Jul 092019

Have you (or someone you care for) had 3rd party deductions taken directly from your/their Benefit?  (eg For Gas, Water, Electric, Rent or Council Tax)

Has it caused financial hardship?

Was it taken without consent?

Did you try to fight against it?

Not only could the amount taken have been wrong – but the amount taken for arrears is often many times higher than a court would impose.  

The scheme that allows these deductions is currently not fit for purpose and a team of solicitors agree that the scheme could be unlawful in a number of ways.

I am looking for some co-claimants to join me in having the scheme ‘taken to court’ – This could not only result in many thousands of people across the country being better off financially – but it would also hold the Government and the DWP to account and give benefit claimants back some power, rights and dignity.

If you qualify for Benefits you should qualify for Legal Aid but if you don’t we would not ask you to continue.

If you would like to be part of fighting back and helping others – Please send a message to mail@dpac.uk.net  giving your name and phone number – I will then call you to take further details and answer any questions you have.

I look forward to hearing from you – Helen


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