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Disabled people, benefit claimants and supporters will be holding a vigil and rememberence event for those who have died due to the actions of Paralympic sponsor Atos.  The event will take place outside the company’s UK Head Office in Triton Square, Euston on Wednesday August 29th, the same day as the opening of the Paralympic Games. Meet 3.45pm for 4pm start.

Atos are responsible for carrying out the Government’s notorious Work Capability Assessment, a relentless health and disability assessment regime which has been used to slash vital benefits from hundred of thousands of sick and disabled people.  Tragically several people have committed suicide due to the endless, stressful assessments and the threat of poverty and destitution they bring.  An  investigation by the Daily Mirror found that 32 people a week die after being declared ‘fit for work’ by the company, whilst Channel 4’s Dispatches recently exposed the system as ‘toxic’ in the words of Atos’ own staff.
Campaigners will gather in the square at 3.30pm and will deliver a coffin full of messages from victims of Atos to the front door of the company’s headquarters.  A memorial service will then take place, involving a reading of the names of those who have died due to the company’s actions.  Some of the messages will be attached to black balloons and released and members of the congregation will speak of their own experiences at the hands of Atos.  All are welcome to attend and are asked to wear black if possible.
This event takes place during the National Week of Action Against Atos called by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), to coincide with the London Paralympic Games.  Events are scheduled to take place in towns and cities around around the UK and in London disabled people and supporters will be back at Triton Square on Friday 31st August for the Closing Atos Ceremony.


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  10 Responses to “Vigil for Atos Victims – DPAC action 29th August”

  1. For some weeks I have been asking ATOS questions on their site Blog.Questions like will the new PIP which is replacing DLA stop people killing themselves? Did ATOS request talks with disabiltiy groups over WCA like they are now doing with PIP?Should ATOS assessors look at the medical notes the blog tells claiments to take in?Can they comment on reports that people have killed themselves because of ATOS medicals.My questions get no answers and dissapear from the moderation box after a while.Today I received a ” Forbidden you don,t have permission to access this server.” I cannot anymore but I would urge everyone to go on the ATOS blog and ask the awkward questions they do not want to answer.Lets see how many people ATOS HEALTHSCARE have to “Forbid access” to.

    • Another way to ask the questions ATOS don,t want to answer is to access their blog through the “WELCOME TO ATOS HEALTHCARE ” website.It has the usual colourful smiley,grinning face at the top of page. Click on ATOS HEALTHCARE BLOG and you will find lots of carefully worded ATOS info on WCA,PIP etc..People can post questions by clicking “no comments”.Like me, you will eventually be barred access to ask such questions but not before some I.T.Geek or Customer Relations robot has had the run around.

  2. I have just been told, rather patronisingly, that I’m obviously not quite with it. This, by an ATOS call centre operator, for likening their weird way of employing doctors to murder people is rather akin to Nazi Germany.
    This person couldn’t give a toss about concentration camps either. They actually said that.

    • There have been some rather heated discussion on FB about the validity of comparing the ConDem policy of persecuting disabled people with the Nazi policies of – er – persecuting disabled people. I think it is a perfectly valid form of political protest, but some people thought some of the Photoshopped images, e.g of Cameron standing at the gate of Auschwitz saying ‘Right, take them away’ were offensive. Well, they are MEANT to be offensive, but offensive to the ConDems, NOT to the victims of the Holocaust.

      ‘Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it’.

  3. I hope to be there!! Also, may I put this on my blog?

  4. Will be thinking of you, thanks for doing this and please take care & stay safe. Mo x

  5. I am waiting appeal, I was on incapacity for 16 years in total. I passed every medical with WCA by their own doctors. ATOS say I’m fit for work in three months. Giving me no points. I have a disabled son with Asperger. I also have custody of my granddaughter who is also disabled with learning diffeculties. My husband as also had six heart attacks and four stents put in. Two that happend in November 2011. If they make me go back to work who will look after my family. I am already seeing a councilor for depression . What am I to do??!!

    • Melanie, please try not to worry. Get in touch with a local welfare rights advocate who will help with your appeal. I know you need to be there with your family but they won’t take account of that you need to focus on finding evidence regarding your own incapacity for work. Can your GP write something for you? If you are on medication, get a prescription list from your surgery. You will have to concentrate on giving the very best reasons you can think of as to why you cannot work; it really is tough but a welfare rights person can guide you. Good luck and remember most people, who have representation, do win their appeals.

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