Jul 242013

After news that GPs are now being told not to supply evidence for ESA or want to charge people a small fortune to do the job of a GP for writing reports –more tricks from the DWP to get claimant numbers down and trick people out of their entitlement from Disability Sanctuary which we are reposting. They say:

“DWP are stopping sending out warnings that GP fit notes (sick notes) are running out in most areas, you wont know until your payments stop and you ring them. This has been the case in some areas already for a while now, but we have been told today that its something that they are stopping altogether this month. So keep a check on when your note runs out, and when you send one, ensure you check with them to make sure they have received a new note, or better still get an appointment to have it scanned onto the local Job Centre system so it goes live straight away (well almost.)

If posting you must send the note to the centre dealing with your claim, if in doubt then check with them via phone as if it goes to the wrong one they do not always forward them, (no surprises there!)”

With thanks to Disability Sanctuary  


and thanks to Annie who spotted this



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  10 Responses to “Urgent Warning for those in WRAG on Fit notes/sick notes please circulate”

  1. I googled the postcode for sending back fit-notes that appears on the envelope. I called it upon streetview too. I t is a non-geographical postcode. It shows up as a massive ROYAL MAIL CENTRE on the Trafford Park site in Telford in SHROPSHIRE. Just thought you would like this information

  2. Dose any one know the address for sending a sick note to the E.S.A department please

  3. I was on the sick, Depression, and Athromyalgia, very bad, I had my appointment with the vampires and they said I had not scored a single point, mmm lucky I appealed and luckier I got a job sat on my arse with the RAC, 9 month later laid off, now I have had 4 stents fitted to my heart, still depressed and wide spread Athromyalgia, in a shit place and cannot be arsed to be honest live or die, so now back on sick waiting to be given the Spanish inquisition, great eh, I am a genuine case, so painful alllll my joints and on depression meds, loads a tablets that have caused shed loads a weight gain, seeing cardiac rehab, Dietician, Podiatrist for planter fasciatis, seeing a counselor for the mind set, and I am afraid to be on the sick, hey ho.

  4. Little known fact.when ever you send anything to a government department like the DWP I believe the mail first goes to a special royal mail sorting room where it is opened and checked before being passed on to the relevant department,this is why so much of it is delayed in the mail or goes astray

  5. My wifes cousin, won her appeal, (she has parkinsons) but was still put in the WRAG group. Her GP put her straight back on the sick. DWP said they decided if she was fit for work, not her GP.

  6. when I see doctors charging 70 quid from someone on 71 quid for their own medical evidence and a generic letter from the LMC is that propoganda too Hippocratic oath, more like hypocrisy coming from evil greedy professionals who have no thoughts of duty of care.



  7. This has been happening in Manchester for a while now and causes absolute chaos. It’s not always even possible to get a GP appointment to coincide with when the new fit note is due anyway so often the note will be a day late. A friend of mine has acute mental health issues and keeping track of when his fit note is due so that he doesn’t lose money has become a nightmare for him and an additional stress. They’ve frequently left him with no money for days on end when he hasn’t put the note in, although sometimes it’s been for lack of GP appointments, and he then has to borrow money to phone them up et etc. And this is the system that was meant to have been improved for people with mental health conditions!

  8. They will NOT take a sick/ fit note over the counter or scan it in to the system at the JC+ UNLESS its late and delaying a payment.
    They merely hand over a pre paid addressed envelope and ask you to post it in the Post Office letter box outside.
    They will at least sellotape the flap shut for you as the gum on the envelope is next to useless
    This has been happening to me for 11 month now

    • During my appeal my local JC scanned and forwarded my sick note twice….so it’s obviously different in each JC

    • My JC always sends my sick note but I was told this morning that the system has now changed and they will no longer do this, everything has to be posted. As was said in an earlier post all mail goes to a clearing system so takes at least a week to get there and as you can’t get sick notes backdated it’s now impossible to get your money on time. I was told to negotiate with my doctor so that my payment dates were always a week after my sick note date! I have mental health problems so how am I meant to work out a particular day 3 months in advance???? It also means paying for recorded delivery as proof of postage is essential with these people. It doesn’t help that my payment date was on Thursdays but I was told by the. JC last month I get paid on a Tuesday, only to be told this morning I am due to be paid on Monday!!!

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