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Messages of support for the striking Remploy workers

DPAC has been clear from the start that it supports the Remploy workers. The Remploy workers have overwhelming support. Below are some of the many messages DPAC has received which will be passed on

To Unite & GMB strikers at Remploy
You have our wholehearted support for your action this week and next in defence of your jobs at Remploy. The Coalition government’s treatment of disabled workers is a disgrace.
PCS members at the Equality Human Rights Commission are currently fighting plans to cut all our frontline advice and mediation services and grants programme, which will have a devastating impact on disabled people. We are with your action 100% and oppose all these attacks by a government which aims to strip disabled people of their rights and turn the clock back to the Victorian age.
In solidarity
PCS Branch Executive at the EHRC.


All strength to Remploy workers and their allies in their struggle. Until government successfully addresses the increasing discrimination facing disabled people, they must act on the principle that half a loaf is better than none. Of course high quality flexible mainstream employment without glass ceilings must be the goal for all disabled people. But in the meantime, the closure of Remploy factories and the resulting loss of opportunities for remploy workers just adds to the barriers and discrimination disabled people experience.

Peter Beresford OBE

Chair, Shaping Our Lives, the national disabled people’s and service users’ organisation and network


To the striking members at Remploy factories,

Know that every disabled person in the United Kingdom is with you in spirit, it is a terrible thing to face redundancy, as I know from personal experience, but to have your jobs axed by a cruel and calus government because it does not suit their Tory Ideology, is indefensible.

This government does not represent the will or the wishes of all the people of the United Kingdom, but infact only represents a small minority.

Now is the time to stand firm, to raise your voices and insist that people listen to what you have to say, now is the time to show the strength and courage, the determination and the fellowship which will see you through these trying times.


Tim batchelor


To whom it may concernm

just wanting to send you a quick message of support from Tokyo – I won`t translate the Japanese for  やったれ! (Yattare!) as it`s not appropriate for an email but it basically means keep fighting – if you can beat the government in this, imagine what hope you can give to other groups who want to fight the cuts.

I hope you get all that you all want. Good luck! 頑張れ! (Ganbare)

Tom Pengelly


I just wanted to show solidarity for this strike action. What sort of government would target an organisation offering employment to disabled people? These cuts are immoral and despicable. I stand with you on this issue.

> Yours,

> Catherine O’Neill


Very best wishes, solidarity greetings and good luck from Southwark DPAC. We will follow what is happening and be in touch again.


To the Remploy strikers.

We are disgusted at the Governments cynical cuts at Remploy. The proposed closures must be stopped and the labour movement support you in your fight for respect, dignity and the right to work. We offer our solidarity and pledge to support you in whatever action you take in your campaign to keep Remploy factories open.

Please contact us for any assistance you need to help you stop these closures.Unite Selex Galileo Aerospace, Shop Stewards Committee, Luton.


i’ll support strikes in aberdeen/shire area


We congratulate you on your fight against closures as a result of the Government decision to reduce current funding for Remploy. We recognise that mainstream employment is not an option for all. We support the call for more public sector contracts to be awarded to Remploy. The deliberate policy of starving Remploy factories of work has rendered them less economic, being only 50% loaded with work because either public bodies have failed to support them with work as allowed under EU rules. You have our full support and admiration. Yours, in solidarity.

Public and Commercial Services Union, HM Revenue and Customs, Dundee Branch


Please pass on my support to the strikers at Remploy, fighting to defend their livelihoods against this vicious Con-Dem government.  You have massive public support, and if you stand united and determined you can be part of a movement that overturns this rotten policy and kicks out this rotten government.

Ian Allinson, UNITE Executive Council member


Sodexo Defence Services Branch of the PCS Union sends its support and a message of solidarity to the Remploy Workers!
keep the hope alive,
Keep the fight strong,
Keep the right to work!


Last Saturday Sussex LRC ran a stall as part of Brighton & Hove People’s Day. People were queuing up to sign the Save Remploy petition. When talking about this issue to the general public, the most common responses we heard were “it’s a disgrace” and “it’s disgusting”. Remploy workers should be well aware that they have the public full square behind them in this struggle with an uncaring Minister and her callous Coalition.
Claire Wadey, Chair, Sussex LRC


all remploy strikers
you keep fighting to keep your jobs this goverment is a disgrace to our country the conservatives should be removed out of power and as for ian duncan smith with what he said about remploy workers sit on their arse and drink tea that is discusting he should of been removed straight away. I dont know why they keep saying that there is jobs out there if that is so why have we got two and a quarter million unemployed or is david cameron saying that all these people are to lazy to go to work if the work is out there why doesent he get up off his arse and get people the jobs that he says that are out there the whole party are on another planet. how can we have someone running this country who wants to cut down our forces just as well he hasnt done it yet other wise we would be in a mess with the olympics thats how crazy he is.well anyway getting back to disability i have epilepsy and the dwp have just called me up on the 30th of this month to try and stop my severe disablement allowance and are going to put me through a work focus interview and a interview with personal adviser to get me back into work god knows where they think they will get me a job i think all they want to do is take my other benefit off me to save the goverment money the same as they are doing to you people so wish me luck everyone and all the best to the remploy workers stay strong and dont let these arseholes get the better of you
best wishes


Having spent 8-months on the Tories unemployment scrapheap I know well that it is not a fit place for any worker. We must stand united disabled and non-disabled, employed and unemployed to fight back against the vicious austerity cuts. Solidarity to all Remploy workers taking strike action to defend your jobs, you can count on the full support of the Right to Work campaign for any action necessary to win this fight.

Mark Dunk – Right to Work


We are disgusted at the Governments cynical cuts at Remploy. The proposed closures must be stopped and the labour movement support you in your fight for respect, dignity and the right to work. We offer our solidarity and pledge to support you in whatever action you take in your campaign to keep Remploy factories open.
Please contact us for any assistance you need to help you stop these closures.
Unite Selex Galileo Aerospace, Shop Stewards Committee, Luton.






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  4 Responses to “Messages of support for the striking Remploy workers”

  1. I am so with you guys. Its a disgrace that they can close Remploy down, by doing so they let down thousands of disabled people. Good for you, great shame on them! One day they will be judged by these actions and will be spared no mercy for their gross inhumanity xxx

  2. I am one of the thousands of disabled unemployed who has been totally humiliated by Atos back to work interview who decided to stop my benifits as they deemed me fit to work, do these people think that you can get employment by clicking your fingers. I want to work but I am limited in what I can do being a paraplegic in a wheelchair does not leave much to the imagination something Cameron and his partners don’t have. Where do they think we will get employment and meaningful at that I am sorry they live in cloud cuckoo land. I have a 15 yr old daughter who I am proud of I know she is proud of me but this government is slowly eroding this, I have had my severe disablement benefit stopped along the way but no one has bothered to tell me why. I have wrote twice no reply. I beg you all at Remploy to stand firm give them as much fight that you can muster the support for you all is there use it with respect kevin

  3. I see a distinct lack of members of the British and Northern Ireland paralympic team giving their support to the striking Remploy workers – where is their support?????????????????????????????????????

  4. How can a man who lost his own lovely disabled son allow his hatchet men to destroy the lives of so many disabled peope.Cameron knows full well that these people will never work again and that it will be cheaper to keep them on low benefits but he hides behind the likes of Duncan Smith,Grayling and Miller. whilst being more interested in talking about foreign wars and europe. Cameron tries to distance himself from Remploy and acts like a world statesman but one day he will have to answer to a greater power and on that day he will see a Son that is ashamed of his own Dad.

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