Jul 242013

On Saturday 20th July 2013, 12 campaigners from Bromley/Croydon DPAC, Campaign for benefit Justice, supported by Bromley Trades Council Members, held a demonstration to support UK UNCUT day of action against HSBC and highlighting that the world’s biggest bank is a profolic user of off shore tax havens, while the use of a food bank in the UK has increased 200 per cent in the last 12 months.

HSBC Bromley Branch decided due to security reasons to close its doors to the campaigners and close the bank which was a victory for those campaigning as it was the intention to stop the bank from operating. So those gathered handed out leaflets on the HSBC protest outside the bank and raised awareness about HSBC and tax evasion, and yet in the last 12 months in Bromley 3,261 men women and children in the borough used a food bank, and those campaigning had a bucket for people to donate food to the local food bank for those in need.  Two large buckets of food was donated in the afternoon protest which was delivered by DPAC to the local food bank in Bromley.

Campaigning on the Bromley bedroom tax petition also continued during the protest, and 116 signatures were gathered in two hours.  Well done to everyone who came along, Bromley HSBC was closed for the entire stuff the bank protest.  Please see a couple of pictures from the demo on Saturday 20th July.


May 152013

Bromley and Croydon DPAC are holding a benefit Justice  meeting Monday 30th May at 7pm at Acts Ministries, Acts House, 30 Union Road, Croydon, CR0 2XU.

Its another opportunity for people to come together against the cuts affecting us all.

“The Bedroom Tax and the benefits cap, alongside other sweeping changes to the benefits system and the reduction in vital services supporting disabled people and parents, is hitting the poor hard – both those in and out of work,” DPAC’s spokeswoman said.

“The benefits cap on top of the Bedroom Tax will impoverish and stigmatise people who can’t move home, while driving out others to unfamiliar parts of the country, uprooting their lives and their support networks, and leaving London to the better off.”

For more information visit www.benefitjustice.wordpress.com.

Email: benefitjustice@gmail.com or mail@dpac.uk.net

Jan 262013

Protest against the planned £10 million cuts to Adult Social Care in Croydon

Monday 28 January, 5.30pm

Croydon Town Hall


Croydon Council are in the process of agreeing their budget setting which includes a proposed set of cuts to services across Adult Social Care, that amount to £10million being taken out of the budget.


The Council carried out a consultation that was inaccessible to disabled people and included no detailed information about the cuts proposed to vital support services that the most disadvantaged members of the community depend upon.


We are very concerned that on top of year on year reductions by Croydon, and the huge central government cuts to disability-related benefits and entitlements, these cuts represent a further attack on the quality of life of disabled people. The cuts are adding injury to injury, and mean yet morepainfordisabledpeopleinCroydon.