Jun 232012

Atos Origin have been a “Contributing Factor” in several disabled peoples suicides, they are paid to dehumanise and demoralise disabled people with their “Work Capability Assessments.” They are not Specialists….. Many have been proven Not to be properly qualified……..SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!!!!!

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  19 Responses to “New Petition against ATOS ORIGIN!”

  1. atos hold all the cards they took me out of supported esa and put me into works related group not because of a change in my health but because my timelimit ran out my condition has got a lot worse since first diagnosis how can this be in the 21 century but now they put me in the works related group surely that means I am fit for work however I am unable to sign on jobseekers because no one will employ me ? they are raising the suicide rate because we have no where else to go this government say they support the family hahaha another stich I needattending too now damn so frustrated

  2. Anyone who missed the Hitler program last night on channel 4 needs to watch it ASAP

    Two-part drama tracing the young, developing mind of a burgeoning madman, following Hitler through his formative years

    It was in two parts episode one was last Sunday both need to be watched as you get a good likeness of what was then and now

    you will clearly see that those that were comfortable in life just like today were completely indifferent to the suffering that went on and carried on with their lives as normal while death and destruction went on all around them in secret

    A very chilling program IDS and his friends the BBC also like to turn a blind eye to any event where the sick and disabled are concerned as to be caught out broadcasting any event would lead the government to their downfall

    It only takes one persons abuse or death to trigger a panic in the government

    As it stands now the DWP just blame the claimant for not supplying the correct information with regards their health

    How a judge would see that however remains to be seen

    If i were the prime minister i would ask the police to track down all of those that were responsible for any death involving negligence i would also broadcast a party political broadcast telling the public what to do in the event of a wrong DWP/ATOS decision being made with a special hotline set up to deal with these errors so that all concerned were kept in the loop

    as prime minister i would take time out and make sure all was well and court punishment for all who were found guilty of negligence weather a death had occurred or not i would be taking control showing true leadership qualities of which this country has never seen

    this would ensure that the public felt safe at all times’ yes errors can be made but personally i don’t do errors where people lives are concerned I’m all about justice first second and third

    Hitler went on conning all of the German people including all of the mp’s across the whole of their government and by the time they found out it was to late so we need to be mindful of what can happen when you take your eye of the ball

  3. how can atos be responsible for over 90 % telling people they are fit for work only for the appeals service to overturn and award points that atos miss again and again and again ??? who employes these atos medical experts and why if they will not take your doctors word for your condition demand a sick note to continue payment ? it makes no sense if they put you in wwrags group works related activity group you aren’t entitled to jobseekers allowance and the places designed to get you back into work even tho we are still disabled igneous naming one company receive over £3000 sterling for you getting yourself back to work ??

  4. It is sad that the sick are attacked like this when our country can afford to pay £1 billion a day to be a member of the EU.

    Two more petitions here:



  5. shocked to see my benefit cut. I have mental health issues. I was assessed by someone who was not a psychiatrist. struggled to attend. was struggling to breathe. the person was patronising and speaking like a robot to rush me out. I was desperate. I realised after I left my fingers were bleeding for the way I was scratching my own hands in panic. this is adding insult to injustice. once again, patients are bullied and discriminated. if this is what we get for the enormity of taxes we pay…

  6. My name is Mia, I am a reporter for the South London Press. I think this is a really important issue that I’ve been interested in covering for a long time. I’ve got a lot of official info on Atos but I want to speak to someone who has actually been affected, rather than just churning out facts and figures. Is there anyone who is from (or knows someone from) south east London that would be willing to talk to me about their benefit cuts/issues with Atos? Does not have to appear in the paper if you don’t want – I’d just be grateful if someone would be able to give me some more personal detail on the matter.

    My email address is miadegraaflondon@gmail.com



  7. This has been a disgrace for a while now, my dad is terminaly ill and he was refused the first time, until his dr stepped in, I was on DLA, high level etc, for 8yrs and when I had to go for renew on my claim, I was turned down flat, I must have had a miricle recovery from my illness……. I did go back to work and now I’m back on the sick and have been for 4months, and still have another 4 mths to go, I have reapplied again, but I wont hold my breath, … they should have medical Drs etc on this not total, idiots who dont understand anything thats in medical jargon, but as i say there is karma, what goes around comes around, and god forbid that these people, will become ill and they have to apply, just like us ……..and they too will be turned down oh well…..grumble over

  8. We should all organize ourselves and apply for asylum en masse at one or more of the western embassies in London, claiming that if we stay here, our government will kill us!

  9. They are Nazis without any care in their hearts for the weak or disabled. They will build gas chambers for us as they did in Germany. It is the same type of people in power. They want rid of us. It won’t only be the mentally sick or physically injured who will get gassed to death. They will kill our elderly and kill anyone who stands up to them such as trade unionists and socialists. ATOS is a criminal gang company and needs to be stopped in its tracks. Why should we just wait in line to be culled by these bastards. First they came for the mentally sick and no one did anything…………… in the end they came for me and there was no one left to defend me. Let there be no doubt about what these jackals have in mind for us all. They want a slave labour society. If you don’t work they will just kill you. Think for the first time in your life of revolution. It happened in 1917 in Russia. That revolution was betrayed. Let us not be without hope and let us join the rebel lines and fight for our country and people against the monsters who rule over us.

  10. I cant believe this Government would stoop so low as to pick on people with Disabilities, They dont live in the real world they are rich people. I makes me so angry!!!!!

  11. Its all about lining the pockets of the very rich, they dont want to spend what they think is somehow ‘their’ money on us. Meanwhile we suffer, get sicker, starve and are made homeless. They have sold their souls to the highest bidders and walk around without conscious.

  12. I refer to my recent article about lobbying government contractors.These measures work and should be undertaken.Many suggest that 38 degrees is a channel which is well established for lobbying.Clearly its about right wing unproven ideas for social reengineering the poor and preserving the rich with no economic benefit to society.Clearly as part of the governments oath of office they pledge to look after the poor and vunerable.Technically if they don’t they maybe in a position where the opposition can call a vote of no confidence.This the liberals have indicated as a possibility.

    I cannot support or trust this government in anyway clearly the PM is unelected,lives off the state in a council house where he owns property elsewhere.Whilst the chanceller also lives in a council house on the state where his income exceeds 100 k per year.

    If you think Syria is bad wait to see the future of the UK under the radiacal looney right

  13. I think it is a shame to terrorise the vulnerable and physically impaired by employing a company that clearly has no empathy with people’s issues and problem It is not right and if it was on your doorsteps you would think twice

  14. I think it is disgraceful and I am very much against the Work Capability Assessment.


  16. as joe says but i would go further fining atos before they go ,this tory goverment is trying to privitise our nhs by the back door and should be stopped before they kill that and all chuck all these companies out of britain unum cerco atos and more waiting in the wings to jump on the band wagon these torys are making for their freinds when will it end as more each day pass away with this firm called atos jeff3

    • Oh, how we need a big hitter. It would stir things up if the Labour leadership was brave enough to take this role.Ed Miliband has to be listened to, and we know how a strong intervention from him would be treated. But that would also be a great opportunity to address all the lies put out by the corporate media.
      It isn’t really difficult-there’s plenty of untapped wealth in this country to pay down the deficit without resorting to any cuts, least of all those cuts which are killing people.

  17. yes a big hitter who will show this nazi goverment up for what they are, an uncaring bunch of millonaires who im all right jack.

  18. Whilst I support, and will sign, the petition, I think it needs to go further. ATOS being shut down will not end the way the so-called WCAs are conducted; they will almost certainly be replaced by another such company, happy to get paid hundreds of millions, to deliver what the government want. We all know that the assessments have nothing at all to do with Work Capability – the majority of questions, if not all, have no direct relevence to anybody’s ability (or capability) to work – they are dehumanising, demoralising, humiliating, inhumane, unfair, innacurately recorded, destructive.

    DPAC are a genuine lifeline, giving hope. Most, if not all of us, have criticized Steve ‘sold my soul’ Cram for him condoning ATOS, via his Olympic ambassadorail role, but where is OUR big name? We need a Steve Cram-equivalent, somebody who is well-known, and easily recognzed to promote our experiences/our struggles/our injusticies, to promote that WE are not second-class citizens, that WE are individuals who matter and do, or have, conrtibuted to the well-being of our nation, and that this selectiveness is not acceptable. WE need a voice that is being heard throughout the UK.

    Apart from ourselves, in my opinion, nobody is hearing what we are saying, or really interested in what is happening to the lives of those with long-term illnesses, disabilities, those with mental health issues. We need a national body/individual to take up our campaign, to appear on Radio 2,4,5Live, Newsnight, the National News, all Daily papers etc – there must be a Body/individual out there that will take this on board. I watched the Paper reviews last night, and heard them say (whilst discussing the latest attack on the Big Society) that the Cuts haven’t really started yet, that nobody has really been affected. Yet, WE know about the suicides but, in the mediums, the benfit fraudsters get the headlines, barely any real effective jounalism covers the suicides. WE know about individuals losing some, or all of benefits, resulting in an increase in self-harm, suicide, homelessness, potential homelessness, increased depression.

    I am a great supporter of Andy Burnham (before leaving the Labour Party, I voted for him to be the Labour Party leader), but he is a politician and, because the benfit cuts are still generally popular amongst the vast majority of people in the UK, he isn’t saying things as they are – nobody in the Labour Party appears to be.

    In addition, those cuts that haven’t yet been introduced (eg PIPs, universal benefits) are causing lots of people to be scared, afraid, full of fear and anxiety – this governement is happy to attack anything to do with benefits because, presumably, the perception is that everybody on benefits is considered to be lazy, idle, work-dodgers, not “strivers” (whatever that is supposed to mean) etc etc. It’s easy to be populist and, therefore, WE are currently an easy target..

    My anger has been at the surface for some time, but my anger is achieving nothing. Individual successes are welcome, but the overwhelming majority of those with illnesses, disabilities, mental health issues are isolated, lonely, victimised (by this and the previous government), targetted, and losing income, dignity, self-respect and self-esteem.

    I urge a big name out there, somebody with a conscience, to take our message, the DPAC message to the wider public.

    Joe Kaliszczak, Bury, Lancashire

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