Apr 142013

UKUncut and DPAC posted a few ‘millionirres who cause misery’ eviction notices yesterday. They included Osborne, Freud and IDS. See the amount of bedrooms they have.


IDS – the man behind the hated bedroom tax tax – is a tenant of the landed gentry Fremantle family

living rent-free in a £2million aristocratic country house given to him for free by his father-in-law

Unlike the 660,000 families in social housing who are being forced to pay an average of £14 a week extra for a spare bedroom, three quaters of whom are disabled, he can live happily knowing he has to pay no rent or mortgage.

A very different type of housing benefit for him than for the rest of us

DPAC visted the IDS mansion and videos can be seen at the link below thanks to Kate, and more to come….




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  6 Responses to “Eviction notice for IDS: oh my what a big house you have! Updated”

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  2. “IDS caught fiddling his figures – again”


  3. “Similarly, Dr Sharon Bennett lists herself in the register as a shareholder in the private company DictateIT, which types up dictated notes.

    However, according to information on the company website Duedil, which searches information at Companies House, it is her husband, the Conservative MP and former Cabinet Minster Andrew Mitchell who owns the shares.”


    “New GP commissioning group board member who is married to Tory in ‘Plebgate’ affair”




    “Andrew Mitchell”


    “The Register of Members’ Financial Interests: Part 1
    As at 8th April 2013″


    “An investigation by the Camden New Journal has also revealed that doctors on the group have links to more than 30 private providers. Seven of them (diagram) have links to a private company, South Islington GP Alliance (Sigpal), which was bootstrapped with no less than £40,000 of private money.”


    Cameron ,Clegg ,Miliband and the rest of the Bunch are not in real life as they appear in their roles as Politicians .If any of us were given a researcher a secretary our own office and advice on how to present ourselves in dress and speech tempted by high pay and low work output we would jump at the chance .A new Politician is only on the fringes of Corruption until he gets to Parliament ,like all novices they have very good ideas on what changes are needed and enter Parliament with that intension until they end up being disillusioned and told to ‘Toe the Party Line’ .Some eventually reach the status of past masters such as ID Smith for example a Liar ,Public Purse Thief ,hypocrite and self delusionist .D.Miliband on the other hand because he couldn’t have the top prize ,Leader he just upped sticks and moved to the USA to work for a charity ,what happened to his commitment to help Britain his Country out of the doldrums ,like most he had no commitment in the first place .
    http://www.brokenbritainundertories.com .

  5. Just sat through ITV’S shambles of news report. The press are right where the Tories want them.

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