Mar 242011

We got the chance of trying out our new DPAC banner today at the Budget Day protest rally from Trafalgar Sq to Downing St organised by Right to Work and Coalition of Resistance. This is supported by Stop the War, Labour Representation Committee, CND & DPAC.

When we arrived at Trafalgar Sq there was already a good number of people with banners and placards. Some of our fellow activists from the Atos demo were also there. At just a little after 5, we set off – it gave us a fore taste of what it might be like in 3 days time but obviously it was a short route and there were not that many of us. It made me realise that I cannot hold up a banner, drive a wheelchair and tweet at the same time!

At Trafalgar Sq with DPAC new banner

We were told that the Tories hid from the protestors that morning and did not turn up – they cancelled. What does that say to us?

We heard a few speeches, I gave mine – we all took photos and networked and went our separate ways fired up for the big day on Saturday.

Photos are at DPAC Flickr.

—–Eleanor Lisney

Mar 232011

On Budget Day, 23 March, Right to Work is calling for nationwide protests against Osborne’s cuts and to build for 26 March. DPAC will be attending.

In London Right to Work and the Coalition of Resistance are jointly organising a protest – assemble 5pm Trafalgar Square to march to rally outside Downing Street.

Pass the following motion in your anti-cuts group, trade union branch, campaign group:

“We believe that ordinary people should not have to pay for a crisis caused by the bankers and the corporate hyenas. We reject Osborne, Cameron and Clegg’s austerity programme and cuts.

Accordingly on Budget Day, 23 March, we agree to sponsor and support the protest called by the Right to Work Campaign and the Coalition of Resistance – assemble 5pm in Trafalgar Square for a march to a rally opposite Downing Street.

This protest will be used to help publicise the TUC demonstration on the following Saturday.”