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SCOPE’s End the awkward campaign advert

SCOPE’s End the awkward campaign advert

Oh give me a break. You rattle your tins for this? Disabled people deserve better!

#‎EndTheWasteOfMoney‬  #‎EndTheAwkward‬

Watching the breakfast news this morning I saw that SCOPE are continuing with their “End The Awkward” campaign, this time by teaming up with Channel 4 and disabled comedian Alex Brooker.

My problem with it is twofold. Firstly, is awkwardness really the burning issues for most disabled people? Secondly, the message seems confused as I’m not sure if they are saying it’s wrong to ask inappropriate questions or speak/act differently around disabled people; or are they saying that disabled people should put up with stares and questions about our missing bits?

Regardless, I am staggered that SCOPE are continuing to run this campaign for a second year and can only wonder how they settled on this as the issue they want to plough their time and resources into.

With disability hate crime on the increase, the closure of the Independent Living Fund, the bedroom tax, the Assisted Dying Bill, the cumulative effects of cuts on disabled people and the vilification of disabled people in the right wing press; why is SCOPE Still banging on about “end the awkward”?

Looking on the SCOPE website, the top of the home page highlights the campaign and the bottom of the page asks people to pledge £12.00 a month to help run their helpline. I wonder, are disabled people and their families phoning the helpline with concerns about awkwardness? I think not!

It shocks me that Scope, with all their funds, resources and media profile, that this the burning issue they are pursuing.

For what it’s worth I think SCOPE are wasting their money, money they make off the backs of disabled people, supposedly on our behalf, but in reality not!

They may say “End The Awkward”. I say “End The Waste Of Money”.

Brian Hilton

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  10 Responses to “Oh give me a break. You rattle your tins for this? Disabled people deserve better”

  1. Scope relies on charitable donations to enable it, and its well paid management, to maintain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

    Scope relies on the maintenance of the Charity Model of Disability and the Medical Model of Disability.

    The “end the awkward” campaign is just another way that Scope can undermine the Social Model of Disability and disempower disabled people, to “keep us in our place”.

  2. Personally speaking I can cope with the prospect of losing my ESA, my DLA, my home and my dignity – but if someone asks me why do I use a wheelchair I think I’ll have a nervous breakdown. (Said no disabled person ever).

  3. Being Patronizing to the Poor and Vulnerable is Oppressing the Poor and Vulnerable by
    Demeaning them

  4. The Out of Touch are Out of Touch like too Many of the I Am All Right Jack Middle Class

  5. Awkward? awkward is the obvious decision taken by charitable “status” organizations such as focus to protect their income sources by not criticizing government and direct repercussions of government policy’s of discrimination and exclusion.

    Focus like others will not focus on condemning corporate/government partners business policy’s of “Norms” in WCA’s or multiple other actions discriminating against and excluding all workers… disabled… sick… and even terminally ill from freedom from oppression & what is becoming indentured servitude.

    I would be interested to see figures in black and white… of exactly how much taxpayer money has been spent (wasted) and continues to be “spent” by successive governments employing for profit and excessive bonus executive exponents… the likes of Atos G4 care/uk virgin monster ageus BTCV/TCV using corporate/government devised BI coercion and threats whilst implementing Governments fraudulent “Norms” of deliberate disenfranchisement, happily… knowingly dispensing destitution and death… (for which they and government are and remain culpable.

    With the blessing of government… charitable “status” organizations the likes of TCV (BTCV) earn multi million pound taxpayer win win contracts… impoverishing all citizens… whilst purporting to be educating all the unworthy leeches lazing about, even those diagnosed terminally ill… into miraculously cured, quiet acquiescent profitable workers via coercion, threats and very real punitive attacks leading to even more desperate circumstances of the individual attacked.

  6. I along with many others obviously share the view that most of these large charities are simply there to keep up mortgage and pension payments for a section of the middle classes. I have never had any help from any of them in the 18 years I have suffered from disabling illness. Other than McMillan Cancer Care! The rest as I have said are just their for themselves, and they are certainly not there out of a sense of guilt, they have none.

  7. Scope are typical of the corporate charities in this country. Run by guilt ridden, patronising, middle class twerps who believe that they know exactly what disabled people need, better than the people with disabilities.

    You see this approach with Mind too (and Rethink) and probably, every single corporate charity set up to help vulnerable people (and animals) They tell you what you need, they don’t ask. Rebel, and you are out the door.

    This offensive campaign is a total waste of donations and a massive insult to those of us who are disabled and struggling to live under this grotesque, punitive regime.

    These massive charities are nothing but malignant parasites, leeching off the backs of the very individuals they are tasked with helping.

  8. I don’t know who comes up with the policies for organisations such as scope, but I doubt if it’s disabled people, or carers. They haven’t the remotest idea of what it’s like in the “trench’s”, that.s what comes from being “charity bound”. They end up living in a bubble, and lose touch with real life, any disabled person will tell them that there are far worse indignities as well as issues than someone speaking to them in a politically correct manner. Get a life scope !

    • I agre ewith Christine S and Not Imperessed… got not a single response in the past FIVE YEARS despite one of us (ME) taking an Equaly axt issue to a LAWYER.. Some people are Priorities challenged… 🙁
      #vital-now and are trying to get even people to join us to get numbers up but the activity is very very weak … leal challlenges are far more effective than public protest which can attract negative PR and backfire… relying on stopping people in the street… which they dont have time or interest in mostly.. but this Forest thngy says it all… ‘WOOD ‘ be good if DPAC’s members got sitably motivated assistance.
      Pooled resources could pay for a #HumanRights advocate. Rattle tins for contributions for that. So called MS CARE cost UK £1.4 BILLION in 2008 and the dignosis stats were wrong by 100% anyway.

  9. Considering Scope alongside other “disability charities” ran and hid when the gagging law came about, never to be seen again around issues that REALLY concern disabled people, I cannot take them seriously. Many of the people they claim to be supporting have been hit with the ILF closure… I haven’t seen them shout too loud about that- where are the ads on TV about that?

    I think this is very ill timed, ill advised and insulting to run a campaign like tnis when we all have far bigger things to worry about. Awkward is the job centre harrasing me when I’m in the support group, awkward is feeling sick when a brown envelope hits the door mat, awkward is disabled people every day losing their support, their dignity… awkward is not a well meaning AB getting it wrong sometimes, awkward is avoiding the not so well meaning AB’s!

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