May 192017

this is a press release from the national Pensioners’ Convention which shows just how savage the attacks against pensioners will be if the Tories are re-elected.

Conservatives offer “Frankenstein’s monster” of a plan to solve care crisis

Posted on May 18, 2017

Conservatives offer “Frankenstein’s monster” of a plan to solve care crisis

Britain’s biggest pensioner organisation, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) has described the Conservative manifesto pledge on social care as a “Frankenstein’s monster of a plan” which bolts together a number of bad policies.

Jan Shortt, NPC general secretary said: “The Conservative’s manifesto pledge on social care offers the worst of all possible worlds for millions of older people and their families. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of a plan which bolts lots of bad policies together and still fails to tackle the real unfairness in the care system.”

“Every single pensioner needing care at home will now be forced to pay, regardless of their income, because for the first time ever the value of their home will be taken into account, whilst the number of those in care homes that will benefit will be relatively small by comparison. What makes it worse is that to pay for this proposal, around nine million pensioners are going to lose their winter fuel allowance and all pensioners will see the value of their state pension fall once the triple lock is removed.”

“This plan has completely failed to spread the risk and cost of social care across society as a whole, and in effect has left the burden on the shoulders of millions of older people and their families. It’s actually quite unbelievable that the Conservatives, who rely on the support of older voters, would make such a controversial and punitive proposal. They clearly have no intention of solving the social care crisis.”


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  5 Responses to “First They Came for Disabled People and Now for Pensioners”

  1. I am a Single 60 year old Lady with No savings or Private Pension at all. Now told I will Not get my State Pension. Despite having good skills I have Not worked since 55 not out of choice. I am A White British Person and No matter what help I need I never seem to get it. I had been with out any heating at all for 5 years as I could not afford to have my heating on. In 2017 I got the warm home front for the first time which meant I could have heating on in one room for 3 hours. I have only been getting Universal Credit for just over two years for around 10 days every Month I have been living on Jam Sandwiches. My health is really suffering. I have authoritis and all my teeth are falling out and I am in Pain . I have never smoked or drink in my life. I am a clean and tidy Lady the DWP are trying to kill before I get my state Pension they are with holding illegally at the moment as the Legislation has not been rubber stamped and passed yet. Despite all this the Conservative and Lib Deb goverments have seen fit to send me emails begging for Donations. How on Earth do they think I could pay that when I am struggling to feed myself. All my life I have had to fight for things which should have been my right. I am sick of it and wondering what is going to be next?

  2. If the tories are given a clear mandate through the election they will continue to oppress all who do not share the elite status by further legislation & Welfare Reform. As Cameron & Osbourne used their ‘mandate’ to deprive the Vulnerable Disabled they both then ducked out of the political scene, they should be prosecuted for the irreparable harm they have done to so many peoples lives. Now to be in fear of losing even more pension or benefit payments the tories are clearly trying to kill off disabled pensioners to save money in the care sector, then it will be naturally safe to assume even more of the care sector can be sold off to the private sector making better profits for their pals. It is only because the removal of funding from local government has brought about the demise of private care collapse (over-priced) which has resulted in the withdrawal of services, the tory target of removing services from the public domain has back-fired, now they must take money from us by other means.

  3. This proposed policy is not just aimed at the elderly. I don’t know why nobody is raising this issue. The Tory manifesto doesn’t talk about this policy just kicking in, in retirement. It refers to ALL social care users…that means the younger disabled and the elderly…anybody who needs care at home! So somebody in their 20s, to 60s who owns their own home could find their house signed away to the
    Government with still decades of their lives to live! I find it very strange that the press, politicians, lobby groups etc aren’t asking for clarification on this!

  4. Hi Paula, I think your questions are very relevant. Although you being a parent of a disabled sibbling shouldn’t have to pay anything towards that care. As it is your home and not his, I would hate to think that they would use your home as a potential funding source for your grandson. I wouldn’t ut it past thes evil sociopaths to do that. I would make sure your home doesn’t go to him in your will? I would make sure your home goes to another family member who will care for your grandson in the future. All a pensioner needs to be is 1 pence over the threshold and they lose their winter heating allowance. It is an actual fact that it costs more to create a system that is means tested than just pay out the money to pensioners. I agree that those who have a pension of 60 or 70 thousand pounds might be over the limit but normal pensioners trying to make ends meet, definitly not. I’ve said this for years that I have stopped thinking these evil, evil monsters, The Tory’s, can’t do any more to the disabled, working classes and the poor. Then they do. Now its pensioners and believe me they will go at it with vigour and zest. It is disgraceful that local authorities who deem a disabled person too costly to care for are then put in care homes. This may be any age of disabled person, from 18 onwards. Can anyone imagine a young disabled person being removed from their home, familiar surroundings, family friends into an alien and unsafe environment? I’m not saying all care homes are unsafe, there are certainly some who don’t care and that is going to get much worse. There is no other word to fit the bill than this government are sociopathic narsassists of the highest quality and every disabled person in the uk has to vote for labour, every working class person, every poor person, every ethmic person from those legible to vote to pensioners to get rid of this evil that is the Conservative party. God help us all if they get back in. They will become the uk Nazi party and believe me they are already a quarter way there.

  5. There is nothing in the manifesto to explain what happens to younger disabled people who need social care in their own homes! Nobody is talking about the disabled at all! Does this all kick in when people are of retirement age or will younger people have to rack up enormous bills for decades in many cases, before they die?

    What happens to people like us who are raising a teenager grandson with autism? He may well be with us until we die. If we have needed care at home, will the state sell his home out from under him? There are no answers to all this stuff.

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