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DPAC has a policy of staying out of party politics. We have no party allegiance because that leaves us free to criticise all parties where they don’t work in the interests of disabled people, and give praise on the rare occasions that they do.

It’s a long standing policy, and one that we have adhered to strictly, even when, for instance, we were much criticised for not taking sides in the General Election and Scottish Independence Referendum, we stuck to our position of neutrality, as we believe it is the best way to serve all of our members.

We’re going to break that self-imposed rule today. We’re going to break that rule because of what happened in Parliament last night.

Last night there was a vote on the governments Welfare Reform Bill, the one that will strip away Tax Credits from people in in-work poverty, the one that will introduce a benefit cap so severe that it must lead to mass homelessness, the one that will remove child benefit for any more than 2 children leaving mothers unable to provide for their children, and the one that will take £30 a week away from claimants in the ESA WRAG pushing them into desperate poverty, even though they do not have the option of working.

This bill will cause great harm and misery to hundreds of thousands of people. Make no mistake, this bill is evil.

This bill is evil. And when faced with evil, those who don’t fight it, those who sit passively on the sidelines enable that evil to thrive.

And that’s what most of the Labour Party did last night, they abstained, they sat on the sidelines and waved evil past.

Abstainer-in-chief, temporary Labour Leader Harriet Harman, instructed her MPs to abstain, and most of them meekly did, including leadership contenders, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, and Liz Kendall.

These are not leaders, these are jobsworths, “its more than my job is worth to stick my neck out, even when it really matters, I am more interested in polishing my career then taking risks, no matter how important it is to others”

Cooper should be particularly ashamed , because she has previously claimed incapacity benefit herself .

We are less surprised at Burnham as has shown this sort of cowardice before, when we approached him to support the Save the Ilf Campaign – he couldn’t get away from us quick enough. We captured it on video – you can see it here

Cooper and Burnham had previously made political capital in the leadership race by saying they would oppose this bill, which makes their cowardice even more complete.

Kendall at least had the honesty to admit she would support the bill, although where there is any merit to be had in being open about supporting evil is arguable.

48 Labour MPs had the courage to stand firm and vote against this bill, at least we know there are 48 Mps in the Labour Party who still have principles and who are prepared to fight for them.

One among that honourable number, Jeremy Corbyn, stands out as the ONLY Labour Leadership contender who had the guts to fight this evil bill.

Just as we have seen previous indicators of compliance in the behaviour of the other three leadership contenders, there is plenty in the previous behaviour of Jeremy Corbyn to indicate that he would stand and fight last night.

Jeremy has a proud and long established track record of standing up for what he believes, of going against the flow when it matters, and opposing, not just with fine words, but with deeds the evil that comes his way.

Jeremy Corbyn has also been a long standing supporter of DPAC and disabled people’s rights. He has been there for us when it mattered, now its time for DPAC to return some of that support.

That is why DPAC are stepping out of our political neutrality for the Labour Leadership Elections, this is why we are backing Jeremy Corbyn for leader.

Labour needs a leader, not a jobsworth, the country needs Labour to have a leader, and disabled people need Labour to have a Leader that will fight the evil that this Tory government will do.

DPAC call on all disabled people, all of our members and supporters, to register to vote in the Labour Leadership elections, by becoming a registered supporter (it costs just £3) and voting for Jeremy Corbyn for Leader.

You have till August 12th to become a registered supporter – and you can sign up here

It might be the best £3 you have ever spent.

2 more important things remain to be said:

1) We are aware that even a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn won’t be enough to bring the change we desire. Activists and communities must continue to organise autonomously and build the movement. We call on those who are willing to resist this government in any way they can and fight for change.

2) On the conclusion of the Leadership elections, we will revert to our former position of holding no party allegiance. That means, should Jeremy Corbyn become Labour Leader, the party will not escape criticism from DPAC, should we feel it necessary, neither will it be neglected for praise, where it is merited.

Jeremy Corbyn MP’s response to the Tories 2015 Budget

Jeremy Corbyn – End Austerity Now – June 20th 2015

#milifandom founder Abby Tomlinson interviews Labour Leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP in the midst of his involvement in the Anti-Austerity protests on Parliament Square on the day of the 2015 Budget.


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  9 Responses to “The Labour Party needs a Leader, not a jobsworth, that’s why DPAC are supporting Jeremy Corbyn.”

  1. There Needs to be Social Justice in the UK Not Slavery and Misery

  2. Indeed. It is Time for a Leader that does give a Damn for the Underdog

    Labour For Social Justice Not Austerity Slavery

  3. Hope that many who pay the three quid go further and join

    Hope they will go to local meeting to join with other new members to ensure the movement of people behind Jeremy that want to change the party have a permanent effect

    Hope they scream loudly if their local party still meets in an inaccessible venue – shamefully some do

    remember you can also join as a supporter by texting LABOUR to 78555

  4. Congratulations on a powerful and thoughtful post. Already a member and having considered cancelling will now hang in to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Interestingly ( for me anyway) we saw him in a film about the Iraq anti-war protest only last night. Clearly a man with principles who is well deserved of your and now my support. Thank you for your continued hard work.

  5. I agree with you DPAC. I will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn for leadership. We have to vote for what we believe in, and his principles are mine. We need a good, proper opposition and stop listening and taken in by media propoganda. Well done …

  6. Hi Bob,
    Wowee ! What an email to receive from you tonight that DPAC has unanimously agreed to become political in achieving it’s objectives.
    I like Jeremy Corbyn have been political focused most of my life , sadly at times mislead by Mandelson & Blair for many years up to 2003.Where to his credit Jeremy Corbyn was not.
    (a) I shall start from the beginning as to why I supported DPAC members actions & courage last year at Westminster on their evacuation from Westminster Abbey grounds and their ejection from the Houses of Parliament this year in defending their right to continue to receive the Independent Living Fund .Both of which I regard as courageous & valiant action.
    (b) Having been rejected from Labour Party membership in 2003 over the war in Iraq, I reached out for political allegiance else where and only found this within Plaid Cymru in Wales & so I moved to Wales.
    Later I followed SNP policies & joined as a paid member & today their is close agreement of policy
    (c) Today I believe Jeremy Corbyn is aware of my dilemma to pay in to a third party that has previously expelled me & many others. I am fortunate to act as a Unite retired member this coming Sunday to speak as a registered disabled pensioner. I shall attempt to illustrate the predicament that members of DPAC have faced & that you are now to your credit supporting Jeremy Corbyn to become the new Leader of the Labour Party. For you all I believe is the correct decision as Londoners to become a political voice and a movement of change..
    (d) Wales is somewhat different & as a member of Disability Wales their is now a new awakening taking place, which I support & encourage on Independent Living . I like to believe that DPAC has shown the way forward on such disability matters which are in essence political.

  7. Labour and the Country Need’s a Leader that will Oppose Austerity Slavery Reverse Austerity Slavery
    and Deliver a Britain of Social Justice Not Slavery Misery and Oppression as the Tories and Liberal
    Democrats in their Tawdry Coalition from May 2010 to March 2015 Represented

  8. I agree 49 stood there ground and the rest were bottom feeders….The labour party was founded
    to stand up for people who have no defence against the self serving tories and it’s time for a leadership that gives a dam for us….While many more will suffer it’s time to stand up and be counted….THE FIGHT GOES ON. ..regards Sandra.

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