May 272016
Not Dead Yet UK "version" of the Me Before You publicity material, branding the film a "Disability Snuff Movie"

Graphic by Brian Hilton

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The latest blockbuster to come out of Hollywood called ‘Me Before You’ is seen as a gross misrepresentation of the lived experience of most disabled people. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name. A young man becomes disabled, he falls in love with his ‘carer’ and they have a fantastic year together but despite her protests, he decides to end his life at Dignitas so she can move on and he is no longer a burden to her.

A critique of the book by Crippled Scholar can be found at

Not Dead Yet UK, and DPAC are deeply concerned to see yet another film which casts non-disabled people as disabled people and shows the lives of disabled people as not worth living.

[Text from NDYUK Website]

Activists from Not Dead Yet UK and DPAC protested at the Première of the film in Leicester Square on 26th May. The protest against the movie was covered in the following evening’s Channel 4 News broadcast (see below), and in The Guardian, The IndependentThe Mirror, The Express, Disability News Service, Buzzfeed, Time, Huffington Post and Metro

More video and images from the protest:

Video Credit: Eleanor Lisney

Liz Carr talking to author Jo Jo Moyes about disabled peoples objection to her book and the resulting film, during the premiere of Me Before You

Photo Credit: Mark Dunk


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