Nov 212014

[Reblogged from Ipswich Unemployed Action, with thanks]

Iain Duncan Smith MP (centre) Secretary of State for Work and Pensions visits the new youth employment centre MyGo in Ipswich. Photograph Simon Parker

We had a long wait for Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) yesterday (we began at 9 o’clock)  but he finally arrived at “MyGo” Ipswich at 5.00 pm, accompanied by Ben Gummer, before heading off to a £45 a head Tory fund raising dinner in Melton.

This Tory Party stunt received a hostile welcome from many people.

Members of DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)  from Suffolk and Norfolk, and Suffolk Peoples Assembly made sure the message that his term of office as Work & Pensions Minister has been a disaster for people with disabilities and should be terminated immediately came over loud and clear.

As we stood many Ipswich people came up and told us their own stories of how IDS has made their lives worse.

Cries of ‘murderer’ greeted the Tory Toff as he was spotted in the building.

So effective was this messaging that the tv interview they were trying to conduct had to be moved from room to room within the building – only for DPAC banners and renewed chanting to pop up outside the window of each successive refuge.

We think they might have had to hide in the broom cupboard to complete the footage!

The report on Look East (BBC) mentioned that a “small group of protesters tried to disrupt the visit.”

They showed the Proud Banner of Suffolk DPAC in the window of the room where he’d finally scurried to.

Report from Sarah and Andy.


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  9 Responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Greeted with Shouts of ‘Murderer’ as he visits Ipswich.”

  1. guys a sumbag

  2. Next time we will get some footage of our own – and capture some stories on film – lets put the pressure on – great job – I watched look east and it was great

  3. did you take any video of IDS ? is it on youtube ?

  4. I’d love to see Iain Duncan Smith put on trial for Crimes Against Humanity
    In fact if he is a Christian I’m glad I’m an Atheist

    • Yes Stephen you are completely right IAIN DUNCAN SMITH should be put on trial for crimes against
      Humanity. I doubt if he is a REAL CHRISTIAN, you have to have a heart like Christ and i’m afraid he hasn’t got a heart like Christ. Can you see IAIN DUNCAN SMITH feeding 5,000 like Christ did,FREE OF CHARGE
      He gives Christianity a bad name. IT SEEMS DPAC are the only ones to try and fight for the weak and disabled. This government’s action is surely breaking the EUROPEAN HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS,
      no wonder they want to get HUMAN RIGHT’S LAWS ABOLISHED. IAIN DUNCAN SMITH thinks we can live on less than £60@ week. I have to buy 25p packet of soups to keep going and other cheap goods.
      As a country we are slipping back towards the era of the WORKHOUSE SOON and my great great grandmother died in one . ITS JUST SO DISGRACEFUL

      • Its time for more concerted action against this Toff Thug. He is without doubt a wooden Christian. He uses Christianity to bolster his Ego and Reputation. We should not be fooled by this charade of an evil Murderer.

  5. With IDS’s record. He probably held the interview in an adapted toilet while disabled people queued outside.

    • Iain Duncan Smith is a failed leader of the Tory Party
      However he seems to have found his forte making the poor suffer
      I wish he had a taste of his own medicine
      This is the man who charged the tax payer £39.00 for his breakfast expenses not to mention his underpants
      Now whose the benefit scrounger?

    • Most likely he did!

      Fantastic work DPAC. Let’s ratchet up the pressure on him on the run up to the G.E.

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