Feb 102017

Andy Greene from the DPAC Steering Group was interviewed by RT news about the UN Inquiry on Thurdsay 9th Feb:


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  8 Responses to “Watch: Andy Greene interviewed on RT about the UN Investigation into the governments maltreatment of disabled people”

  1. Well said, hermano!

  2. Well done Andy. I just hope that more poeple will hear what you’re saying, take note of it, and use it to further the cause of the disabled.
    We can only hope, I guess 🙂

  3. well done you hope it makes a difference to all those people that are losing earthing because of them taking away from people who need it.

  4. Well done you. Hope it makes a difference to all those people .That need it and are being refused it and having it taken away.

  5. Well said because it’s not only the Tory government your fighting it’s the Tories newspapers and media who have never backed up what Andy said

  6. I tried to share PUGH on twitter and FB, do you know of anything about this?

  7. Well done Andy!

  8. Well said Andy and thank you RT for highlighting the issues. Blessings and love to you all

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