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  1. Does anybody know how the income of a carer is affected by care costs? My County Coucil seem to want to keep it a secret. From what I have read you are allowed Basic Income Support + 25% +£17 for additional care expenses where I live. Information is contradictory and sparse. The Council give several examples on line but they are all of single people!

    First they do not define “Basic”. Does this mean Income Support for a disabled person + spouse or a non disabled person + spouse?
    Then while we are told the spouses income is not affected but Income Support for a couple takes into account the income of both members of a couple. If my income is taken into account I could never work again because the care costs would be sky high. Does anyone have any understanding of this?

  2. I was awarded indefinite DLA and SDA in 1999 but my claim for PIP failed. I am devastated, to receive SDA you have to be 80% disabled and if someone who’s 80% disabled is not eligible for PIP then something is seriously wrong.
    My letter told me my DLA will end on 17th January but it did not mention my SDA. Please can anyone tell me if I am to lose this too? I receive what used to be called income support which I think is now called something else that I can’t remember.

  3. Hi, I am on Esa, and DLA, my hubby is my Fulltime carer, and gets income support, it’s been a while since we heard from JOBCENTRE but its begun again.

    Hubby received a letter this week, it has me seriously concerned as hubby was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Brain Tumour and Brain Aneurysm, following repeated requests since 2008 when his Dad died of Brain Aneurysm. Then his daughter was diagnosed after 10 years of headaches, vomiting, sleeplessness etc…with 6cm Aneurysm originally diagnosed as Tumour by Ipswich…luckily the craniotomy was cancelled when Adenbrooks classified it correctly, 10 operation has reduced risk for her down from 95 to 60% chance of rupture.

    Will they disallow him to be my carer, or what should we be aware of…anything like this sends me on to the anxiety train…I have mobility issues, use wheelchair, am adult with Autism and renal failure.

    I was set up by ATOS, 6 times in 22 months…for home interviews with lying assessors, who failed to show up…then reported I walked around my home? Or, reported not home as went to wrong address?

    We cannot go thru another 36 months of hell, for possibly 18 months of scraping by quietly! Hubby has lost 6 stone due to cancer, car accident and constant stress of all this.

    Any advice would be great, the date can be fitted into the calendar, but in complicates things…especially Haematology Oncology Appointments as he is never well following them…I care for him as much as he cares for me. We’re scared to try and change it.

  4. I’d like to send you a document relevant to your UN complaint, in case if you haven’t seen it. Please give me an email address so that I can send an attachment.

  5. Hi I was assessed for ESA from incapacity two years ago and was awarded 0 points on appeal I was placed in the support group on 39 points.They have now set me a new book/form to fill out.Do I have to fill it in or could I just ignore it?
    many thanks Ian

    • Hello Ian, I am afraid you do have to fill it in, unlike Incapacity Benefit, on ESA they will do reassessments and you do have to go through with it unfortunately or your benefit is likely to be affected.

    • Hi Ian, I would make or get copy for your records. I keep copies of everything, including Dr’s notes, appointments for All involved.

      If you GP can help, ask them to. Mine, I makes notes on my Records every visit/call or letter about Stress levels, weight etc plus in my notes their causes, DWP/ATOS/HealthCare Proffessionals or Assessors.

      So, if I have to see Tribunials I can prove history of Anxiety and conditions exacerbated by any of DWP and its Agents. As adult with diagnosis of Autism, NHS is NOT comissioned to offer me mental health support, or treatment! Have it in writing.

      As adult with Autism, Mobility issues, Chronic Pain, Renal Failure or just coping with fact my Husband and full time carer with Stage 3, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Brain Aneurysm and Brain Tumour not dying instantly…My household doesn’t need the constant Harrassment by DWP or its hired Agents.

      Always, good Idea to make copies, for your records… Request Subject Access Request or SAR from DWP, you can see and hear ALL conversations, claims and records they hold on you.

      Good luck

      • i agree, it is totally worth mentioning that your anxiety, stress levels are on the up and making sure that the dwp are aware of this, keeping a daily diary of moods, what happened when and time is also helpfull and how it left you feeling, retrospect if this is serious enough pass the information onto a mp as well so that it is logged with them and they may even discuss this with you,lets face it there is a questionable issue over trust and it is pretty obvious by there style of operating that there should be a overriding investigation that is independant of all into there activities similiar to how trusts operate when complaints are made against staff in a nhs enviroment.

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