Oct 122018

We are the UK correspondents for the french-german TV ARTE. We are getting in touch for a report we wanted to make about Universal credit and its impact on disabled people. Could you help us to get in touch with a disabled person who has been affected by universal credit and who could explain to… Continue Reading European Journalists making a programme on Universal Credit looking for people to interview

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Oct 112018

[Thanks to John Pring] Anger and dismay after Labour back-tracks on pledge to scrap universal credit Labour has infuriated its own disabled members by backtracking on a public pledge by the shadow chancellor that the party would scrap universal credit if it won the next general election. John McDonnell drew widespread praise when he told… Continue Reading Latest News from Disability News Service – 11th October

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Oct 102018

Day of Action on the 17th October for Safe Cladding and Insulation Now!  Schedule, updates, and victories 0 am Solidarity demonstration outside UK Embassy, Brussels 45 for 1.0 pm Demonstrate outside Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, 2 Marsham St, London SW1P 4DF, deliver Open Letter (have you signed?) 0 pm event in House… Continue Reading Day of Action on the 17th October for Safe Cladding and Insulation Now!

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Oct 042018

[With thanks to John Pring, Editor DNS] Tory conference: Charity’s silence on universal credit deaths, hours after minister announces £51m funding A charity has refused to criticise the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over four deaths linked to universal credit, hours after a minister announced it would receive tens of millions of pounds to… Continue Reading Latest News from Disability News Service

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Oct 032018

I’m a Correspondent with ITV Granada and looking to highlight the impact of local authority cuts on people’s care packages. I’ve done a series of reports on the impact of changes in the benefits system http://www.itv.com/news/granada/2017-02-08/people-are-dying-as-a-result-of-failings-in-benefit-system/ If you would like to talk to a a journalist about how cuts to social care have affected you,… Continue Reading Social Care Cuts: Do you live in the North West and would you like to talk to a Journalist?

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Oct 012018

In parallel with DPAC’s direct action outside the Tory Conference during Theresa May’s keynote speech, we are also calling for a twitterstorm protest online for those who can’t make it to Brum The details are: Date and Time: October 3rd from midday onwards Hashtags: #CPC18, #ToryCutsKill and #HostileEnvironment We’ve prepared a gallery of memes made… Continue Reading Tory Party Conference TwitterStorm Oct 3rd from Noon

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Sep 272018

Direct Action Against the Tories, October 3rd from 11.30 am meeting outside Birmingham Council House, Victoria Square then moving elsewhere.   Fed Up of Conference speeches and MPs lying? Join Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) for some targeted resistance and direct action in Birmingham- see our fantastic new and very, very large banner and listen… Continue Reading Press Release: Direct Action against the Tory Conference October 3rd

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Sep 272018

Labour conference: Right-wing journalist faces ban call after ‘safe space’ video Disabled party members are calling on Labour to ban a prominent right-wing journalist from future events after she posted a video on social media mocking the provision of a “safe space” used by disabled people at this week’s party conference. The party has told… Continue Reading Hot off the press: This week’s news from Disability News Service

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Sep 252018

[Text and video by Potent Whisper (@PotentOfficial)] As part of the release of the video below, we are inviting people to share their stories of austerity using the hashtag #AusterityAndMe So… this is my story… My mum devoted her life to working with people with mental health problems, advocating and championing their human rights. She… Continue Reading The Rhyming Guide to Austerity by Potent Whisper #AusterityAndMe

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Sep 252018

We received a message from a disabled person, Shirley Naylor, about Margaret Greenwood’s speech yesterday. The message is reproduced below, with Shirley’s permission, because Shirley wants Margaret Greenwood and the Labour Party to get her message. We are asking our members and supportters to send this message via this blog piece to Margaret Greenwood, Marsha… Continue Reading A message from a disabled person to Margaret Greenwood, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Minister #Lab18

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Sep 232018

Call for Participants: Do you feel your secondary school is inclusive?  Are there Accessibility Plans in place?  Tell us about your experiences. By law, schools should make Accessibility Plans to enable Disabled children and young people to access school facilities and make the most of their education. However, there have been no studies to find… Continue Reading Call for Participants: Tell Allfie about your experiences of access to education

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Sep 222018

A twitterstorm has been organised for #StopAndScrap Universal Credit, 7-9 pm this evening 22nd September. DPAC are supporting this and we’re inviting our supporters to join in too. We’ve prepared a gallery of memes made by the fantabulous Prim McLordy, and are shown below using our spanking new Gallery feature. If you click on a… Continue Reading #StopAndScrap Universal Credit TwitterStorm 22 Sept 7pm

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Sep 212018

Reading Borough Council is proposing cuts to concessionary fares for disabled people It would leave 6,000 Access Pass holders in Reading having to pay to board a bus before 9.30 am and after 11pm Another proposal is scrapping the companion bus pass scheme which allows carers of Access Pass holders to travel free of charge… Continue Reading Protest at Reading Council about Transport Access Monday 24th Sept 6pm

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Sep 202018

DWP’s secret benefit deaths reviews: Investigations into deaths doubles in two years The number of secret reviews carried out by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) into deaths linked to benefit claims appears to have doubled in the last two years, according to figures the information watchdog has forced the government to release. The… Continue Reading More News and Investigative Journalism from John Pring’s Disability News Service

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Sep 172018

Its Libdem party conference today and tomorrow (17th 18th Sept), lets send them a message over twitter that we haven’t forgotten what they did to disabled people as part of the Tory Libdem coalition that blighted so many disabled people’s lives Use the hashtag #LDConf2018 and send them your message to say we haven’t forgotten… Continue Reading Liberal Democrats: We won’t forget and we won’t forgive #LDConf2018

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Sep 062018

 http://www.daleymichelle.co.uk/the-white-mans-burden-global-disability-summit-personal-reflection/ The White Man’s Burden – Global Disability Summit personal reflection 4th September 2018 The title of this blog is intentional and aims to be provocative. I have borrowed the title from William Easterly’s book, “The White Man’s Burden: Why the West’s Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little… Continue Reading Reflections on the Global Disability Summit by Michelle Daley

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Sep 022018

Since our first march against Tory austerity cuts in 2010 thousands of disabled people have been killed by the Tory’s policies and mindless cruelty. Thousands more have lost vital funding for independent living support and are either trapped in care homes or their own homes. Continent disabled people have been refused the human support they… Continue Reading A DPAC Welcome for the Tory Party Conference, Birmingham October 3rd

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Aug 282018

Mental Health in the Social Security System Credit to John Grahl at https://peg.primeeconomics.org/policybriefs/mental-health-in-the-social-security-system August 2018 As the number of unemployed social security claimants has declined, the government’s drive for reductions in the benefits bill has focussed increasingly on the chronic sick and the disabled. The government’s aim is not to improve the well-being of these claimants… Continue Reading The targeting of claimants with mental health issues by the Social security system

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Aug 262018

If you are a member of Disability Labour you should have had notification of their forthcoming AGM. If you haven’t please let us or Disability Equality Act Labour know. Members raise concerns over Disability Labour’s ‘consistent failure’ Disabled Labour activists have gone public with their concerns about the “consistent failure” of the organisation set up… Continue Reading Disability Labour – fit for purpose?

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