Aug 192016

This film, by Katherine Araniello, supported by DPAC, shows that the vast majority of disabled people are not Paralympians or Superhumans.

Neither are we Inspiring, Vulnerable or any other stereotype you care to mention.

We’re just people. People who are just trying to go about our lives and overcome the barriers that society puts in our way.

Got that?

Now enjoy the film….


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  One Response to “We’re just people. Got that? #RightsNotGames #Paralympics”

  1. We’ve been talking about this whitewash of treatment for years.

    It’s the same as the recurring theme on every TV (well almost) programme – Character has an accident, character acts badly because they’re ‘disabled’, character gets the RIGHT mental attitude, character recovers completely.

    It’s an eFin Con of gigantic proportions.

    Both ‘she who must be obeyed’ and I fell for the twaddle. We became those ‘disabled heroes’ we persevered and struggled! We were Good Little Crips.

    We are now in our 60s (OK she’s 58) and we get the conclusion of the eFin con. It is now OUR Fault for doing so much when we were younger.

    Increased damage, quickened progression, you name it and it is our fault.

    Our bodies would have probably seen us out without the constant pain IF we had realised that being Heroes is just a con so that those responsible don’t have to do anything for us that we and our families have paid through the nose for since the start of the ‘welfare state’.

    It’s a Breach of Contract pure and simple.


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