warned there were not enough police to keep our streets safe. Due to the lack of police we now have armed soldiers patrolling our streets for the first time ever since 1926.

Cuts to our Ambulance and Fire Services have resulted in have resulted in fewer Paramedics and fire fighters, and fire station closures. Response times for both of these life-saving services have lengthened due to this.

Now the Conservatives are coming after Education funding and funding per pupil is reducing in real terms meaning mainstream schools in England must find efficiency savings rising from £1.1 billion in 2016–17 to £3 billion by 2019–20.

These are only a few of the cuts the Conservatives are responsible for all of which affect our safety and our futures.

Words 297













Wales Online

Halesowen and Rowley Regis








North Devon






Cornish Times

Darlington, Durham,Middlesbrough,North Yorkshire,Bishop Auckland,Northallerton.




South Gloucs







Somerset Live


North Devon






Cornish Times

West London

Bristol Post

Tivey Side








Hendon, Finchley, Barnet, Potters Bar, Edgware and Mill Hill










Richmond and Twickenham



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May 272017

Available for download NOW – tell everyone you know!

Captain Ska’s “Liar, Liar” is officially released today. We have one week to get it in the top 40s, forcing the BBC to play it over the airways!

Click on the following links to download:

ItunesAmazonBand CampSpotify

(Please note Captain Ska previously released a version of Liar Liar in 2010 so don’t download the wrong one! Correct track is called ‘Liar Liar GE2017’)


Band member and song writer Jake said:
“We’ve re-mastered our Liar, Liar song for this General Election because we want to do all we can to expose the horrific effects Tory policy has had on ordinary people. Theresa May lies her way through interview after interview without addressing the real issues.”

“We’re sick of her and her party of millionaires privatising and cutting our public services while it’s poverty and deteriorating living standards for the rest of us. The money is there to improve the lives of the majority but it’s in the hands of the wrong people.”

“We want to do all we can to make sure Theresa May is kicked out of Downing St on 8 June. I’m confident we’ll get into the UK Top 40’s which would mean the BBC will have to play it on their chart show next Sunday.”

All money spent on downloads of the track between 26 May and 8 June 2017 will be split between food banks around the UK and The People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

Get downloading folks!

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

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May 212017
Trash the Tories Sticker

DPAC supporters have been busy posting facebook adverts in marginal constituencies to reach thousands of voters asking them to make sure to register and vote.

Before June 8th we need to post and pay for more adverts on facebook to tell voters the truth about Tory policies towards not just us but also children and young people, women and now pensioners. So far this has cost around £3,000.

These facebook adverts are the most cost effective way for us to run a strong and stable campaign against May and her cronies but we need another £2,000 for a final set of adverts the week before the election.

Supporters have also been out and about all over the country distributing thousands and thousands of leaflets between us all and we have also spent money on travel costs for people to come to our street protests over the past few weeks.

If you can help us fund the next round of adverts by donating even just £1 please donate via paypal  on the right hand side of this page. We must #TrashTheTories not only our futures but our children’s and our parent’s futures depend on it.


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May 182017

Watch the video and then you might like to ask Transport for London to watch the video and explain themselves (contact details below the video)

A video testimony by activist Doug Paulley,

Trying to get home from Westminster in my wheelchair, I discover the lift at Kings Cross is out of order, with no advance warning. The results are stressful, and an indictment of TFL’s treatment of disabled travellers.

Transport for London’s contact details are:

Twitter: @TfL

Online: Use our online form

you might also like to complain to London Travelwatch

London TravelWatch

London TravelWatch is the official watchdog organisation which represents the interests of public transport users in and around the capital. It is independent of TfL and can help with complaints about public transport in London.

Online: Complain to London TravelWatch

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May 152017

Anthony, a film maker, is making some videos for DPAC to use in the election about cuts people have faced or problems people have had with social care or benefits cuts.

We’re particularly interested but not exclusively looking for:

  • people who have or may lose DLA, or had a Motability vehicle taken away after a PIP assessment
  • anyone who is the parent of a disabled child or
  • anyone who has had to give up taking part in activities such as work, recreation or has loss of independence due to austerity cuts.

Anthony is based in London and would prefer to interview who are in London or within a short travel on public transport to London, however it may be possible to arrange for him to get to other parts of the country.

If you or anyone you know would be willing to take part in making a short video please could please email us at

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May 122017
[from People’s Assembly ]

Captain SKA’s track ‘Liar Liar’ has been remastered to target Theresa May and the Conservative Party for the General Election. It’s a scathing attack on Tory Government’s record. It will be available to download from Friday 26 May. 

In 2010 the original track hit no.1 in the UK Reggae charts – the target at that time being Cameron, Clegg and the Coalition Government. In the run up to such a crucial election we want to think big and get it into the official top 40s – obliging the BBC to play it on the airways reaching millions. 

It only takes a few thousand downloads to get it in the top 40s. We need your help to spread the word to your friends, family, workmates. 

Today we’ve released a short teaser video – please share on social media, spread the word and get ready to download it on Friday 26 May. 

All proceeds during the election campaign will be split between food banks across the UK and the People’s Assembly Against Austerity – directly helping those suffering most at the hands of the Tories and also to help sustain a campaign for the alternative to austerity.


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May 102017

Homes for all protest Flyer - 25th May 5pm Parliament Sq and 24th June Noon Parliament Sq page 1Homes for all protest Flyer - 25th May 5pm Parliament Sq and 24th June Noon Parliament Sq Page 2

8 June 2017 General election

Housing at a crossroads

This general election needs to focus attention on housing, a major concern for voters.  Five million people are on council waiting lists; buying a home has never been more unaffordable; private renters typically spend half their income on rent; homelessness has doubled since 2010; good homes are being demolished in the name of ‘regeneration’. 

There are many places where people are being priced-out and communities broken by rising housing costs, benefit cuts and the shortage of genuinely affordable homes.  Huge damage is being done to our society by insecure, unaffordable, sub-standard housing. 

We need action to improve the situation for private tenants, living with constant rent rises and only two months from eviction. In Britain housing costs are at the highest ever as a proportion of incomes, with private renters paying the highest rents with the least security in Europe. The next government must take action to improve and extend tenancy rights and control rents.

Axe The Housing Act Logo

We believe building more homes that are genuinely affordable and secure is essential.  This requires long-term government investment and freeing local councils to build the homes we need. Council housing pays for itself and is a permanent community asset.

We are also concerned about the role of housing associations (HAs), set up as ‘social landlords’ to help people in housing need but becoming increasingly commercial.  We call on the next government to make HAs more accountable, restore regulation and demand that they build more homes for rent at not-for- profit social rent levels.

Housing is at a crossroads.  Recent policies, and in particular the Housing and Planning Act 2016 and benefit cuts, are taking us in the wrong direction.  Unless these change, millions more will be forced into insecure and unaffordable private renting or homelessness, as non-market housing alternatives are destroyed.

We call on all politicians seeking our votes to commit themselves to:

  • Repeal the Housing and Planning Act 2016
  • Stop demolition of council estates
  • A national programme of council house building
  • Decent, secure homes and rent control for all


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May 092017
Trash the Tories Sticker

Loud hailer meme for the #TrashTheTories Campaign

On this page you’ll find details of all of the online activities we have planned for DPAC’s #TrashTheTories election campaign

We’ll update this page with new information regularly so keep checking back

Memes you can use in your own tweets and Facebook posts

You can download all the graphic images for the #TrashTheTories Campaign here  to use yourself and share.

ESA Cut Memes you can download memes made by Rachael Swindon for DPAC for all the Tory MPs who voted for the ESA Cut here. You can read more about this here

Play Theresa May’s Election Bullshit Bingo

#TrashTheTories TV Programme Tweetouts

We are running a rolling tweetout to hijack the hashtags of popular TV programmes

Here are the times, channels and hashtags of the programmes we are targeting along with a link to a tweetlist with tweets already set up with the programme hashtag that you can use (or use your own tweets)

Keep Checking back, well be adding new programmes to target every few days






Link to Tweets








Coronation St









All day
















Holby City




All day











Coronation St




All day
















Question Time




All day











Coronation St










Have I got news for you





The Last Leg

Starts 19-5-17

Channel 4




All day






Saturday Kitchen





















Antiques Roadshow





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May 082017
Bromley and Croydon DPAC with a Trash The Tories Stall on student campus Photo © Paula Peters

Bromley and Croydon DPAC with a Trash The Tories Stall on student campus Photo © Paula Peters

Following the launch in Westminster last week members of Bromley and Croydon DPAC got stuck in with the new #TrashTheTories campaign on Monday 8 May. We set up a stall outside the Bromley campus of London South East Colleges to encourage young students and staff members to register to vote in the general election and to use their vote to help stop Theresa May’s Conservatives on June 8th.

We had a great response with students committing to register and use their vote. Some were unaware of the election before talking to us but will now use their vote in solidarity with disabled people. Getting out there and talking to people about what 7 years of vicious cuts have done to us can make a real difference in building an anti-Tory vote.
Over 200 copies of our new election leaflet were distributed – you can download a printable version of it here. If you can why not print some to give out, or organise with your friends or local DPAC group to set up a stall outside your local college, in your high street, at a train station or anywhere else you might meet people who you can convince to help us #TrashTheTories on June 8th.

If you want help or advice on setting up a stall – getting hold of leaflets in bulk or anything else about getting involved contact us at

If you are unable to participate in street campaigning due to your impairment or cuts to your support you can still get involved with our online shenanigans.
 The Trash The Tories Leaflet that was handed out from the campaign stall
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May 042017

On a lovely sunny day DPAC activists met up in London from as far away as Edinburgh and Wrexham to take our messages to Tory Head Office that we will #TrashTheTories in the forthcoming general election.

We’d like to thank all of you who came, all of you who joined in on-line and all of you who donate to DPAC either regularly or as a one-off payment for your support which allows these events to happen.

I travelled down with Jae and we met a woman aged 77 years old who was still having to work because her state pension was so inadequate and she couldn’t live on it. While I realise she is a whole 20 years younger than old Philip, who has just retired from abusing foreign visitors to the UK, at the grand old age of 97 goodness knows what will happen to her and other pensioners like her when the triple lock is removed from pensions by the Tories if they win the election.

Video: “DPAC descend on Tory HQ Protesting DWP and austerity #TrashTheTories May 2nd Old Palace Yard” by LetMeLookTV

While we didn’t quite manage our primary objective which had been to occupy the Tory Party office we spent some time gathered outside making ourselves heard and then went off to block a road next to Westminster Abbey. By that stage the numbers of police officers accompanying us seemed to have grown from the original few to dozens but then we had already been thanked by the police for having the protest on such a nice day and getting them out of the office so I assume more of them felt the same way.

We stayed in the road about an hour to an hour and a half and most of us as the police kept saying had been warned. Those of us who had been prevented from going back onto the road at one point filled in our time leafleting the public as they passed.

Anyhow my journey back from Westminster to Marylebone with Jae helped reinforce that much more still needs to be done about disabled access to transport. Normally I never get on a bus before a wheelchair user I’m travelling with but just this once I did and sat down waiting for the ramp to be put out for her to also get on the bus but suddenly it pulled off leaving her sitting at the stop.

Booking assistance to travel once we had both arrived at the train station was fine but of course as she was arriving back in one of our large towns after 10 pm they didn’t think there would be any station staff to help her off with a ramp and the guard (one of those people who Southern Rail and other companies want to scrap) would have to help.

More information on what to do next coming soon or email us at with any plans or ideas you have to help #TrashTheTories

By Linda Burnip

View a photo gallery of the protest by Luca Neve

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