May 162014

We are asking all local council candidates to pledge their support for developing inclusive education practice if elected onto the council.

For DPAC members not standing, we want your local council candidates to pledge their support for inclusive education practice.

We would like to have a photo of candidate with his or her party rosette, name, borough and ward and a sentence or two on why she or he is supporting ALLFIE’s manifesto demands.

We would like to aim for every candidate to offer his or her support for inclusion.

Please follow link:

Send photos to



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  4 Responses to “Ask local council candidates pledge support for ALLFIE’s Manifesto”

  1. Now the elections are done – the hard work begins – can everyone who managed to get their elected council members to sign ALLFIE’s pledges to let us know who they are, what council and party they represent. We now need to make sure council members act on ALLFIE’s pledges to develop fantastic inclusive education practice. Please contact me at tel number 0207 737 6030.

  2. Just before I go out to canvass – (after done a day’s work examining research transcripts) unsure what you want J Hunt – if you want ALLFIE’s manifesto printed off and sent to you – please email your address to my ALLFIE account – see web link.. We get it sent to you first class – bloody technology trying to tell me I am writing something similar

  3. 1. I salute you DPAC on your ALLFIES campaign . I shall attempt to get all the Cllrs of Conway County Council to sign up to this campaign .
    2. I shall then go further and tempt the Welsh Assembly of Wales in Cardiff for all AM’s to ALL become signatories and sign their pledge for the development of Inclusive Education throughout ALL of Wales.

    2 out of 3 can’t be bad . What’s next ? Pls don’t ask me to clean out the Gordian stables ,as I’m disabled & not some sort of Olympian God. & my nasal passages can’t stand any manure . I am just a man.

    p.s. I can print out from my PC the necessary documents / papers that you supply for no extra charge. All my services to you DPAC from myself are free. It is my privilege & desire to serve you DPAC. For which I thank you ! Just give e a completion date for the signatories & who & where they are delivered to.

    3. Your servant of Zeus the First God. The Grand Father of Owain.

    • Hi Victor – thanks that sounds great-you need to email everything to Simone please , see email address in web post. There’s no deadline

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