Aug 182018

As usual Disability News Service exposes shocking information and continues to be a thorn in the side of DWP and others. Disability charity’s appointment of Unum boss as new chair ‘is truly disgraceful’ A disability charity’s decision to choose as its new chair the head of a company closely linked with the government’s hated “fitness… Continue Reading More news from Disability News Service

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Aug 182018

Call for evidence: Pre-paid cards for social care Pre-paid cards (or payment cards) are increasingly being used by local councils as a way of making direct payments for social care. Instead of funds being paid into a Disabled person’s people’s bank accounts, funding is ‘loaded’ or paid into a card account. This means that councils… Continue Reading Pre-paid Cards for Social Care

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Aug 152018

TUESDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 6-8pm House of Commons, Westminster, room tbc   All welcome DO NO HARM A seminar to gather evidence of the significant harm caused to children by separating them from their mothers and families, and which families are targeted for child removal and forced adoption. Hosted by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP Organised by… Continue Reading September 11th, House of Commons, Have your childen been snatched or you threatened with their removal?

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Aug 142018

The Social Market Foundation is currently undertaking a major research project looking at benefit sanctions in the United Kingdom, updating and expanding the Independent Review of Sanctions that they undertook for Government in 2014. More information on the project is available at: As part of this they want to ensure we gather the full range of… Continue Reading Benefit sanctions call for evidence

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Aug 092018

DWP figures provide fresh evidence to explain PIP claim rejections New figures show that Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) civil servants are questioning only a tiny proportion of the benefit assessment reports written by discredited government contractors Atos and Capita. Campaigners have been trying for months to secure evidence that would explain why such… Continue Reading This week’s fabulous news from Disability News Service

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Aug 092018

Sano Physiotherapy markets itself as a professional service offering sports massage and rehabilitation but has a murky side business renting out its rooms to controversial disability assessor ATOS.    ATOS has recently changed the name of its benefits assessment arm to ‘Independent Assessment Services’ with the words “delivered by ATOS” written in tiny letters underneath.… Continue Reading Just another guise for ATOS – Regional Firm profiting from ‘brutal’ disability assessments

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Aug 082018

Campaign Bootcamp has recently opened applications for its October residential campaign training, which supports new activists to develop the confidence, tools and community they need to run effective campaigns that challenge injustice. The six-day training is a space where activists from across the UK, across identities, ages and experiences, come together to learn from each other,… Continue Reading Scholarships for Disabled Campaigners

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Jul 312018

Inclusion London is sending written evidence to the Social Security Advisory Committee’s consultation on proposals to move all people claiming working age income-related benefits to Universal Credit (UC). Please send us your experience to inform our evidence.  For instance let us know: How you found applying for Universal Credit, including whether you found the process accessible… Continue Reading Universal Credit – how is it for you? Evidence needed for the SSAC’s consultation

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Jul 292018

Representatives of national disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) in Bolivia, Greece, Malaysia and Uganda have described to UK activists how they have fought oppression and discrimination in their own countries. They were speaking at an International Deaf and Disabled People’s Solidarity Summit in east London, organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) to highlight the hypocrisy… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Rival summit hears of international fight against oppression

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Jul 292018

International development secretary Penny Mordaunt has defended the decision to co-host a major international summit on disability rights with Kenya, a country where it is illegal to be gay. The UK government was co-hosting the Global Disability Summit in east London this week with Kenya and the International Disability Alliance, with Ukur Yatani Kanacho, the… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Mordaunt defends co-host Kenya despite its gay rights record

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Jul 292018

The disabled president of Ecuador has given a stirring speech in praise of the social model of disability, at a summit co-hosted in east London by the UK government. President Lenin Moreno was one of the key-note speakers at the conference on the Olympic Park, which was hosted by the UK government, the International Disability… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Disabled president’s rousing defence of social model

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Jul 292018

Labour’s shadow chancellor has described the UK government’s decision to co-host a Global Disability Summit – less than a year after its record on disability rights was dismantled by the United Nations – as “the height of hypocrisy”. John McDonnell, a long-standing supporter of the disabled people’s anti-cuts movement, was speaking to Disability News Service… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: McDonnell says government hosting summit is ‘height of hypocrisy’

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Jul 292018

A leading disabled activist has exposed the UK’s record on disability rights in front of an audience of disabled people from across the global south who had been invited to take part in the government’s Global Disability Summit. Simone Aspis drew repeated loud applause from the audience at the Civil Society Forum as she highlighted… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Disabled activist praised for highlighting government attacks

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Jul 292018

Disabled people and their organisations from the global south have called for a “new beginning” in the way that the UN disability convention is implemented and monitored. They were speaking at the Global Disability Summit, a major international disability rights conference co-hosted by the UK government in east London this week. Speaking at the Civil… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: DPOs from global south call for new beginning

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Jul 292018

Disabled activists have held a “festival of resistance” outside an international disability rights event to highlight the “hypocrisy” of it being co-hosted by the UK government. Members of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and allies were outside the Here East centre on the Olympic Park in the east London borough of Newham, as hundreds of… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: DPAC’s protest festival highlights government hypocrisy

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Jul 292018

A national disabled people’s organisation is facing accusations that it “betrayed” the UK disability movement after its deputy chief executive failed to condemn the government’s record on rights at a major international gathering of disabled people. Sue Bott was sharing the stage with a senior government civil servant less than a year after the chair… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Disability Rights UK ‘betrayed movement’ with speech

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Jul 292018

International development secretary Penny Mordaunt has been labelled a hypocrite and an embarrassment after attempting to redefine inclusive education at the international disability summit she was hosting in east London. Penny Mordaunt’s government was already facing criticism from across the UK disabled people’s movement for its “blatant attempt to divert attention from its own disastrous… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Anger over Mordaunt’s bid to redefine inclusive education

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Jul 292018

The international development secretary, Penny Mordaunt, has been forced to retreat from her government’s repeated claims that the UK is a “global leader in disability rights”. Her government has faced anger from the UK disabled people’s movement at its decision to co-host a Global Disability Summit in east London less than a year after the… Continue Reading Global Disability Summit: Mordaunt retreats from UK’s ‘global leader on rights’ claims

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Jul 242018

The vigil is cancelled as we are informed the hearing is likely not to go ahead due to developments. More news to follow as we get it.   The cruel DWP is forcing two disabled claimants (who won a legal challenge against losing benefit when they moved to a Universal Credit area), back… Continue Reading Cancelled: Vigil re-SDP case, July 30th, Royal Courts of Justice at 1pm

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Jul 212018

  Our Festival of  Resistance highlighting the hypocricy of the UK and Kenyan governments hosting a Global Disability Summit kicks off in ernest today/Saturday as our overseas activists arrive in the UK to join in with our fun. On Sunday we are holding our own global summit which is very over subscribed with guest speakers… Continue Reading Festival of Resistance- July 21st-24th

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Jul 202018

To: Lenin Moreno, President of Ecuador Gabriela Michetti, Vice President of Argentina Sophie Morgan 20 July 2018 We are writing this open letter to you on behalf of Deaf and Disabled people across the UK concerning your involvement in the global disability summit being co-hosted by the UK government in London on 23 and 24… Continue Reading Open Letter to some of those attending the Global Summit

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Jul 192018

  A minister has been asked why the benefits of hundreds of sick and disabled claimants are apparently being sanctioned, even though they should not have to meet any of the strict conditions imposed by the government’s new universal credit system. Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures show that more than 1,100 claimants of… Continue Reading DWP is asked why ‘not fit for work’ universal credit claimants are being sanctioned

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