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Support Gabriel Pepper: protest for former ILF recipient facing a massive cut to care support

Disabled campaigners and supporters held a protest today at Waltham Forest Town Hall in support of former Independent Living Fund recipient Gabriel Pepper, who is facing a substantial cut to his care package now that the ILF is closed. The ILF used to pay for some of Gabriel’s care. Now, Gabriel must rely entirely on Waltham Forest council to pay for his care package – a package that will be cut by about 48%.

So much for government claims that councils could and would meet disabled people’s care needs when the Independent Living Fund closed. “All disabled people, including those transferring from the ILF, will continue to be protected by a safety net that guarantees disabled people get the support they need,” Cameron’s last government waffled in 2014 when then-Minister for Disabled People Mike Penning announced again that the ILF would close. (I say “again” because the courts had recently thrown out a previous government decision to close the ILF. Undeterred, that government returned in March 2014 to say again that it would close the fund).

Obviously, Penning was talking rot. We all knew that, but still.
Here’s Gabriel discussing his disability and the reasons why he needed the ILF to pay for extra carer hours:

Tweets from Penny Pepper at the protest at Waltham Forest Council today:


Shame on you Waltham Forest Council, we will be watching you and every other council in the land.


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