Sep 252018

We received a message from a disabled person, Shirley Naylor, about Margaret Greenwood’s speech yesterday. The message is reproduced below, with Shirley’s permission, because Shirley wants Margaret Greenwood and the Labour Party to get her message.

We are asking our members and supportters to send this message via this blog piece to Margaret Greenwood, Marsha de Cordova, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn, using the twitter handles @MGreenwoodWW, @johnmcdonnellMP, @jeremycorbyn and @MarshadeCordova

And please use the hashtag #Lab18 when sending this blogpeice

Here is the message Shirley wants them to see:

Hello I was asked to renew my membership of the Labour Party yesterday. The reason I cancelled it is because I didn\’t have enough money in my account-£2.09 -to cover the cost of a months subscription. I had my esa payments stopped 18 months ago and despite having worked continually since then- I am worn out and not in the best of health. Suffer with depression and anxiety and now doctors keep mentioning heart failure, scary stuff. I won\’t bore you with the details, you will know the story all too well. I am very concerned that the issue of welfare reform is not to be debated at the Labour Party Conference. I read an interview with Margaret Greenwood yesterday and it did not convince me that she actually even realises the severity of this situation or that she is committed to dealing with it if in government. She will not even commit to stopping the outsourcing of assessments to corrupt, brutal and incompetent private firms. This is very worrying. I am useless at digital and social media. I have just messaged 38 degrees to ask them how to set up a petition. I don\’t know if you can display this message publicly or not but could you please, through this website, ask any member of the Labour Party to let them know, if they feel as I do, that this issue needs to be a priority? I will let you know if I manage to get a petition up and running on 38 degrees! Thank you. Shirley.

And DPAC’s message to Labour:

Its not good enough. You have to do better by disabled people, you can start by pledging to scrap Universal Credit, removal ALL sanctions and remove the benefit cap, and then there will be more, much much more than disabled people need Labour to do.


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