Feb 282017

Protest in Wymondham this Friday 3rd March, 12 – 1.30pm.  We will assemble at the Market Cross, Market Place, Wymondham, NR18 0AX and will make our way to George Freeman’s constituency office where his surgeries are held. Protest organised by Equal Lives

We need to let him know the strength of feeling about his comments and let him know that we won’t accept more cuts to PIP or any other welfare benefit for disabled people.

Mark Hartrison, CEO of Equal Lives said:

‘His comments about disability are crass and ignorant and belong in the last century.  I suggest George reads the UN Inquiry judgement on the grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights by his Government and then implements the recommendations.  This Government is continuing with the failed austerity policies of the Coalition which targeted disabled people for the harshest treatment.  I really don’t understand why disabled people are being singled in this way for more cuts to our independence and living standards. What happened to this Governments commitment only made last year that cuts to PIP would not go ahead and there would be no more welfare cuts?’

We will be producing a flyer for the event which will be  circulated ASAP.

If you are a constituent of George Freeman please try and fix an appointment to see him at his surgery this Friday morning.



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  One Response to “Protest at George Freeman’s constituency office in Norfolk, Friday 3rd March, 12 – 1.30pm”

  1. This inhuman being George Freemans statement regarding “Not really disabled people”. Was of course deliberate and malicious. This was because the government lost their appeal regarding the dwp’s interpretation of the pip regulations. The government stated there would be no more benefits cuts for disabled people. Not direct but indirect cuts. The dwp targeted disabled people and sanctioned the most vulnerable in society, especially those with mental health problems. The proposal to change the appeals procedure is another means of cutting these benefits. Because the government lost their appeal, there will be even more cuts. They will change the regulations, or try to. In order to continue the barbaric and relentless attack on disabled people on benefit. What this official has done is to further demonise disabled people and make it perfectly clear that there are deserving and non deserving disabled. This addition in effect has clarified the dwp’s position regarding the disabled. To categorise the disabled in this way is further entrenching the hatred towards us. No matter what type of disability we have. We are all individuals and deal with our disability in our own way. Some can cope, others can’t. Disabled people don’t want hand outs from the government. They want a job; they want to do something constructive in society, to be a part of it, to feel human. Consecutive governments have not made it compulsory for employers to employ disabled people. The disability discrimination act is nothing but a farce. Employers can reject a disabled person’s application for any reason. Yet the real reason is discrimination. Since the act came into being, I doubt if many employers have been convicted of contravening this act. We live in a capatalist country, where money is the motivation for all business. Profit and greed is what it is all about. Companies require 100% from their workers. A disabled person often gives more than 100% just to be equal. Without this level playing field disabled people will continue to be seen as a burden on tax payers. It is much easier for the government to cut benefit for the disabled than it is to recover the estimated 38 billion pounds secretly moved from the richest in society to off-shore banks, hidden out of sight and not forgetting those sweetheart deals by the hmrc. George Freeman made that statement, fully aware of the consequences and of the possibility of further increase in hate crime against the disabled. His apology was too little and definitely too late.

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