Oct 272017

BBC Sunday Politics South East is making a news piece about the closure of Jobcentres. From next March people in the Whitstable and Herne Bay areas will have to travel to Canterbury, which can take up to an hour on public transport and cost up to £6.70. The BBC are looking for an individual or family… Continue Reading The BBC is looking for people affected by the closure of Jobcentres around Canterbury

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Oct 272017

Please send your experience of the ESA or PIP assessment or your experience of waiting for an assessment to Henrietta.Doyle@inclusionlondon.org.uk by the 8 November.   Suggestions to improve the assessment process are also welcome. Inclusion London will be sending written evidence to the Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry into PIP and ESA assessments and your evidence will… Continue Reading Tell us your experience of assessment process for ESA or PIP

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Oct 252017

We know that Universal credit is a mess, but what about HMRC’s Real Time Information system ? The following contribution from Stephen Timms based on a Freedom of Information request is very interesting. It seems that over 5% of payments to individuals by HMRC were reported being paid late.  HMRC does not monitor the missing or incorrect… Continue Reading We know that Universal credit is a mess, but what about HMRC Real Time Information system?

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Oct 182017

The BBC is calling for Universal Credit claimants to share their stories. The contact details can be found on their website. If you are currently claiming (or have previously claimed) Universal Credit, please consider  sharing your story. Please share this with friends and family; the more people speak out against this fiasco, and take a… Continue Reading UC claimants – share your story

Oct 162017

This is the first in our series of articles about Cygnet Health Care owned by yet another abominable US corporation, US Universal Health Services. This blog by Finola Moss tells how this corporation has taken over the private ownership of a very large portion of our MH services and now rakes in profits from the… Continue Reading Loads of money to be made abusing disabled people

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Oct 132017

National Disabled People’s Summit Saturday 4 November 2017; 11am – 4.30pm NUT headquarters, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9BD Since 2010 Disabled people have been subject to brutal attacks in every area of our lives caused by the disproportionate impact of austerity measures and the dismantling of the welfare system. In August… Continue Reading National Disabled People’s Summit

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Oct 122017

Draft transport accessibility action plan consultation  Although there are many issues that need to be raised in this consultation one important aspect is the loss of guards on trains which will make travelling by rail even more arduous for disabled people than it already is. As we well know, guards and station staff are absolutely… Continue Reading Important Government Consultation on Transport -reply by November 15th

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Oct 102017

Many Local Authorities have now started to ask people to contribute part or most of their DLA or PIP towards the cost of their community care. We believe this may be illegal, especially if they are asking for all of higher rate DLA and PIP and need to hear from anyone in this situation. If… Continue Reading Is your Local Authority asking you to pay DLA or enhanced rate of PIP towards care?

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Oct 092017

Liberty’s Human Rights Awards Liberty has today announced the shortlist for its 2017 Human Rights Awards – nominated by the public. Comedian Jeremy Hardy will host this year’s event on 24 October at London’s Royal Court Theatre – and will introduce a new Courageous Voice award, honouring those who have taking bold action to stand… Continue Reading DPAC’s work to give disabled people a voice recognised

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Oct 092017

Urgent! Adjournment debate on 12th October on Upholding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  UNCRPD to be debated in Parliament this Thursday – ask your MP to attend An adjournment debate has been secured by Deirdre Brock MP for Thursday 12 October in the main chamber on Upholding Disabled people’s… Continue Reading Urgent! Adjournment debate 12th October on Upholding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Oct 082017

https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Universal-Credit-transitional-protection/How-long-will-I-get-Universal-Credit-transitional#guide-content What is Universal Credit (UC) transitional protection? Transitional Protection is an extra ‘transitional’ amount which tops up your Universal Credit award so that you are not worse off when you move onto Universal Credit. Transitional Protection is only for some people and it is not available to anybody yet. People who are claiming Universal Credit… Continue Reading What is Universal Credit Transitional Protection

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Oct 072017

The DWP has published the long awaited guidance on Reassessments for claimants with the most severe and lifelong conditions, with the applicable criteria. This will only apply to claimants in the Support Group or under UC who have been found to have Limited Work Related Activity capability.  As with any decision which is discretionary, there… Continue Reading DWP’s Criteria and guidance on WCA reassessments

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Oct 062017

David Gauke the latest in a long line of ministers of state for DWP this week refused to halt the roll out of Universal Credit despite warnings from many credible sources including his own backbenchers that it was a disaster in waiting. As the roll out of Universal Credit proceeds more and more disabled people… Continue Reading Daylight Robbery – Most severely disabled people will lose £78.35 pw from Universal Credit

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Oct 032017

The Mirror are calling for people to share their experiences of Universal Credit. The government intends to increase the amount of job centres administering the benefit despite the numerous problems; an inbuilt delay of 42 days for the first payment, rising rent arrears and soaring food bank usage. No fewer than 15 conservative MPs have… Continue Reading Universal Credit: share your stories

Oct 032017

Re-blogged from Morning Star http://www.morningstaronline. co.uk/a-51df-Disabled- activist-violently-dragged- out-of-Rees-Mogg-talk#. WdMZeFuPJdg Disabled activist ‘violently dragged out of Rees-Mogg talk’ Tuesday 3rd Oct 2017 ANTI-AUSTERITY protesters were violently evicted from a public meeting attended by Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg yesterday. One of the activists, who is disabled, alleged to the Star he was “slapped in the face” by a… Continue Reading More Violence Against Disabled Activists at Tory Party Conference

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Oct 032017

You can tweet these pictures during the Tory conference. The conference hashtag is included and you can add your own text.  The burning issue right now is Universal Credit, but we all know the problems encountered with the Work Capability Assessment, PIP, sanctions, social care, the bedroom tax etc. The list is too long to… Continue Reading Tory conference 2017 #CPC17 Cutting the welfare bill one death at the time

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Oct 022017

At the People’s Assembly march in Manchester having allowed people into the official protest area at the Tory party Conference yesterday the police then proceeded to kettle them. DPAC activists then blocked a tram line in protest at what they saw as an unfair move by the scores of extra police who had been drafted… Continue Reading Disabled People and elderly man supposedly threaten the Tories at Conference

Sep 292017

Please send details of your experiences to Work & Pensions Committee by November 10th. You don’t need to address all of the questions just any that are relevant. Please note we do not want you to send this information to us but directly to the Committee.  Committee launches new inquiry into PIP and ESA assessments … Continue Reading Work & Pensions Committee- new inquiry into PIP and ESA assessments

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Sep 292017

Many thanks to Inclusion London for this useful analysis. The Court of Appeal’s decision in the Davey case: what it means for DDPOs and Disabled people Luke’s appeal was dismissed.  This is a devastating outcome for him as he won’t only be stuck at home with minimal support he also risks losing his support team,… Continue Reading The Implications of Luke Davey vs Oxfordshire County Council case

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Sep 262017

Inclusion London is involved in a piece of research being carried out by a student at the University of Essex into the impact of conditionality and sanctions on Disabled people in the Employment and Support Alliance (ESA) Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). With the Government about to roll out proposals that will extend conditionality to… Continue Reading Important Research by Inclusion London. Can you help with this?

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Sep 252017

Universal Credit  – what is your experience? Please send me you experience of Universal Credit. This could include your experience of the application process, the impact of being paid a month in arrears and there being no payment for the first seven days or any other information you would like to give.  Please send it… Continue Reading Evidence needed on Universal Credit. Deadline October 10th

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Sep 252017

Frances Ryan is writing a book about disability and austerity and is looking to speak to a disabled man who is affected by fuel poverty and unable to afford to keep their home heated in winter. She would only need to use your first name but if you can help please contact her directly at… Continue Reading Are you Affected by Fuel Poverty and Willing to Speak Out?

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Sep 252017

Disabled People Against Cuts and Black Triangle Campaign are horrified to find that so-called Labour MP and Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee Frank Field has put forward the suggestion that disabled people do not deserve to earn the living wage and argues that they are less productive than non-disabled people. These comments… Continue Reading Frank Field says Disabled People are Worth Less

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Sep 252017

reposted from OCAP and signed up to by DPAC The Neoliberal Danger of Basic Income Posted on September 18, 2017 Statement for endorsement: We have drawn up the following statement on basic income (BI). It makes the case that, progressive hopes to the contrary notwithstanding, BI is being developed as a measure of neoliberal attack that should… Continue Reading Why DPAC has concerns about a neo-Liberal Basic Income

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