Feb 112017

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The recent revelation that a Trident missile test had to be aborted after the missile veered off course towards Florida highlights the continuing danger nuclear weapons pose to the world. Coupled with the many erratic statements from President Donald Trump, the time has come for international action to eliminate nuclear weapons everywhere.

The United Nations is starting to negotiate a nuclear weapons ban treaty at the end of March. This presents an opportunity to end the threat of nuclear annihilation and for the nine countries that have nuclear weapons to join the international consensus in favour of scrapping them.

While the UK government has yet to say if it will take part in the upcoming discussions, it has boycotted previous steps in this process. That is why we need to make sure the voice of those who support a ban on nuclear weapons is heard.

Please join us in Parliament on Wednesday 1 March to tell your MP that the government must play a constructive role at the UN. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never spoken to your MP before, experts will be on hand to give you support and guide you through the process.

Meetings can be arranged any time between 12-6pm. You can use the CND website to contact your MP and arrange a meeting, but you can attend without a booked appointment and request a meeting on the day. The afternoon’s lobbying will be followed at 6pm by a parliamentary public meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.


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