Nov 282013


Please sign our petition calling for

Lord Nash and the Govt to put back

the guidance on Inclusive Education

into the SEN Code Practice

The Government are threatening to turn back the clock for disabled children and young people with SEN by placing them back into special schools – BREAKING AN ELECTION PROMISE to parents who were told by David Cameron that he would do all that he could to help parents who want their children included in mainstream. Disabled people know through experience that segregated education does not work if we want to live together in society as respected adults.

The Government have removed all the guidance for Local Authorities and schools on inclusive education in their revised SEN Code of Practice which accompanies the new Children and Families Bill. The Guidance helps schools to do inclusion well.

WE KNOW INCLUSION WORKS, enabling thousands of disabled children to access a mainstream education where they can learn, make friends and feel they belong in their local communities – something which is impossible in even the best resourced special schools. Removing this guidance will waste over 20 years of painstaking development in the field of inclusion, leaving the coast clear for the rapid expansion of separate and privatised schools and colleges which is already underway. Parents will lose confidence in the ability of the mainstream to make safe and appropriate arrangements for their children and young people, and will feel they have no option but to accept segregation.

We must stop them now!

Lord Nash has responsibility for steering The Bill and the Code through the House of Lords where amendments can still be made before the final vote. ALLFIE has been trying to get a meeting with Lord Nash but he has either ignored or denied our requests – our patience has now run out! Let us take thousands of signatures to Lord Nash on the 10th December and show him that we will not accept a return to the mistakes of the past which are now threatening a whole new generation of young disabled people and those with Special Educational Needs.

PLEASE Sign the petition and say NO RETURN TO SEGREGATION!

Lord Nash, Department for Education: Government must put back all the guidance on Inclusive Education in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice so Schools and College can be better at including disabled children and young people<>
Once you have signed it please forward to all of your networks.

Alliance for Inclusive Education

Aug 142012

Like millions across the UK, I was inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games. I decided I wanted to take family to the Paralympics to sample the once in a lifetime showcase of disabled sport in London.

I am a wheelchair user, with a four-year-old autistic son and a nineteen-month-old baby. Naturally we wanted to sit together and, particularly as it’s the Paralympics, I assumed there would be adequate provision for this to happen. I was stunned to hear that there was no way that this could happen as there is a policy that wheelchair users can only be accompanied by one other person.

I cannot believe that this event, designed to inspire a new generation of athletes, has a discriminatory ticketing policy. It’s essential that my husband sits with me as he helps me with things I need to do and clearly my kids can’t sit separately. Quite apart from these practical considerations, I want to share this special occasion with my family, but I’m being prevented from doing so just because I am in a wheelchair.

Please join my campaign to get the organisers of the Paralympics to change this ticketing policy for these and future Games – so every family may share the Paralympics together.

petition here

Feb 272011

We were asked to help stop the deportation of Peter Gichura. Having met Peter at several events, I can vouch that he has been a great presence at many disability rights/equality events and we should help him – so please sign the petition.

Thank you so much for signing the petition to stop the deportation of Peter Gichura, the Kenyan disability rights activist, who was scheduled for deportation last Monday. The good news is that Peter’s solicitor filed an injunction and judicial review, which temporarily delayed the deportation – so Peter is still in London, and still volunteering, supporting fellow disabled Londoners 3 days a week.
However, the situation is still critical, and deportation is a real and urgent threat. We have over 970 signatures on the petition – please can you help us break through the one thousand mark, by sharing the link by email, facebook, twitter, with even more of your friends? We keep Peter’s MP and solicitor up to date with the totals, so it really helps.

Thank you to everyone who has done so much already – here is a personal message from Peter (he would email you himself, but he doesn’t have regular access to internet at the moment, so as Peter’s friend I’m just helping out..)
“Thank you friends – you have gone the extra mile in my time of need. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the love and support that has been shown me, by so many – those of you who know me, and those of you who don’t. All of you have a special place in my heart. Your support gives me hope and strength.”
Other things you can do:

Like our page on Facebook –
Leave messages of support for Peter -by leaving a message on the Facebook page above.
Blog, tweet, talk, get the message out there – see this great blog by Jody McIntyre on the Independent here:

If everyone gets just two more people to sign the petition, we will triple our already fantastic response.
Assante Sana (“thanks very much” in Swahili) from Peter and from all of us campaigning to stop his deportation.

from Lee Webster