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UNCRPD Inquiry

2013 April – DPAC 1st Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry

2013 June – UNCRPD letter from CRPD Chair-PM of UK

2013 August – Government Response to the 1st Submission

2013 October – DPAC 2nd Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry

2013 December – DPAC 2nd Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry – Update

2014 January – Letter sent to UK from UN 23 Jan 2014

2014 March – Government Response to the 2nd Submission

2014 August – DPAC 3rd Submission to the UNCRPD Inquiry Aug 2014

2015 October – DPAC Submission

2017 March – Inquiry Report Follow Up Submission

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  1. Has there been any research into covert surveillance of a disabled person, whilst pursuing an industrial injury claim from employers insurers in breach of Working at Height Regulations? If so what outcomes were there?

  2. watch this recent program.. Four Corners S55E04….. more scandal on maximus from australia. how can this company be getting away with this scandal globally

    • discovered today 11th of may 2015 all the people who were working for atos have just transferred over to work for maximus ,keeping all the data they had been given by the DWP. its the same staff with the same documents working for a different company doing exactly the same thing as they were for atos, nothing has changed about how the wca was being run except we are spelling atos like this maximus in future.

    • scream this from the rooftops John, have posted the link on Facebook. Like to invite you to join “In Loving Memory of those who have died as a result of the welfare cuts. Where are you based?

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