Sep 192011

It appears that the postbox was full without us noticing. Please if you have send us emails and posts that we have not acknowledged – please resend them.

Many apologies for the inconvenience.


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  1. Hi.

    Just seen your post on twitter about problem with emails. Don’t know if that affected one I sent. Anyway, it just stated that I am member of BPACC – Bournemouth Anti Cuts Coalition

    In early stages of organising an event to coincide with The Hardest Hit Day of Action on 22nd Oct. It will be in either Poole or Bournemouth. Spent last week or so trying to dig out as much info as possible and find as many local groups as possible to contact. It will be in form of inside public meeting and hopefully a small march to venue. Once place is booked will contact groups etc and publicise it, hopefully by end of this week. Will ask for speakers from local groups but can’t be sure to get them. Helen (hellsbells265- twitter) will probably be one. Do you know of any people in our area who would be willing to speak, preferably about cuts to benefits, WCA, LHA, DLA, ESA and ATOS.

    On back of the leaflet promoting event, planning to put snappy bullet points about cuts, ATOS etc. I am no expert and been digging out as much info as possible. Do you or do you know of any groups who already have something similar I can use to help me. Failing that would you mind if, once everything confirmed, I email you the leaflet for you to give it a once over as really don’t want to be inaccurate or miss anything important.

    Any help appreciated.
    All the best

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