May 212016

DPAC and the TUC Disabled Workers Committee planned a quick direct action for the conference lunch hour. This was reported to be very successful and Mik Scarlet has said that passers-by, workers on a nearby building site and the fire brigade officers (who were attending an incident and who protesters had to clear the road to allow through) were all massively supportive showing how the government’s targeting of disabled people is now falling apart and losing public support.

Video by letmelooktv

There is also a video by Mary Francis that can be viewed on this link

Pictures by Mik Scarlet (click to enlarge)


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  3 Responses to “DPAC and disabled people at the TUC Disabled Workers Conference Direct Action”

  1. Well done everyone. SOLIDARITY !

  2. Yeah I had an ESA assessment on friday. Kept waiting nearly 2 hrs. Fell asleep in the waiting room & a concerned receptionist said i didn’t look very well at all ! Iam not thats why Iam here !
    Just confirmed my suspicion that these so called medicals are just benefit fraud interviews. All disabled are assumed to be guilty unless they can provide a shed load of hospital appointments , mountains of medication & involvement of heaps of health professionals. I feel iam keeping people in jobs by my medical conditions. All focused on providing me with evidence for the DWP. No wonder the NHS is stretched.

  3. Pip assessment on Saturday and they never. Turned up so and did not even bothered ringing me to tell they. Would not be coming. So lam very ill sat for more than 3hours some things must change you. Can not. Treet human beings like this you who’d not treat animal like that

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