Sep 142017

by Jenny Tsiropoulou A petite boy called Diogenes has both of his hands tied with belts to his bed. Mary is 12 years old and has spent her entire life locked up in an empty room without ever seeing the sunlight. Others play inside cages; 2m-long bed-cages with wooden bars. They have never left this… Continue Reading “They could laugh and talk; they could have a life!”

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Sep 142017

As Manchester is set to be even more locked down by police and snipers than in previous years that they have hosted the Tory Party Conference we think the only way to directly disrupt the proceedings is via a wall of noise. Thanks to Manchester DPAC members for organising this. Theresa May: Human Catastrophe Wednesday… Continue Reading Tory Party Conference Manchester DPAC Protest details

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Sep 122017

Can anyone get to this?Please email us at if you can. Mr Alan Barham  Print page Profession: Paramedic Registration Number: PA27031 Hearing type: Final Hearing Date and Time of hearing:10:00 18/09/2017 End: 17:00 21/09/2017 Location: Health and Care Professions Council, 405 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4PT Panel: Conduct and Competence Committee Outcome: Hearing has not yet been held  Allegation Finding Order Notes Hearing history Whilst registered… Continue Reading Disability Assessor Hearing September 18th-21st, London

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Sep 122017

3 weeks after the UN described the treatment of disabled people as a ‘human catastrophe’, the UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has still not made a statement or acknowledged the human cost that disabled people paid since 2010 under the pretext of ‘austerity’. It is astonishing as Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell always supported… Continue Reading Ask Jeremy Corbyn to break his silence over UN criticism of the UK treatment of disabled people

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Sep 042017

Last Friday the Appeal Court handed down their judgement in the Davey vs Oxfordshire Council case and in short said that a Judicial Review process wasn’t the right place to argue against cuts to care funding. Where that leaves disabled people who face cuts to their funding we have no idea or where such cuts… Continue Reading An Individual View of the Luke Davey Appeal Court case

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Sep 042017

  CRPD/C/GBR/CO/1 Advance unedited version Distr.: General 29 August 2017   Original: English English, Russian and Spanish only Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Concluding observations on the initial report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland* Introduction The Committee considered the initial report of the United Kingdom of Great… Continue Reading Concluding Observations from UN periodic review of UK

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Sep 042017

Press release – A ‘human catastrophe’ – New UN condemnation for UK disability rights record DDPOs PRESS RELEASE 31st AUGUST 2017   A ‘human catastrophe’ – New UN condemnation for UK human rights record The UK Government’s claim to be a ‘world leader in disability issues’ has today been crushed by the UN Committee on… Continue Reading Press release – A ‘human catastrophe’ – New UN condemnation for UK disability rights record

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Aug 312017

The UK Government’s claim to be a ‘world leader in disability issues’ has today been crushed by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Committee has released damning Concluding Observations on the UK, following its first Review of the government’s compliance with the Convention.   The highlights of the press conference… Continue Reading A ‘human catastrophe’ – New UN condemnation for UK human rights record

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Aug 312017

Place: Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL Time: 10.30am Date: Friday 1 September 2017   Tomorrow, 1 September, the Court of Appeal will deliver its judgement in the a case of R (on the application of Davey) v Oxfordshire County Council).  This is the first case under the Care Act 2014 to reach… Continue Reading Tomorrow the Court of Appeal will deliver its judgement in the case of a Disabled Man whose support has been slashed, while the UN again criticises the UK over violations to Disabled people’s rights

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Aug 312017

This is really important. When the Remploy factories were closed, the government promised to look after the disabled people who worked there, and a fund was set up for them. What happened to them? How many were given another job?   You can tell your story to the BBC.  Read below:   I’m doing some… Continue Reading What happened to disabled people working in Remploy factories, since their closure in 2013?

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Aug 282017 Disabled people and their concerns can no longer be ignored ELLEN CLIFFORD and ANITA BELLOWS report on how disability rights activists brought evidence of the Tories’ savage policies to the United Nations Thursday 24th Aug 2017 DEAF and disabled people’s organisations from across Britain have come together this week to give evidence about Westminster’s continuing… Continue Reading Our trip to Geneva -reblogged from Morning Star

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Aug 262017

UN Perioidic review of UK Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities reviews report of the United Kingdom GENEVA (24 August 2017) – The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities today concluded its consideration of the initial report of the United Kingdom on its implementation of the Convention on the Rights… Continue Reading UN press release re-periodic reviewof UK

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Aug 212017

The UK government will be up in front of the UN Disability Committee next week on the 23 and 24 August answering questions on how far the UK Government is protecting and upholding the rights of Disabled people.   Photo: ROFA Delegates in Geneva earlier this year Holding this government to account – Inclusion London and Reclaiming… Continue Reading Holding UK government to account – Giving evidence to the UN Disability Committee in Geneva

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Aug 152017

Many claimants will be aware that with Universal Credit there are 7 waiting days when claiming , well some good news is that there are some exceptions. While this is going to be quite daunting for many, there are small things which will help existing IR ESA ,JSA,IS claimants.     Exceptions 5 A person… Continue Reading Universal Credit-Waiting Days Exceptions

Aug 122017

Reblogged from UNITE LIVE If you are appalled at the treatment of the Co-op disabled employees, you can tell them on Twitter at @coopuk HGV drivers employed by the Co-op at its West Thurrock distribution depot have begun balloting for industrial action over the ‘appalling treatment’ of their disabled colleagues. The workers, who are… Continue Reading Appalling treatment of disabled employees by The Co-op

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Aug 092017

Calling all Disabled people and DDPOs – join us for an “Independent Living Care Act” vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice,  Strand, London WC2A 2LL on Thursday the 17th of August at 9.15 am. On the 17th of August the Court of Appeal will hear the case of Davey v Oxfordshire County Council.  This is a first case… Continue Reading Vital Case for Independent Living – Vigil and Court of Appeal hearing August 17th

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Aug 062017

If you’ve been sanctioned after being found fit for work, please get in touch with Frances Ryan (@DrFrancesRyan , Guardian journalist), She is looking for a severely disabled person who has been recently (within the last 2 years) found fit for work after having a Work Capability Assessment. and who has been sanctioned. As it… Continue Reading ‘If you’ve been sanctioned after being found fit for work, please get in touch.’

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Aug 012017

  The Chronic Illness Inclusion Project is a new research project aiming to capture the views, needs and aspirations of people with chronic illness. Sign up to get involved. In the longer term our ambition is to grow into a user-led organisation. A new project aims to give a voice to people with chronic illnesses that get… Continue Reading Join the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project

Jul 272017

INVITATION: from the Office for Disability Issues   The UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Periodic examination live streaming. The Office for Disability Issues would like to invite you to attend this event, where you will be able to watch the live streaming of the face to face dialogue between the UN… Continue Reading ODI live streaming of Periodic examination of the UK by UN Disability Committee

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Jul 252017

New report calls UK Government to account over harmful Nuclear Weapons dependence   A new international treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons, agreed by 122 countries on the 7 July 2017, re-opens questions about Britain’s continued possession of nuclear weapons. Despite claiming to want a world without nuclear weapons, by boycotting the treaty negotiations, the UK… Continue Reading This is why we should scrap Trident and spend the money saved on more important things

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Jul 242017

Please watch the video: DPAC began the fight back against the Tory/DUP minority government after the General Election in June with a week of action called #SummerOfDiscontent on14-21 July 2017 to highlight the impact of the Atos PIP assessments on disabled people’s lives and appalling impact of social care cuts and the lack of accessible… Continue Reading DPAC Week of Action 14-21 July 2017. #SummerOfDiscontent #CutsKill photos and video included

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Jul 242017

URGENT: Save disabled prisoner Tom McMeekin from death by institutional neglect!   Please sign the petition for Tom McMeekin Justice for vulnerable prisoners by his mother Susan Goodwill. Tom McMeekin is 23 and severely disabled. He was paralysed from the neck down after a car crash.In October 2016 he was sentenced to seven years in… Continue Reading Disabled Prisoner is Subjected to Abusive Lif-threatening Treatment

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Jul 192017

Thank you to Gail Ward who put this together. You can read her blog here and follow her on twitter at @blueannoyed   In the last few days it has been widely reported by various bloggers that those disabled claimants claiming Universal Credit are subjected to finding a job within two years or face a 1… Continue Reading The 2 year job rule for disabled people on Universal Credit is not true!

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Jul 192017

Today, DPAC went to Parliament to lobby MPs about the funding of social care and independent living as part of their Week of Action The funding crisis in social care is having a very real and detrimental impact on Disabled people’s ability to live and take part in the community and the gap between the… Continue Reading Week of Action: DPAC occupies Parliament lobby area to protest against social care funding cuts

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Jul 182017

Social care was one of the defining issues of the general election but the vast majority of coverage concentrated on funding for elderly care as opposed to independent living for Disabled people.  However, this year for the first time, the needs of disabled young people and people with mental health support needs have been identified… Continue Reading Call on government to act urgently on independent living/social care funding for disabled pple

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