Dec 112017

This guide has been produced by Winvisible with support from others. If your GP or support worker etc don’t know what to do this information should be passed onto them. Benefit assessments – exemption to protect ‘vulnerable’ patients There is a great deal of evidence about the profound distress which face-to-face assessments for disability benefits… Continue Reading Advice for Professionals re- exemptions for people facing assessments

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Dec 092017

DWP freefone numbers December 2017 Access to work 08001217479 Benefit enquiry line 08001690310 DLA adult and child 08001214600 DLA mobility 08001216379 DWP online help desk 08001690154 Induustrial Injuries Disabled benefit 08001218379 Jobcentre enquiry line 08001690190 Maternity Allowance enquiry line 08001690283 PIP enquiries 08001214433 Social Fund enquiries 08001690140 UC live service 0800 3289344 UC full service… Continue Reading New DWP Freephone Numbers – including UC numbers

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Dec 092017

Sarah Graham – Freelance Journalist #JournoRequest:Sarah wants to hear from disabled young adults (20-30ish) who are desperate to move out of their parents’ home but struggling to find the accessible housing they’d need to live independently. Perhaps you’d need certain adaptations that housing providers and private landlords aren’t prepared to make, or your local authority… Continue Reading Journalist looking for young disabled people

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Dec 082017

Work & Pensions Committee hears from specialist disability groups on the PIP and ESA assessments on Monday One of the big concerns the Committee has heard about DWP’s contracted PIP and ESA assessors is how their staff are qualified to assess the impact of multiple, serious and complex physical and mental health conditions on people’s lives, and how those… Continue Reading Monday: Committee hears from specialist disability groups on the PIP and ESA assessments

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Dec 082017

As people are likely to know Phillip Hammond is blaming disabled people being part of the UK workforce for lower productivity rates. This is without any evidence being provided to support this bollocks. So we’d like to reply to Phillip and let him know what we all think about this latest abuse. Please feel free… Continue Reading Our Response to Phillip Hammond

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Dec 062017

A  new resource to find help and advice in your area has been launched today. It’s by LASA, the charity which runs RightsNet and other services. The services it signposts you too are all vetted too. Just enter your postcode and ask it for the service you need.   Advicelocal

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Dec 052017

Many of the areas identified by the United Nations disability committee where regression of Disabled people’s rights are taking place are socio-economic. Section 1 of the Equality Act 2010 that has never been implemented would place a duty on all public bodies to assess the socio-economic impact of all policy decisions. This would add an… Continue Reading Action on Equality Rights – ask your MP to support the enforcement of section 1 of the Equality Act 2010

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Nov 302017

Difficulties accessing Universal Credit? Please let Al at Inclusion London know any difficulties you have had with accessing Universal Credit.  We will pass this information to the DWP who are now interested in making the application process for Universal Credit (UC) more accessible. Difficulties with accessing UC could include: A lack of accessible information about… Continue Reading Difficulties accessing Universal Credit?

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Nov 212017

On November 16 2017, during a  House of Lords debate on Universal Credit, Lord Shinkwin, who is himself disabled, accused MPs from the ‘hard left’ of scaremongering, and exaggerating the problems that Universal Credit is causing. We know that the problems are already very real, and directly impacting on disabled people. When Disabled people in… Continue Reading Universal Credit – have you had a bad experience? Let Lord Shinkwin know

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Nov 212017

NDEPENDENT LIVING CAMPAIGN CONFERENCE Saturday 25th November, 2017   11am – 4:30pm 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA The aim of the conference is to take stock of the key barriers to independent living that Disabled people who use adult social care services face. The day will aim to assess how far the situation has deteriorated… Continue Reading Independent Living Campaign Conference – November 25th

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Nov 182017

Thanks to Nick Dilworth who wrote this template letter You can follow him @Mylegalforum   [Your Address]   The Customer Complaints Manager [Address of your Employment & Support Allowance Office] *shown on your most recent correspondence from them   Date   Dear Sir / Madam, National Insurance No: Arrears of Employment & Support Allowance which… Continue Reading Template letter for claimants who may be affected and entitled to arrears of ESA

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Nov 172017

        Support the Budget Day Sack the Tories protests arranged by the People’s Assembly. Meet Downing Street, November 21st from 6pm- 7.30 pm. #SackTheTories – BUDGET DAY PROTEST Stop the Universal Credit Crisis – Stop Tax Avoidance – Fund Our NHS Day of action the night before the Budget November 21st… Continue Reading November 21st, London and nationwide #Sack The Tories Protests

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Nov 162017

The last chance to see the Resistance Exhibition in London before it goes around the country (Autumn 2018 and onwards). We’re delighted to be part of Makerversity’s Tools for Change, where makers have been creating imaginative protest materials. If you can make it down between Saturday 18 and Wednesday 23 November to Somerset House on… Continue Reading Resistance Exhibition

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Nov 162017

On the 22nd of November, the statistics of “excess winter deaths” from 2016 will be released. At the same time, Ofgem are considering details of their “safeguard” cap, which excludes many who need it most – see post about this here: Fuel Poverty Action believes next week would be a good opportunity to present Ofgem… Continue Reading Call out for help to lobby Ofgem againt exclusions from Safeguard Cap Protection

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Nov 142017

one of our members has written to Christian and if anyone else woudl liek to his email address is Dear Mr. Stevens (Tory Councillor for Horley, West Sussex), I watched your performance on BBC QT with shock and disgust. Your cognitive dissonance, delivered with such religious fervour, is as repulsive now as it was… Continue Reading Awaiting repsonse from Christian Horley – the death denying Tory on last week’s Question Time

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Nov 102017

Mon 13 November at 9 am is the deadline for responses to a proposed limited cap on energy prices. You may know that the government has for over a year been promising relief for people who pay the default “standard variable tariff” (SVT) – and who are getting ripped off as a result. Meanwhile prices… Continue Reading Hundreds of thousands of disabled people and young children in low income homes could be worse off without a fuel price cap – make your voice heard NOW!

Nov 062017

Dear friends and colleagues I am writing to invite you to the launch of the Austerity Campaign Action Pack, being developed by the Austerity Action Group formed by BASW following the Boot Out Austerity walk, with the support of the Social Workers Union. The flyer for the event is attached and I would be grateful if you could… Continue Reading Boot Out Austerity Marches On – Salford, 30 November

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Nov 042017

A statement in solidarity with the London Anarchist Bookfair Collective. From some friends of the Bookfair Please share a widely as possible. On Saturday 28th October the 2017 London Anarchist Bookfair took place in North London. As usual several thousand anarchists and fellow travellers from diverse tendencies attended, ran stalls, held meetings and other activities. The… Continue Reading London Anarchist Bookfair

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Nov 032017

DPAC received this letter a while ago. At first, it did not make sense. What was Swanee? Then, looking around, we started to make connections with words associated with swans and babies’s swans. UP THE SWANEE: Hello, you have reached the SWAN, kontroller of many Sicknets. Fancy a stay in one of our private mental… Continue Reading How is life in institutions for people with LD/MH issues?From the horse’s mouth (whistleblower)

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Nov 012017

A little later than planned is our second blog about Cygnet Health Care and what appears to be their shocking treatment and restraint regimes. The latter seems almost certainly to be illegal yet NHS England continues to have a £300 million deal with them. This couldn’t of course have anything to do with the fact… Continue Reading More about Cygnet Health Care – destroying lives

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Oct 282017

To confirm attendance please email  And with any information about any dietary and access requirements. There is parking outside and the nearest tube is Brixton. For more information about the venue see: There will be more detailed information including programme for the day, workshops and speakers list to follow after the National Disabled… Continue Reading #IndependentLiving  Independent Living Campaigns Conference 25th November 2017

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Oct 282017

By the kilburn Unemployed Workers GrouK The government has already closed 24 jobcentres since August this year. They plan to close a further 78 Jobcentres by April of 2018. 16 of these Jobcentres are in London. Poor people and people facing the biggest challenges need local jobcentres, not some superhub that they have to walk miles… Continue Reading Hands Off our Jobcentres – protest at DWP headquarters 6th Nov 3 – 4pm

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Oct 282017

It’s been reported that across the country disabled people are receiving threats from their local NHS service that they may have to be moved from living in their own homes to a residential setting due to newly capped funding.   I’m looking to speak to disabled people in this situation to raise awareness of the issue. Please note, it… Continue Reading Frances Ryan wants to speak to disabled people threatened to be moved to residential settings

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