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DPAC Press Release on changes to PIP regulations

March 7th 1-3 pm Old Palace Yard Protest Against PIP changes

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DWP once more shows their contempt for Our Judiciary.

Disability campaigners across the country have reacted angrily to the latest underhand cuts to Personal Independence Payment regulations announced by Penny Mordaunt, the Minister of Disability, Work and Health which will lead to the ineligibility of a further 160,000 disabled claimants, mainly with mental health conditions[i].

The recent change in the PIP regulations is only the last one of a long series of attacks against Disabled People over the years by the DWP.  It has become increasingly obvious that disability benefit entitlement is no longer based on need, but on how much the government is prepared to pay. Disability tests, whether for ESA or PIP, are fine tuned to give the results the government expect in terms of expenditure, which determines the number of people entitled to disability benefits.

Emma a DPAC supporter who is likely to be affected by the changes said “This would really effect me greatly because I have type 2 diabetes I am insulin and tablet dependent, I have fibromyalgia and depression and anxiety, just going to those assessments is pure stress and duress.”

While the government claims to support disabled people who they deem to be disabled has become more and more restrictive over the years leaving thousands in growing poverty and without financial support.

Their contempt for disabled people, the rule of law, parliament, SSAC and even the UN is demonstrated by the most recent actions of DWP ministers.ii].

She plans now to railroad these changes through by circumventing Social Security Advisory Committee scrutiny by invoking an urgency provision.

The legality of changing the law in such a way needs to be addressed as it is a key pillar of our constitution that Parliament makes the law and the Courts interpret it. Under normal circumstances a government would challenge the legality of the Upper Tribunal decisions through the Appeal and Supreme Courts and the fact that they have chosen not to make any further legal challenge indicates that they know they have no valid legal arguments for these vicious changes.


Notes to Editors

Personal Independence Payment is a non means tested benefit for people with a long-term health condition or impairment, whether physical, sensory, mental, cognitive, or intellectual. It is put in place to provide financial support towards the extra costs disabled people face


Who we are:

DPAC is a grass roots campaign body. It was formed by a group of disabled people after the first mass protest against the austerity cuts and their impact on disabled people held on the 3rd October in Birmingham 2010, England. It was led by disabled people under the name of The Disabled Peoples’ Protest. DPAC has over 12,000 members and supporters and works with many anti-cuts groups, Universities, Disabled Peoples’ Organizations, and Unions

mail@dpac.uk.net    www.dpac.uk.net    twitter: @Dis_PPL_Protest


[i] http://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-statement/Commons/2017-02-23/HCWS495/


[ii]  as agreed by the government in its response to the consultation on the Personal Independence Payment assessment criteria and regulations, on the 13 December 2012

https://www.gov.uk/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/181181/pip-assessment-thresholds-and-consultation-repsonse.pdf particularly 6.6, 6.10, 6.13, and 6.14



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  2 Responses to “Protest against the PIP Changes 7th March 1-3pm Old Palace Yard Westminster”

  1. The assessment appears to simply concentrate on a person’s physical capability to travel the required distance and takes no account of the likelihood of them putting themselves in harm’s way by not being aware of dangers during the journey. Compare walking 20 metres down a corridor in an office block with walking 20 metres along a cliff edge path or near a busy main road.

    We have seen this kind of, leading assessment question before when our Daughter was asked if she could make herself a cup of tea. The honest answer was yes, she can make a cup of tea but would not fill the kettle with water if it was empty and would just switch it on.

    • This goverment is corrupt and it’s unbeleivable at what there doing. Asking people well why havnt you committed suicide then . These assessments that they do are are out of order. Making people go to them not thinking about how you are get there and if you have a car to help you get around because you can’t walk but because you can drive a car your penalised for it . So unless your tied to a bed and cant move and cant go out or do anything then you might get it . But they’ll probably find some way of getting round that to stop them being paid pip It’s scandalous what there doing. Hitting disabled people like this . But as long as there allright there not bothered about the person who can’t afford to pay there bills or shop and lose there homes because of all this and all those people who have omitted suicide. If it wasn’t for my son I would of ended my life as I have lost my mobility side of pip.and only get standard rate.

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