May 152013

Bromley and Croydon DPAC are holding a benefit Justice  meeting Monday 30th May at 7pm at Acts Ministries, Acts House, 30 Union Road, Croydon, CR0 2XU.

Its another opportunity for people to come together against the cuts affecting us all.

“The Bedroom Tax and the benefits cap, alongside other sweeping changes to the benefits system and the reduction in vital services supporting disabled people and parents, is hitting the poor hard – both those in and out of work,” DPAC’s spokeswoman said.

“The benefits cap on top of the Bedroom Tax will impoverish and stigmatise people who can’t move home, while driving out others to unfamiliar parts of the country, uprooting their lives and their support networks, and leaving London to the better off.”

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  3 Responses to “Benefit Justice meeting: 30th May 7pm Croydon”

  1. “All in it Together: How Government Is Handing Ownership of our Schools and Hospitals to Banks”

  2. BROKEN BRITISH POLITICS – Thousands rally in Rome against cuts
    In this Country for us to be able to do this we would have to meet all the conditions set down by either the Picketing or Demonstration law .We have to notify the Authorities 6 days before a demonstration takes place and the Police can Dictate the conditions to be adhered to or even Ban it. About 100,000 protesters, led by trade unionists, have rallied in the Italian capital Rome against the policies of the new coalition government. They urged the Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, to scrap austerity measures and focus on job creation..
    Public trust in his fragile coalition with the centre-right is dropping, opinion polls suggest.
    The country is experiencing its longest recession in more than 40 years. National debt is now about 127% of annual economic output, second only to Greece in the eurozone.
    Unemployment is at a record high of 11.5% – 38% for the under-25s.

    They call it a success but the public beg to differ very strongly since the Reforms and even before here are some facts about Government Policy . The Bedroom Tax -Liverpool-based Riverside Group said around half of its 6,193 affected households receiving full housing benefit have not paid anything at all to cover the shortfall, while a quarter contributed something but did not pay their rent in full. Just one in four affected tenants paid the full amount.
    The tenfold increase during 6 years under the last Labour government in the number of people receiving help from Foodbanks (by around 36,000 to 40,898) is dwarfed by the increase of 87,799 (to 128,697) that took place in just the first 2 years of the coalition government.
    But even that is nothing compared to what happened in the most recent year, 2012-13. The already massive number of over 128,000 almost tripled in a single year to almost 350,000 . All this is bad enough – but it’s not what I’m talking about as unbelievable. The Government claim these numbers as a success .

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