May 152013

We have sent the following complaint about what we consider to be the incitement to hatred by Cornish councillor Colin Brewer.

In Wadebridge East, Colin Brewer has been re-elected, despite his earlier remarks about the need to kill disabled children because they cost too much.  It seems voters may have accepted his apology. His comments had already sent shivers down the backs of all disabled people who knew about it – particularly, of course, those of us born with our impairments.

We have to our collective horror, however, now learnt from Disability News Service, whose reporter John Pring interviewed Mr. Brewer extensively, that far from realizing the error of his ways, Mr. Brewer has been emboldened to repeat and elaborate on his murderous and chilling views.  We quote from the article posted on May 10th 2013 ( “In the interview, Brewer repeatedly indicated that he believed there was a good argument for killing some disabled babies with high support needs, because of the cost of providing them with services.”

The contempt with which he views perhaps all human beings is revealed in this quote from the same article “People are not on this earth for very long. My main concern is planning and environmental [issues] and landscape. In that context, people are just transient. I have heard of terrific amounts of money being spent on specific individuals.”  But as far as disabled humans are concerned, Mr. Brewer made it clear that he considers us no better than animals, saying about farmers “If they have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. They get rid of it. Bang!”

We could go on; Mr. Brewer certainly did, making it very clear that we were not worth society’s efforts and clearly having no idea whatsoever of the contribution we make to society.

Early on in Nazi Germany, a poster appeared with a disabled man sitting down looking unhappy, and a ‘doctor’ behind him. The poster told the public how much this disabled man was supposed to be costing them. From there, the gas chambers were trialed on disabled people first.

We believe Mr. Brewer’s comments reveal that he is not fit to hold any public office whatsoever. How can you be a public servant, whilst advocating exterminating sections of the public who have done no wrong whatsoever?  Our understanding is that public service standards should debar him forthwith and we ask that you rapidly address this.




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  3 Responses to “Complaint from DPAC to Cornwall Council Standards Committee”

  1. It is time now that anyone who has some sort of difference unleashes their potential to rid this country of this vile and cruel government forever. The comradeship of the people must grow in that we can restore a respectful and understanding nation.

  2. This is so FRIGHTENING.. All it takes is one MADMAN and I refer to Cameron to gain power and it enables them to commit ATROCITIES in the name of the people.. Just like we are seeing now with the attacks on the disabled and poorest in our society. It takes one seed to be sown and take hold and before you known it, it is in full bloom as in the seed this government has planted against the disabled & disadvantaged… I DESPAIR where our once GREAT country is heading, really do!!

  3. I cannot believe this country has become so apathetic, uncaring and/or hateful that now we are voting in people who want to do away with babies who have some sort of disability! This is how the Nazis got away with genocide of anyone who had some sort of difference. Disgusting doesn’t sum it up!

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