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DPAC triggers UN inquiry into grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights

The UN Inquiry and UN visit to UK to examine the grave and systematic violations of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) was initiated by DPAC.

This inquiry is the first of its kind-it has great historic importance. It means the UN will examine the vicious and punitive attacks on disabled people’s independent living as well as the cuts which have seen so many placed in inhuman circumstances and has led to unnecessary deaths.

In May 2013, after 3 years of onslaught against disabled people by the Condem government, DPAC made a formal submission under the CRPD Optional Protocol which establishes an individual complaints mechanism for the Convention.

There was less information and statistics than now on the impact of the Welfare Reform and loss of a right to independent living on disabled people. However the evidence DPAC presented to the CRPD Committee was extremely strong

DPAC’s evidence presented the regression of disabled people’s convention rights and the grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights under the UNCRPD. It was accepted by the UNCRPD Committee.

After an initial response from the government responding point by point to the DPAC submission, DPAC made a second submission, supported by further evidence of the disproportionate impact of all cuts on disabled people.

This submission, as the first one, included but was not restricted to:

  • the failings of the Work Capability Assessment,

  • the bedroom tax,

  • the closure of the Independent Living Fund

  • the unwillingness of the government to make an assessment of the cumulative impact of the Welfare Reform on disabled people

  • its reluctance to monitor what was happening to disabled people who were found fit for work after an assessment and who lost their only means of support (see complete list)i,.

This submission was partly based on firmly sourced statistical and other factual evidence, and also on the hundreds of personal testimonies that DPAC has received from individuals who have been affected adversely by the governments’ welfare reforms.

The UK government sent a second response to the UN about DPAC’s submission but by then the CRPD Committee had decided that there was enough evidence to open an inquiry into the violations of disabled people’s rights by the UK government.

The Committee also told DPAC that the inquiry was totally confidential and could be jeopardised and called off if any news of an UN inquiry was leaked.

It was the indiscretion of an ex-member of the CRPD Committee which brought the inquiry into the open, but DPAC kept its side of the non-disclosure agreement. The further leak in newspapers on Sunday 30th August convinced us that disabled people needed to know the full extent of the process

This inquiry is an unprecedented move and unchartered territory for the UNCRPD Committee.

It is also another route of hope for disabled people who have been abused by the UK government, ignored by most of the opposition and betrayed by the big Disability Charities.


Editors Notes:

About Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC)

DPAC is a grass roots campaign body. It was formed by a group of disabled people after the first mass protest against the austerity cuts and their impact on disabled people held on the 3rd October in Birmingham 2010, England. It was led by disabled people under the name of The Disabled Peoples’ Protest. DPAC has over 20,000 members & supporters and an outreach of over 45,000 disabled people. DPAC works with many anti-cuts groups, Universities, Disabled Peoples’ Organizations, and Unions twitter: @Dis_PPL_Protest



1) the UNCRPD Optional Protocol

2) the indicative issues sent to the UNCRPD Committee as part of the complaint by DPAC:

  • Scrapping of Incapacity Benefit

  • 1% cap on benefit rises

  • Time limitation of WRAG

  • Bedroom tax

  • Freezing child benefit

  • Overall benefit Cap:

  • Introduction of Personal Independent Payment

  • Universal Credit

  • Abolition of Independent living Fund

  • Change to Local Housing Allowance

  • Uprating and cuts to Tax Credits

  • Localisation and 10% cut for Council Tax Benefit

  • 1% cap on various benefits and tax credits

  • Work programme and disabled people

  • Benefit cap

  • Benefit cap in London

  • Spare room surplus

  • Other changes to Housing Benefits

  • Discretionary Housing Payments

  • Abolition of Council Tax Benefit

  • Universal Credit

  • Sanctions and workfare

  • Hardship Payments, Budgeting

  • Hardship Payments, Budgeting Loans and Short Term advances

  • Change from Disability Living Allowance

  • Benefit Delay

  • Employment Support Allowance

  • Tribunal support for appeals for ESA , DLA and PIP

  • Loss of right to appeal and Mandatory Re-considerations

  • Legal Aid Cuts

  • Social care crisis

  • Abuse in care

  • Mental health

  • Food Banks

  • Workfare and benefit sanctions

  • National Rail Services

  • Crossrail

  • Buses and coaches

  • Tube network 

  • University disability access

  • Changes to Special Educational Needs (SEN) services



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  19 Responses to “DPAC triggers UN inquiry into grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights”

  1. I wish IDS could be brought to account for his deliberate genocide against the most vulnerable and defenceless people. He’s a cruel sadistic pig with no humanity. And Cameron has stood there and let him get away with it.

  2. Those who Voted Tory in the 2010 General Election are Worse than Ignorant and Have a Lot to
    Answer For such as the Awful State of the Country and Society Now

  3. this was disclosed at the start of the year by private eye who were given the tip off what you say will explain why no one else seemed to know about it when I asked around, the saddest thing about it is who will be made to pay for what has been aloud to happen I myself was attacked last year in one of these so called hate crime against disabled people which I do believe was down to the gov and channel 5 with its constant programs about the money grabbing people on benefits 8 where shown in one night hope some one looks into them as well as a result what I got was a broken leg a year of abuse and no help from anywhere including the police so hope the un brings this gov to its kneesfor all those who have payed the highest price of all

  4. It Reeks of Eugenics and the Evil Master Race Ideology Mentality

    No to Nazi Britain

  5. Welcome to the United Nations. I trust they will conduct a detailed investigation into the human rights violations that has resulted in a high mortality rate. The United Kingdoms ruling government has failed miserably and then attempted to conceal their misdemeanors plus negative impact on vulnerable people. The government has been cruel and heartless overlooking death rates and continuing with their flawed reforms. Their has been no reviews and the government believes it is not accountable to anyone. Thankyou to the UN for their intervention.

    Dr Rita Pal

  6. Disabled people in this country were extremely worried when the Conservatives took power in 2010 (all be it in coalition with the Lib Dems) and so this turned out to be justified and has seemed like a witch hunt ever since. I was holding out for the Tories to be kicked out in the last election so at least the bedroom tax would be scrapped. I haven’t had the work assessment test but am dreading the time when that will happen.

    We are treated as scroungers by this government and unfortunately this attitude spreads down through society. Often when you tell people you’re disabled you can see them questioning in their mind what your disability is and how much you’re costing the state. I’ve actually found the most judgmental seem to pensioners, who have been spared the worst of austerity because their votes are being ‘brought’.

    When I hear this government say that ‘things are getting better’ they are disregarding us. In real terms with bedroom tax and cuts in benefits I am worse off by more than £200 per month from 5 years ago. When you’re struggling already, how can you possibly balance the books? When will we start feeling better Mr Duncan Smith?

    You see people moaning in forums and in everyday life and it’s obvious they care about the injustices of these policies. But it doesn’t effect most people so they just son’t care enough to make a difference. So glad that DPAC are giving us a voice.

    • “I’ve actually found the most judgmental seem to pensioners, who have been spared the worst of austerity because their votes are being ‘brought’.”……….the Tories didn’t buy my vote. Those on the State pension (like me) should remember that we are next on Smith’s hit list. As soon as conditionallity is imposed on the SP (as mooted by (un)Prity Patel) and the blue-rinsed Tory wives are forced into “community work”(ie workfare) to “earn” their pension money, there’ll be a ruckus. .

      • Ah yes the judgemental pensioners, the ones who are but a pale, insignificant shadow of the generation that came before them, the ones who enjoyed free University, stable well paid jobs for life with a whopping fat pension at the end of it, the ones who bought their homes for an absolute pittance which are now worth a fortune, the ones who contributed to this mess throughout their lives.

        Those pensioners?

        • could not agree more some of the most horrible things that have been said to myself has come from them i.e calling me a cripple or these are disabled bays you know then checking my badge to the point I do not use them and I wonder haw much she has cost the nhs or stand and stare then tell who ever is with them to have a good look as well not that I worked for 26yrs before i was crushed by a horse thought it was just me who thought like this and the excuse that it is how they were brought up does not cut with me or my family never had anything nasty said to me by the young ones

    • I couldn’t agree more with Mark. The 2010 General election was one of the worst things to happen to disabled people. Yes we are people!!! We have worked and paid national insurance and tax like everyone else. When I started work.I paid tax at 33% this was the norm! It shouldn’t be seen as a hand out, it is an insurance that we paid into when we were working.

  7. DPAC you have done an amazing job I also believe IDS has also committed Genocide with all those who have sadly died.

    IDS should be put on trial with David Cameron

    IDS is a horrible nasty person

  8. I hope the DPAC runs it’s full investigation and finds the real truth about what the UK government are doing to the most vulnerable and especially Ian Duncan Smith who in my eyes should stand trial for the manslaughter of nearly four thousand people who have died as a direct result of his actions and standing next to him are David Cameron and George Osborne.

  9. I hope the UN do not pull out of this – it is the biggest war on the most vulnerable as well as many heroic residents that actually save the tax-payer millions in evading hospitalisation, care-home residency, care support costs and actually add to the kudos of a democracy that developed many anti-discriminatory laws and practices.

    i hope Cameron, Osbourne and Smith (Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels) serve long sentences and are declared insane psychopaths, to make an example of what happens to the highest official that flouts constitutional rights with impunity. they do not deserve the titles and privileges they sponge from the tax-payer.

  10. I sincerely trust that the forthcoming U N enquiry about how this government has most certainly violates
    disabled people’s rights goes a long way to helping people with disabilities regain some dignity. DPAC says
    over 7,500 have died since being pressured to work when sick or disabled. Iain duncan Smith should be held
    accountable for the inhumane treatment of our people. Its an absolute disgrace. Also lets hope Jeremy
    Corbyn takes Labour forward to help all people especially the disabled,sick and un-employed. Tony Blair
    has got a lot to answer for. To me he is not a true labour.Thank God weve got such an organisation as in

  11. i emailed the UN last year(10 times) when i read that a uk reporter had been at UN headquarters to discuss disabled people and welfare problems. at last someone is listening……

  12. Targeting government employees with mental health issues so they resign
    Refuse to acknowledge disabilities
    Refuse reasonable adjustments in the work place

    The employment tribunal process is a sham, and prohibitively expensive for a reason
    Whistleblowing processes are a sham

    • Targeting the disabled is ….I’m lost for words. Please vote Jeremy Corbyn and maybe we will get the Changes we all need
      Thank you for reading and signing.

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