Aug 152017

Many claimants will be aware that with Universal Credit there are 7 waiting days when claiming , well some good news is that there are some exceptions. While this is going to be quite daunting for many, there are small things which will help existing IR ESA ,JSA,IS claimants.     Exceptions 5 A person… Continue Reading Universal Credit-Waiting Days Exceptions

May 262017

This is a follow up of a previous article on the Health and Work Conversation: Claiming ESA under Universal Credit: Nobody is unfit for work anymore. Click here to read the article During the Health and Work Conversation, claimants will be asked to fill a questionnaire[1].  It is important to know that this questionnaire can… Continue Reading The health and Work Conversation questionnaire. Comments from an expert

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May 252017

What you will read may be very distressing for you, but we are looking at the worst-case scenario and identifying measures to help you and other claimants.  It would be good to have some feedback on the Health and Work Conversations from people who have made an ESA claim. More we know about it, and… Continue Reading Claiming ESA under Universal Credit. Nobody is unfit for work anymore (updated)

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Dec 022016

We have had signs recently that the DWP are getting up to their old tricks and trying to get people in the ESA Support Group to attend a “back to work” interview at their Jobcentre. According to the DWP Webpage, if you are in the Support Group you “You don’t have to go to [back… Continue Reading Are you in the ESA Support Group, have you been asked to go to an interview about getting work?

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Feb 142018

No More Deaths on our Streets supported by DPAC   March 3rd 3-6 pm We will gather outside Downing Street to say enough is enough.. #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets. Lets get together & organise how we can prevent any further needless deaths. Today another rough sleeper died on the cold London streets just yards from Parliament.… Continue Reading March 3rd Downing Street 3-6pm NO More Deaths on our Streets protest

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Feb 122018

The Equality and Human Rights Commission would like to know if you are facing the option of a residential home instead of care in your own home because of limitations of your NHS Continuing Health Care support packages.  Please send your experience to and copy in

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Feb 122018

Letter-from-the-Chair-to-SoS-for-Department-of-Work-and-Pensions-relating-to-PIP-appeal-data-9-February-2018 Work and Pensions Committee 14 Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NB Tel 020 7219 5831 Email Website   From the Chair   9 February 2018   Rt Hon Esther McVey Secretary of State Department for Work and Pensions   PIP appeal data During our inquiry on PIP and ESA assessments, your Department kindly… Continue Reading Esther McVey lies again -and to Work and Pensions Committee

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Feb 092018

From Arts Against Cuts: To draw your attention to the occupation of Tottenham Chances and its’ community lead campaign. The Occupation is currently resisting eviction, and needs urgent support both on social media and at the public assembly and eviction resistance this coming Sat . They ask for a public acts of solidarity and that… Continue Reading Urgent: Support the occupation of Tottenham Changes Community Centre, save it from closure and rebuttal by trustees

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Feb 072018

In solidarity with Women’s Strike DPAC supports the Women’s Strike in London. Taking place in more than 56 countries on International Women’s Day, the strike, organised by the Women’s Strike Assembly UK will see women walk out of paid work in offices, shops and factories, as well as unpaid domestic work in homes, communities and bedrooms. Women’s… Continue Reading Women’s Strike – March 8th, Worldwide.

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Feb 062018

Social workers expect volunteers to replace funding for PA’s – your  experience Some disabled people have experienced expectations from social workers to use volunteers to make up for cuts in support packages.  If this has happened to you please let Henrietta.Doyle know by emailing:  

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Feb 052018

Summary No one will lose what they’ve already been awarded. No one will have to have a face to face assessment – the 1.6 million claims being reviewed. Your money if you’re entitled to more following the court case and new rules will be backdated if you would qualify under the new rules. full details… Continue Reading 1.6 million PIP claims being re-assessed – what it means to you

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Feb 012018

Cara Williams, a PhD student at Lancaster University is conducting research into disabled people’s experience of working for small and medium size organisations (SMEs) , and the SME experience of employing disabled people in their workplace. She is looking to  recruit twenty disabled people and twenty small and medium size organisations to take part in interviews… Continue Reading Research into Disabled People, Work and Small/Medium Size Enterprise (SMEs) 20 people & 20 SMEs needed

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Feb 012018

Mike works for the Chronicle, Newcastle, and is looking for someone who has suffered through PIP assessments. he needs a case study from the North East – Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, County Durham – who is prepared to be photographed and named in the story. If you are willing to help with this please email… Continue Reading North East Journalist looking for a PIP case to report about

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Jan 272018

Tuesday 6th March 2018 at 6.30pm (refreshments from 6pm) The Hall at St Margarets House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London , E2 9PL Join social workers in our fight for social justice and learn about ways of campaigning, big and small, from speakers including: Jane Tunstill, Emeritus Professor of Social Work Roger Lewis,… Continue Reading BASW London and the Austerity Action Group present – Action Against Austerity!

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Jan 252018

The Labour MP Laura Pidcock has secured a Westminster Hall debate on Personal Independence Payments (PIP) next Wednesday (31 January). As debate is focusing on claimant experience, you can share your experiences of the PIP processs on the Twitter thread of Laura Pidcock at @LauraPidcockMP or email her :

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Jan 232018 Disability Rights Supreme Court bedroom tax winners taken back to court again WHEN Jayson and Charlotte Carmichael received the unanimous Supreme Court ruling that the bedroom tax, in their case, contravened their human rights, they thought this was an end to their mammoth four-year battle. It was a fight the Carmichaels felt they had… Continue Reading Vicious DWP Continue to Hound Disabled Bedroom Tax Victims

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Jan 232018

Please respond to the latest Office For Rail and Road consultation on Assisted travel. It is really important that they have as many responses as possible so the strength of public opinion cannot be ignored. That is why it is vital everyone responds as an individual or as a family to say they want staff… Continue Reading Please Respond to vital Consultation on Driver Only Operated Trains – by January 31st

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Jan 202018

Accessibility NHS IN CRISIS – FIX IT NOW EmergencyNHS Demonstration – Saturday 3 February The short march will assemble at 1:30pm outside Charing Cross Station. SHORT MARCH If disabled people do not wish to go on the full march, but wish to participate in the Short March, The Short March will be meeting at 1.30 pm Outside… Continue Reading March for the NHS February 3rd

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Jan 192018

At quarter to four this afternoon the Government sent PLP a letter confirming that they will not be appealing RF’s win at the High Court. This means that as of tomorrow – Regulation 2(4) from the 2017 Regulations is quashed and the original 2012 Regulation on planning and following a journey stands. The MH judgement… Continue Reading Breaking News – PIP legal challenge result stands

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Jan 152018

Have you experienced barriers to legal action re your Human rights? Please let me know If you have ever taken legal action regarding your rights under the Human Rights Act 1998 or if various barriers has prevented you from doing this, such as The lack of: ·        information about how the Human Rights Act 1998… Continue Reading Contributions for Human Rights Committee needed

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Jan 132018

        This is from a post sent to us asking us to make people aware of the issues Brighter Berkshire/Conservatives for Mental Health I am worried about labour politicians being co-opted into promoting Conservative mental health policy in mental health initiatives that have cross party support. There is metal health awareness campaign… Continue Reading Tory MentalHealth scam- warning

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Jan 132018

Whatever happened to free speech and freedom of opinion? It seems that this is something Tory MPs don’t believe in especially when it is a disabled person exercising those rights. Mick Hardy, a veteran disability rights campaigner from Norfolk, is being taken to court for shouting at Chloe Smith MP at the Norwich Pride Parade… Continue Reading No Right to Free Speech? Have we become a Fascist State?

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