Feb 172015

Who 2 Vote 4 LogoEd Miliband and the shadow cabinet are coming to Birmingham on Saturday, March 14th, International Convention Centre, Birmingham to announce their policy proposals for the general election.

12.30pm – 2.30 pm Join us to protest and to tell Labour we want more from them if they want our votes.
Join the facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/609146595896685/

or if you can’ t make it to the protest, support us on twitter

The Labour Party have agreed to scrap the bedroom tax but what else makes them any different to the Condems?
We say nothing we can see in their policies – yet.

Labour Are failing disabled People

The Labour Party have said that although England will now be the only UK nation not to retain an Independent Living Fund (ILF) to support severely disabled people to continue to live in the community they too will close it from June 2015.
We say that is not good enough.

The Labour Party will retain the Work Capability Assessment process as it stands and continue to pay massive amounts of money to a dubious American company, Maximus, to carry out these discredited tests on disabled people.
We say that is not good enough.

The Labour Party will continue with the scrapping of Disability Living Allowance removing over 600,000 disabled people from entitlement.
We say that is not good enough.

The Labour Party will retain sanctions in the Benefit system.
We say that is not good enough.

The Labour Party will retain Workfare but call it something else.
We say that is not good enough.

The Labour Party say they want disabled people to vote for them.
We say not unless you change your policies.

There are 11.6 million disabled voters compared to 6 million trade union members and if Labour want us to vote for them then they must listen to us and change their policies.

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  2 Responses to “Ed Miliband in Birmingham, March 14th”

  1. Labour can be changed utterly by small left wing parties winning big in Tory and Lib Dem marginals, where the sitting MP has a slim majority. But these parties are not being informed to the poor by the media.

    The disabled are part of the huge majority of unemployed and working poor voters that now outnumber all other voters in many such marginal MP seat voting areas in England.

    The pundits predict the worst hung parliament in UK voting history on 7 May.

    If a group of parties between them gain the 323 seats out of the 650 MPs seats, then they can form a majority government.

    The small left wing parties offer the poor, of all ages, disabled or not, more than any other parties.

    And by these small left wing parties’ even support and confidence arm’s length coalition, would completely change Labour in government.

    Because at the moment the pundits predict the Tories will continue to rule even with a couple or so seats less than Labour.

    And there will be no welfare state, NHS and state pension left with another 5 years of Tory rule.

    See how at:

    You might care, please, to share my website on your social media and reblog on your blogs and forums,
    so that the poor know the logos to put their cross by on Thursday 7 May.
    Thank you.

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