Jan 222016

Another call for evidence that has been hidden under the radar

The Public Accounts Committee are inviting evidence to the inquiry on contracted out health and disability assessments (i.e Maximus, Atos and Capita).

If you or someone you know has had an assessment for Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Personal Independence Payments (PIP) or a Work Capability Assessment, the Committee would like to hear about your experience.

The deadline for written submissions is 10am on Thursday 28 January 2016. Alternatively you can tweet your comments to @CommonsPAC on Twitter with the hastag #disability.

Or send your evidence to Henrietta.doyle@inclusionlondon.co.uk to inform Inclusion London’s evidence.

More information is available at:








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  8 Responses to “Have your say on Maximus, Atos &Capita deadline 28th Jan 2016”

  1. I wish I had known about this site much earlier. I had a PIP assessment on the 26th of October 2015 and made the mistake of attending on my own because I was told I would not be given another date as I had asked for the venue to be changed. A taxi was booked for me by ATOs but did not put me down in the right place. I am on crutches due to severe arthritis in my back and a recent total knee replacement that has gone wrong. Yet the assessor said there was nothing wrong with my ability to walk and since I can join beads together, I have great upper limb movement. The long and short of the assessment is that the Motability car has been recalled, and have been placed on the standard rate of mobility, no care element and a massive drop in ESA. Asked for a reconsideration, DWP standing by their initial decision. Now awaiting appeal date and venue. Having had cancer before I was awarded DLA for life, the Conservatives came into power 5 years later and my DLA was stopped. Did not know I could have asked for an appeal. Made a fresh application in 2006 and it was was awarded and renewed up until 2015 when PIP came in. I cannot walk down my road without struggling to breathe and in severe pain. The assessor is not medically trained so how is that a fair assessment? They want to save money to pay themselves fat cat salaries and they do not care about anyone else. Another Nazi country in the making, let’s get rid of the disabled by taking away their benefits, hoping they will die off as quickly as possible. Shame on them all

  2. I had an assessment by a so called nurse, I got no points on anything. She completely lied on her statement that I was at the assessment for 33 minutes, in fact I was only in the room for 10 minutes at the most. She said in her statement that I looked well and of normal weight ( well I am only 5ft 3 and weight in the region of 16st ) and she calls that normal !!! Also that I had full movement of my limbs but no examination took place !! Lucky for me the tribunal went in my favour.

  3. Disabled people are being made vulnerable and yet we are being subjected to unnecessary distress and anxiety fighting to keep something we’ve already proved we are entitled to, being labeled as liars and work shy! Everything is being done in such an underhanded way, I don’t trust any of these assessors, they are merely there to reduce numbers and save money, virtually bullying disabled people out of money & help they’re entitled to!

  4. I have at the moment have a complaint against Maximus against one Natalie Oliver who failed to make an accurate report. .I was told by one of them she broke the law and by another that the government allows them to lie. .If the complaint fails then I am reporting Natalie Oliver to those who gave her her licence. .she is a registered physiotherapist and not qualified in mental health matters. .I hope this is of help to you.

  5. Why do people who have lifetime / indefinite awards have to go through this degrading assessment ? so many people are losing their awards due to UNFAIR assessments

  6. I remember when I had my WCA back in 2008 when Atos were doing the assessments (And when Gordon Brown/Labour were in charge of the country), I felt very anxious about it because it was to assess my benefit entitlement (I was on Income Support, but my migration to Employment Support Allowance didn’t happen until early 2013 when I didn’t need another assessment as I was automatically migrated to the Work Related Activity Group). My mother was by my side and the assessor asked the questions and I felt very uncomfortable, anxious, depressed and even felt like I was going to lose my mind and my mother told the assessor to stop the assessment and they concluded that I was unfit for work, but it was at a time when I left college and I didn’t adapt to change at all and felt very dependent (and remember, that was back in 2008). Another experience I had of this was that I had been notified last year that I have missed my WCA on the phone (which would’ve been my 2nd) and despite my reasons for not attending, I was deemed fit for work at that point, but the reason that I missed it was that Maximus/DWP sent the invitation letter to the wrong address (the house at that point was already sold off) and I made a mandatory consideration notice to get the decision overturned and the DWP admitted they sent the letter to the wrong address and reinstated my ESA, but at that point, I returned to work (seasonal only) so they only backdated about 4 weeks of my claim up to 22nd September 2015.

    In my opinion, the three private companies only care about profit before people and that’s why so many errors and mistakes are made with no improvement to be forseen and I believe the assessments for ESA and PIP (Personal Independence Payments) should’ve been scrapped when the DWP realized that they not only focused the ability of the individual rather than their disability/illness, but also the poor quality of the assessments, the locations of them (certain jobcentres not catering for disabled people) and the tests being more stringent and setting up/stitching up individuals to fail them and have their benefits unfairly cut (basically, cutting corners and even moving goal posts to make the tests harder). I believe that the DWP’s secretary of state should realize that the contracts are not only unworkable but also too costly and do not represent good value to the taxpayers of the UK.

  7. I have an heart attack 2013 suffer from arthritis in both hips,plantarfascitis i take 15 tablets per day.I have a work fovus interview in 2014 while on ESA ,the result came all 000000 saying i am fit for work was place on a support scheme. With is useless has youget no help.
    After the fustration I came off their benefit cause i would not rake the harrassment from the benefits agency .
    I have been to countless interview when mention my illness only told they will get in touch that call never come.I now just t wonder is there any hope left for me disabled people now become the scum of the earth

  8. assessors are poorly trained to much reliance on a computer program that is not fit for purpose too long in making decisions moving the goal posts when things do not go the DWP way ,assumptions used in stead of facts
    In fact the whole system is very poor and stressful and a lot of money is being wasted.
    If you wish any more info please contact me
    Kevin Sharpe

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