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The characters

Aladdin [George Osborne], Ali Barba [Banking system], Big Bad Wolf [Theresa May], Cinderella [Disabled people], Evil Witch [the economic/social system], Genie [Austerity], Emperor [David Cameron], Fairy Godmother [disability rights], magical key [UNCRDP Article Nineteen], Wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters plus friends [disabling barriers – e.g. labour market, access and transport, etc,]

The story to be told…

Disabled People aka CinderellasDisabled people have held the Cinderella role ever since the evil witch’s spell cast them into the shadows of society.

Cinderella was often locked away, forgotten, left to make baskets no one saw. One day her fairy godmother paid her a visit and told her life didn’t have to be like that. She promised to help Cinderella have a Ball, but in order to break the spell of the evil witch completely and free herself from her wicked stepmother and wicked stepsisters, Cinderella would have to find a magical key called Article Nineteen.

Theresa May AKA the Big Bad WolfNot being able to use magical key made Cinderella sad because she wanted to do all the things her evil stepsisters could do, including having a Ball, but she wasn’t able to. Her evil stepsisters, Access and Transport, along with their many friends made sure Cinderella found it difficult to get anywhere or take part in activities. How could she find the magic key? Cinderella thought three little pigs might have found paths to the magic key, but the first path [Disability Discrimination Act] was made of straw and quickly blew away; the second path [Equality Act 2010] was slightly sturdier, but the sticks broke under pressure so it became virtually unusable. The third path, made of solid material [Human Rights Act], was the right one but the Big Bad Wolf called Theresa was determined to have it removed before Cinderella could use it.

George Osborne aka Ali BarbaThe evil witch persuaded the Emperor that he needed new clothes as well as enlisting a genie called Austerity to assist Aladdin, the Chancellor, to restock the cave Ali Barba and the forty thieves had plundered. The Emperor benefited from the genie’s ability to use fairytales to spin yarns to make the Emperor’s clothes with and trick ordinary people, including Cinderella, into paying for them. Austerity helped Aladdin and his friends fill the cave to the brim and once they had, the Big Bad Wolf grabbed the Empire for herself. Now the Big Bad Wolf is heading for Birmingham for her Coronation Ball and the Cinderella also plans to have a Ball there too.

Access Barriers aka Evil StepsistersSo the stage is ready: Cinderella is still determined to find the magic key that will free her before she makes the evil stepsisters pay for their ill treatment, sees off the Big Bad Wolf and breaks the evil witch’s spell. Once done her fairy godmother will be able to keep her promise of helping Cinderella to have a Ball.


Will you join our cast on the 3rd October, 2016 in Birmingham at the Tory Party Conference to help tell our version of events as Cinderella takes on her evil stepsisters and the Big Bad Wolf?


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  3 Responses to “The Days Were Grimm: The Fairytales of Austerity. Tory Conference in Birmingham 3rd Oct onwards”

  1. I will be coming down to support you all ☺️ I will get the details later.

  2. Perhaps the big bad wolfs partner could be invited to the party conference to tell everyone how much he is involved in ATOS the French owned company that is working so hard to keep everyone in the wolf-pack happy

  3. I would like to apply for the role of the big bad wolf . It appears I have already been selected for this role by some Wales . I have numerous sets of teeth ! .

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