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Protest against the PIP Changes 7th March 1-3pm Old Palace Yard Westminster and signup to the Thunderclap

Responding to a question from Jeremy Corbyn about the changes to PIP regulations which will deny PIP entitlement to over 160,000 people,  the Prime Minister Theresa May responded that what they are doing is ensuring that ‘the agreement of this parliament is put into practice’.   What this practically means as per DWP press release is that ‘people who cannot carry out a journey because of a visual or cognitive impairment are likely to need more support than someone who experiences psychological distress when they undertake a journey, for example as a result of social phobia or anxiety’.

This is in total contradiction with what Baroness Altman (the then Minister of State for DWP ) written statement on the 2nd of June 2016. [i]

No walking distance was set when Disability Living Allowance (DLA) was introduced. The higher rate mobility component of DLA was always intended to be for those disabled people who were unable to walk or virtually unable to walk. The DLA regulations refer to the ability to walk out of doors being limited by reference to four factors; distance, speed, length of time or manner in which progress can be made without severe discomfort.

The lower rate mobility component was intended for people who are able to walk but need guidance or supervision because of severe mental or physical disability.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for working age claimants, was developed to provide a more equal recognition of both daily living and mobility needs of those with all disability and impairment types, including physical, mental health, cognitive and sensory.

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Baroness Altmann (The Minister of State, Department for Work and Pensions ), in 2016 stating "Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for working age claimants, was developed to provide a more equal recognition of both daily living and mobility needs of those with all disability and impairment types, including physical, mental health, cognitive and sensory."

 As highlighted in DPAC briefing for MPs[ii], it is not the Upper Tribunal who have broadened the PIP criteria, but DWP who has tried unsuccessfully to limit them. Baroness Altman’s response shows what was the real intent of Parliament when PIP was introduced.





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  5 Responses to “Prime minister Theresa May lies to parliament at PMQs about PIP”

  1. Theresa may wouldn’t know the trueth if she fell over it there is more s..t comes out of here mouth than what comes out of here arse I have just failed my test for pip even though I have had epilepsy for 25 yrs and they cant find any medication that will cure it I was only given 4 points 2 of them was to be supervised while having a shower and 2 because I couldent use a cooker I wasent given anything for my partner or mother who has to make up and give me my medication also nothing for the fact that I need someone with me everytime I go out in case I have a fit which I have had many of times nothing for depression even though the my gp has give me medication for it I have also produce all the latest medical notes from my epilepsy doctor along with all prescriptions and they have still failed me what the assessor and the dwp don’t know is that all of my assessment was recorded so the lies that she has put on my assessment I have as evidence even though I know I cant take the recording to a tribunal but I have the citizens advice bureau who are helping me have ask the dwp to re look at there decision if they come up with the same answer I will file for a tribunal and in the mean time I will look to see how I can get my story and evidence on the tv and in the papers if anyone knows of how I can do this I would be greatful for your help many thanks to you all

    • Contact your local mp and ask them if they feel it’s OK for assessors to lie and state you have recorded proof they have. Also contact local he’s papers about it, your local one should have a Facebook page where you can make first contact.
      I recently had to be reassessed due to finding osteoarthritis in my hips and had my low rate mobility taken away because the assessors twisted what I said,I asked for a mandatory reconsideration but it cane back the same so I have started the appeals process now.good luc, i hope you get it sorted j

    • Teresa MAy’s response to Jeremy Corbins remarks about the NHS to-day: “the NHS is recognised as the Best in the world” is totally inaccurate: Britain is recognised as 30th in the Health Service line-ups. How can the PM reply with such total untruths and all the house nod wisely and agree. We are being fed lies by all our politicians that are leading us into an economic void of which we will never recover.

  2. So, once again she lies openly and publicly, to justify her draconian regime and the mainstream media shuffle along oblivious in a Jedi “nothing to see here” manner. She truly is the Darth Vader of nasty politics.

  3. The Disability Rights UK organisation believes that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) plans to remove eligibility for support for 500,000 disabled people will undermine disabled people’s equality of opportunity and heighten poverty, disadvantage and inequality. This is particularly worrying given the reduction in support from councils and other measures disproportionately affecting disabled people.
    There are new changes to the DWP Benefits system taking affect from 6th of April 2017;

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