Nov 182014

New regulations have very recently been laid before Parliament which will cut Disabled Students Allowance. At DPAC we are concerned that these cuts will seriously reduce or even prevent disabled students from taking part in higher education. We are concerned that the Regulations were laid without a public consultation and in breach of the public sector equality duty. If you are worried about the cuts to Disabled Students Allowance because you are (or will be) a university student who would apply for DSA, please get in touch with us at


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  2 Responses to “People Needed to Join a Legal Challenge to DSA cuts”

  1. I had help as a disabled student and wouldn’t have been able to finish my course without it. Now I work in a University, supporting disabled students and I can tell you that support is already being cut. We have less funding and fewer hours to support our students, and they are receiving less in terms of assistive technology. This makes it much harder for them to succeed in their studies. Huge talent and potential is being wasted for the sake of a few quid.

  2. I receive support from DSA including support workers. I’m very concerned by the cuts.

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