Apr 042013

With Brighton having already committed to NO EVICTIONS on the bedroom tax, other Councils are looking at ways around the problem.

Campaign pressure from Leeds has forced the Council to follow Nottingham’s example and ‘redesignate’ flats as one-bed less to reduce impact of Bedroom Tax.  See:


Leeds Anti-Bedroom Tax Protest – 20th April


Also for Nottingham:





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  One Response to “More Councils looking at ways around the Bedroom Tax”

  1. Can someone, anyone, comment on which issues are relating to Scotland AND England and where there are differences given that ALL the Authorities and Geographic areas are SEPARATE… AND ESPECIALLY THE LEGAL SYSTEMS?
    E.G. ‘ATOS’ have been refused the right to handle this polically dishonest travesty in Scotland and ‘SALCO’ are to do the dirty work for them … BUT ATOS apparently recieved £140 MILLION BEFORE they even did ANY WORK. And just how musch in ADMIN COSTS are going to use up the supposed SAVED expenses?
    The HOUSING ACT (SCOTLAND 2001) Sect 25 says this (which MEANS they are overstepping their LEGAL OBLIGATIONS… there nust be somilar laws in England?
    “25 Increase in rent or charges

    (1) The landlord under a Scottish secure tenancy may increase the rent or any other charge payable under the tenancy by giving the tenant notice of the increase not less than 4 weeks before the beginning of any rental period (or any earlier day on which the payment of rent in respect of that period falls to be made).
    (2) Where a notice is given under subsection (1), the rent or charge is increased in relation to that and every subsequent rental period.
    (3) In subsections (1) and (2), “rental period” means a period in respect of which an instalment of rent falls to be paid.
    (4) Where the landlord under a Scottish secure tenancy proposes to increase the rents or any other charges payable by all, or any class of, its tenants it must, before giving notice under subsection (1)—

    (a) consult those of its tenants who would be affected by the proposal, and

    (b) have regard to the views expressed by those consulted.”

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