Jul 242013

After news that GPs are now being told not to supply evidence for ESA or want to charge people a small fortune to do the job of a GP for writing reports –more tricks from the DWP to get claimant numbers down and trick people out of their entitlement from Disability Sanctuary which we are reposting. They say:

“DWP are stopping sending out warnings that GP fit notes (sick notes) are running out in most areas, you wont know until your payments stop and you ring them. This has been the case in some areas already for a while now, but we have been told today that its something that they are stopping altogether this month. So keep a check on when your note runs out, and when you send one, ensure you check with them to make sure they have received a new note, or better still get an appointment to have it scanned onto the local Job Centre system so it goes live straight away (well almost.)

If posting you must send the note to the centre dealing with your claim, if in doubt then check with them via phone as if it goes to the wrong one they do not always forward them, (no surprises there!)”

With thanks to Disability Sanctuary  


and thanks to Annie who spotted this