May 052013

The Dail Fail published the above 4th May as the ‘workshy’ map

The NOT fit for work Map above by Nick @Mylegalforum publised 5th May

The difference between propaganda and truth in the Atos/DWP war

See the full story on the Fail map at

See more from the brilliant Nick at


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  4 Responses to “The Daily Fail ‘workshy’ Map with the NOT Fit for Work Map”

    GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN WEBSITE .After applying for an Epetition after one had expired for David Nicholson to resign and be stripped of his knighthood and naming the Cabinet office as the Department responsible Yola shut my Website down with a curt email stating my content was not in keeping with their content policy .It took them 7 months to decide that .Also there was no reply email from Epetitions either- if one was cynical enough one could conclude that the Cabinet Office probably had a hand in the decision .Nicholson must have some pretty damaging knowledge about the powers that be to still hold onto his job after NHS scandal after scandal .Corruption holds no Bounds .

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