Jan 212016

We need people who would be willing to speak to the press who are in ESA WRAG about the £30 a week cut to funding which is being proposed and how this would affect you.


We also need to have anyone living in Supported Housing who will be affected by the cuts to Housing Benefit and the amount allowed being restricted to LHA rates.


If you would be willing to help with either of these things please email us at mail@dpac.uk.net



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  4 Responses to “Volunteers to speak to the press needed please”

  1. Andrew Dudley here i am already here and ready to speak out i was hounded by the dhss when i had no work kept from trying to work sanctioned so many times and prooved other wise 6 times my money was cut saying i was not looking for work 6 times i went threw hardship 6 times i prooved i was looking for work those 6 times made me from having 3 jobs to make ends meet to end up being homless and trying to end my life i served my country from the age of 16 put myself threw uni and some twat from the dhss says i do anything to not work in court papers court papers where the dhss sent me a letter letting me know when to attend a court hearing that i never got to state the law a law that i studied and the first to pass in england my teacher wrote it” health and safety 1990″ stating propper ppi must be worn in a kitchen i was not able to attend court even tho the letter that was ment to let me know was sent by the very people im in court to proove im right and there wrong ,i never got even tho, where i was staying mail gets listed and noted every single one .where they sent us to look for work the computors was key listed to prevent c.v.s going to employees when i pointed this out i was made to look like a racist abusive bullie realy yet nothing still be done or raised or even took notice of or even looked at .i was told by these people who not even look at me when im talking to them that it was a computor error i spoke to computor techs there answer was if it not raised they cant fix it .so the people getting paid minimum £8.oo an hour to sort books in a library yeh a library will not pic a phone up and talk to some one to fix a problem so others can find work but they will call police for no reason and say your making trouble to solve the embarrisment and contempt i descovered they have for people out of work i ask who this type of people are and work for the council and get jobs in library it not the working class is it .i went to the localpaper i was named and shamed preventing me from getting work becouse i tried to help people find work and stood up for whats right help me tell my story the sanctioned only stopped after i cought the dhss out on loosing paper work that would get me a sanction becouse i kept copies and waited till they said they lost it to present the paper work ,the paper work they cliamed they lost was the signing form stating the job they said i never went for next door to where i do my job search this is the paper work we both sign the paper work that they already paid me for .then they went on to loose doctors note for a whole year when i was put on the sick by my doctor for depression guess who coursed that .this almost led me to suicide im should feel lucky to be here .i dont want to get mad no more i want to get even and time will allways tell dont let it tells

  2. I’m not in this group but if I can help you please let me know.

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