Mar 202016

SCOPE that well know charity parasite claiming to collect money to enrich our disabled lives welcomes Crabb with a tweet

Something that even the social media person at SCOPE seems to know is that Crabb has replaced IDS as secretary of state.

IDS is now doing an impersonation of God and the saviour of all  disabled people. He loved us all really and is telling the world how misunderstood he has been-He was always on our side and ‘helping’ us. It’s all as believable as a goldfish riding a unicycle.

SCOPE have been practising being our ‘saviour’ for years. It’s a performance they’ll be polishing up after That Tweet welcoming Crabb.

Crabb voted for the £30 pound cut to ESA WRAG- It could have been worse: welcome Stephen , can we sit at your Government table and have some money please –its very difficult to manage on our income of over 100 million –times are hard.

Of course SCOPE aren’t the only charity supporting those that voted for the £30 cut or keeping  ties with MPs to help them along see DPAC’s #ToryDump for more of them. We know who’s side they’re on and it isn’t ours, despite what they try and tell us.

MENCAP have Crabb as patron too, but don’t seem to want to get rid of him. MENCAP national pass the buck by saying he is patron of a local MENCAP?? Local MENCAP did rattle on about MPs from all walks of life or something incoherent in the week…buck passing at its finest, until a few hours ago when MENCAP national released a statement to ITV gushing their congratulations to Crabb You can join the thousands that have already signed the  the petition for MENCAP to get rid of Crabb HERE

But what about Crabb?

We’ve made a little background list.

-Voted for £30 cut to ESA WRAG

-Supported the introduction of the Bedroom tax

-Supported the introduction of the chaotic and decimating Personal Independence Payments

-Voted against increasing social security payments in line with inflation

-Voted against prolonging social security payments for those with chronic health conditions and disabled people

-Voted for the welfare cap

-Voted to include child benefit in the welfare cap rather than exclude it

-Voted to exclude more people from tax credits

-Supported reduction in corporation tax

-Supported scrapping education maintenance grant

-Supported air strikes in Syria

If that’s not enough, Crabb continues to have links with an organisation that supports some so called ‘gay cure’

Pink News reported that the MP employed interns in his parliamentary office through a scheme organised and funded by Christian Action Research and Education (CARE). CARE has previously sponsored events which refer to gay and bisexual people as “sexually broken” and advocating that they can become “ex-gay”. The organisation has funded internship places for young people to be placed with MPs as researchers or interns.

Addressing the concerns in 2012, Mr Crabb confirmed that he had received interns from the scheme while an MP. However, despite criticism of CARE, he refused to distance himself from the group when asked, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Mr Crabb also reportedly began his political career while an intern for CARE in the 1990s[i].

Crabb also voted against the equality of same sex marriage in 2013

And there’s more…

Expense fiddles

Not underpants this time, but houses. In 2009 Crabb claimed over £8,000 to refurbish his flat, sold it for a huge profit ( paid 68,000 sold for £240,000 ten years later), then flipped his second home expenses to family home. He then claimed £9,300 in stamp duty and £1,325 in mortgage interest.

In 2014 Crabb employed his wife on the public payroll –and we paid for that too

So no DPAC doesn’t welcome Crabb

Let’s  give the last word to his constituents. Here’s what some said on his surgery wall-note the inaccessible office too

“Y do U hate the sick”




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  6 Responses to “Crabb: welcomed by SCOPE but not by DPAC”

  1. Here I was like a fool recommending people give and buy to this charity. 🙁

  2. Why am I getting the idea charities were given a soft soaping by this government? This government is getting away with its disgraceful actions and the charities are just sitting back and taking it. As a disabled person with cerebral palsy I find Scope’s actions particularly distasteful. It appears austerity reigns unless you are rich and servicing the whims of the Tories.

  3. Today in Parliament he was challenged by Labour as to why he has ‘WRAG recipients are fit to work’ on his facebook page. He said ‘well spotted and it’s been changed.’ He also managed to rack up over £170,000 in expenses. Not promising.

  4. another f..king nazi. Hitler did not only kill Jewish people but if you were gay, disabled or gypsy you also got hunted out and killed.

  5. Im one of many very ill.. I never thought i get run over i never thought. I have 3 stokes. I never thought i have to battle my lawful right to live in 2016

  6. He fifty faced his time will come just like IDS l willnot go into another charity shop a again the people l support is DPAC

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