Jul 182019

[Text by Debbie Abrahams MP, via Taxpayers Against Poverty, with thanks to both ] APPG INQUIRY: 3 Years On: Assessing the Impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Act (2016) on Children and Disabled Adults. In 2015, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Health in All Policies undertook an assessment of the prospective impacts… Continue Reading Open to the public: APPG INQUIRY: 3 Years On: Assessing the Impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Act (2016) on Children and Disabled Adults.

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Jul 182019

DWP ‘lies again’ about impact of benefits freeze on disabled people The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been accused of a “brazen repetition of a known lie” about the impact on disabled people of one of the government’s major spending cuts, following the publication of a damning new report. The report by the… Continue Reading Disability News Service news for 18th July

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Jul 172019

Inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Health in All Policies Evidence session open to the public to observe In 2015, the APPG for Health in All Policies undertook an assessment of the prospective impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill on child poverty and health. The approach taken was to establish… Continue Reading Three Years On: Assessing the Impacts of the Welfare Reform and Work Act (2016) on Children and Disabled Adults.

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Jul 112019

  Secret PIP files show one in three assessments by Capita had significant flaws More than a third of disability assessment reports completed by a government contractor have been found to be significantly flawed, according to secret government files. The proportion of substandard personal independence payment (PIP) reports completed by outsourcing giant Capita has risen… Continue Reading Disability News Service news 11th July

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Jul 052019

Last week the DWP advertorials returned to the Metro. Until we can be sure they have stopped we are calling on supporters to make every day a #DumpMetroDWPLies day and ramp up the pressure to stop this waste of public money on misleading propaganda. Please do what you can and encourage others to get involved.… Continue Reading #DumpMetroDWPLies – the campaign continues!

Jul 042019

  Tomlinson misleads Abrahams over cover-up as MPs debate DWP deaths cover-up The minister for disabled people is today (Thursday) facing questions over why he misled a senior Labour MP about his department’s cover-up of links between its “fitness for work” test and the deaths of disabled people. The failure by Justin Tomlinson to provide… Continue Reading Disability News Service articles for 4th July

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Jun 272019

Theresa May’s disability announcements ‘are just cynical leftovers’ Disabled people’s organisations have reacted with suspicion and some hostility to the outgoing prime minister’s attempt to shore up her “legacy” with a series of disability-related announcements. Although some of the measures announced by Theresa May were welcomed, many user-led organisations questioned why she had left it… Continue Reading Disability News Service news for 27th June

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Jun 252019

RMT Message of support for our #DumpMetroDWPLies campaign: “The Metro newspaper is carrying government adverts promoting Universal Credit, the new welfare benefit responsible for driving claimants – including disabled people – even further into poverty and insecurity. Understandably, disability campaigners are removing this vile propaganda from its distribution points, which include many stations and other… Continue Reading Message of support for our #DumpMetroDWPLies campaign

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Jun 212019

  Important Information from DAI about Patrick Lynch (RIP)​ For those of you who have not seen previous notifications on our website, our Management Committee member and long time volunteer Patrick Lynch, died suddenly on the 2nd June 2019. This has come as a tremendous shock to his family, friends and all of us here at… Continue Reading Funeral Arrangements for Patrick Lynch – June 25th

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Jun 202019

Guards lock activists inside DWP HQ during universal credit ‘whitewash’ action Disabled activists were locked inside the Department for Work and Pensions’ headquarters by security guards as they delivered thousands of copies of a newspaper that feature “deliberately misleading” DWP adverts which “whitewash” the truth about universal credit. Protesters from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)… Continue Reading Disability News Service news for 20th June

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Jun 132019

Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People | Frances Ryan In this video, Frances Ryan explores the devastating reality of austerity on disability benefits – providing a damning indictment of a safety net gone wrong. She is the author of Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People. To order a copy at discount… Continue Reading Film – Frances Ryan talks about her new book and the impact of social care cuts

Jun 132019

  Confusion – again – after Labour backtracks on Corbyn pledge to scrap universal credit Labour’s policy on universal credit has again become mired in confusion after its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, promised to scrap the government’s “catastrophic” and “iniquitous” benefit system if his party wins the next general election. Such a move would be seen… Continue Reading News from Disability News Service, 13th June

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Jun 112019

Disabled children v Secretary of State for Education and Chancellor of the Exchequer Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) will be attending this important court case on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June. Put it in your diaries – come and join us from 9am onwards and show your support for disabled children and their families… Continue Reading Support ALLFIE for Inclusive Education – London 26th and 27th June, 9am

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Jun 092019

National DPAC fully support the statement below from our Berkshire DPAC Group. Berkshire DPAC wish to register our strongest condemnation of Mr. Lee Harpin’s articles in the Jewish Chronicle, in which he uses screenshots taken from a private group without the group’s consent from our Facebook page to throw utterly false accusations of anti-semitism at… Continue Reading Statement by Berkshire DPAC

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Jun 092019

[Text by Fuel Poverty Action, with thanks] With the second anniversary approaching, two events – the Silent Walk on 14 June and a Solidarity March on 15 June –  will demonstrate that the 72 people who died in the Grenfell fire, and the survivors still fighting for justice, are very far from forgotten.  Please see… Continue Reading Two years on . . . Silent Walk & March for Grenfell; cladding still a crisis

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Jun 062019

  Abrahams asks watchdog to investigate DWP benefit deaths cover-up An MP has asked the equality and human rights watchdog to investigate why ministers hid documents from their own independent reviewer when they knew the information would link their “fitness for work” test to the deaths of disabled benefit claimants. Labour’s Debbie Abrahams, a former… Continue Reading News from Disability News Service – 6th June

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Jun 052019

In the light of recent increased publicity for asylum seekers to have the ‘right to work’ #lifttheban we are reposting this. The ‘Right to work’ in the context of #’DWPcrimes Campaigns for the ‘right to work’ must be treated with caution in the context of #dwpcrimes. A recent letter posted on twitter by #corecities calling… Continue Reading The ‘Right to work’ for asylum seekers in the context of #’DWPcrimes

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Jun 052019

Saturday 3rd August – for more info and to book a place go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/crippled-austerity-and-the-demonization-of-disabled-people-launch-for-frances-ryans-new-book-tickets-62955660074 Frances Ryan discusses her searing exposé of austerity’s impact on disabled people, alongside Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty and Paul Atherton, who is referred to in the Housing Chapter and has been homeless for ten years. In austerity Britain, disabled people… Continue Reading ‘Crippled: austerity and the demonization of disabled people’ – launch for Frances Ryan’s new book

Jun 022019

[Text from The Peterloo Memorial: A Monument to Discrimination with thanks] If you think the Peterloo Memorial should be accessible and inclusive to all, we are asking everyone to email r.leese@manchester.gov.uk tonight, although any time today would be massively appreciated… See below this post for a template you can use (it also explains the issue).… Continue Reading This evening (2 June) Join the Emailstrom to Manchester City Council about the discriminatory Peterloo Monument

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Jun 012019

Come and join Disabled People and their allies from 5pm – 7pm on Thur 6th June outside Manchester Central Exhibition Complex. Make our presence known in our campaign for inclusive and accessible memorial to Peterloo For more info Twitter follow @PeterLo06715997 and #PeterlooProtest Facebook: Event Link and group page – The Peterloo Memorial: A Monument… Continue Reading Join the protest against the discriminatory Peterloo Memorial 6th June, Manchester #PeterlooProtest

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May 302019

[From Sheffield DPAC, with thanks] This is a call out to all members and supporters regarding the DWP universal credit uncovered advertorials that are running in the Metro newspaper currently. It has been confirmed by guardian journalist Aditya chakrabortty that the wrap-around advert will have cost at least £250,000 of public money. Yes that’s right you’re… Continue Reading Callout to supporters to Dump the Metro #DumpMetroDWPlies

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