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DPAC Logo 3 amendment 1 (Small)Our rights are being stripped away day by day by the neo-liberal policies being imposed on us all by the Condems leaving us without any hope for our futures or our children’s futures.


DPAC say this is not fair, not acceptable and we must fight back against the continuing attacks. We will be having a week of actions nationally and virtually from August 29th and culminating on September 4th with  mass events and actions in London.


Thursday 29th August – launch on anniversary of coffin delivery to Atos, make Crossrail fully accessible protest, plus more….


Friday 30th August – local protests –go to local MPs, Atos offices, schools and colleges that are creating barriers to inclusion..plus more…


Saturday 31st August – disability, art and protest exhibition and gig


Sunday 1st September –
The Social Model In The 21st Century – Why Is It Still relevant?


Monday 2nd September – Media direct actions, picking up the pace as we come to the end of the week of action, despite everything we do it is getting more and more difficult to get media space to present the facts whereas there is plenty of space given to misrepresentation of stats and government lies


Tuesday 3rd September – ‘I Dare’ day – to reinforce that we want Rights not Charity and a society where we are able to operate on our own terms as disabled people.

Approximate time 1pm -2.30pm


Wednesday 4th September – Grand Finale events in London and public launch of the Manifesto ‘Reclaiming our Futures’

noon- 4pm followed by lobby of parliament 5-6pm


We want to get disabled people from around the UK out resisting, based on their experiences, creating disabled people’s space, raising awareness of what we are all about. But there is plenty of social media stuff too- everyone can be an ‘extremist’!


The Anti Atos message last year was very clear and very successful. This year we want the messaging to be broader and to be about what we want and expect from any future government including all aspects of inclusion.


At the Rethinking Disability Policy event last September a network of Disabled People’s Organisations agreed to develop a manifesto of demands. The manifesto is nearly ready for consultation and sign up. Let us know if you’d like a copy.


The Reclaiming Our Futures week will launch the manifesto and say what we want to protect our futures.


Last year’s ATOS GAMES protests had at least 33 separate local protests in different locations in England, Scotland and Wales over the course of the week.


While the Atos Games focused on demonstrating and closing things down, this year’s week of action will retain that anger and include direct action but it will also be a celebration of disability pride.


DPAC has some funding for the week of action and we have worked out what we have the capacity to do. We are asking other groups to think about what they can put on and contribute to the week. This needs all of us!


We are asking people around the UK to do things as well – debates, forums, art exhibitions, protests, to link in with this. Let us know what you’re planning and we’ll publicise it!


If you need help with funding to get to London (4th Sept) email us at mail@dpac.uk.net with details. DPAC members will get first priority but we’re hoping to be able to contribute to all that want to come along. If you are unable to come but would like your picture carried send us a photo or message. Please get in touch with any other queries as well and we’ll try to help.

more to come…….


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  15 Responses to “Reclaiming Our Futures: 7 days of action!”

  1. Great, marvelous BUT, what is being organised for those of us unable to demonstrate physically?

    Even the ‘Adolf Hitler Front’ or whatever the ConDems are calling themselves these days has hordes of blue rinsed ‘comment warriors’ ready to out troll, Troll Mc Troll from Trolltown, if any ‘lefty disabled, ungrateful etc. etc.’ dares to do an Oliver and want more!

    Yes I know, publicity, press etc. etc. BUT, isn’t it a ‘bit disablist’ to concentrate on physical demonstrations?

    We (that’s herself who must be obeyed as well as me) have the odd few hours going spare…… daily and there’s only so much of trying to ‘educate’ our prospective MP that can be done…….. before she runs away screaming!

    The internet is probably our greatest enablement why aren’t we using it efficiently? The best form of defence is attack!

    (That’s Fox in Welsh stuff)

    • As always DPAC has social media and other actions running alongside physical demos-we’re still putting details together- as you will appreciate its a lot of work for a few people who do this all as volunteers-just keep watching the web and twitter etc all will be revealed….

    • Plus people are free to organise something themselves- we welcome it- so if you are keen to do that please do, and let us know what you’re planning: we all need to act on this!

  2. I’d like to get involved with some of this. I’m not disabled although my mum is, and working out her benefits has made me aware of the way this government is treating people with disabilities. Are any of your protests and events just for people who are disabled, or are there some where it’s OK for allies to come too?


    • Hi DPAC’s ‘Reclaiming our Futures’events are for everyone that wants to get involved and protest at what this unelected Government are doing

  3. I can still not understand – even though I have asked often – why a legal action has not been taken under section 3 of the Human Rights Act . I would like a legal response as to this.

  4. Thanks DPAC for removing the captia on this blog so making it more accessible to screen reader users.

  5. Amazing to see that you guys (Dpac) along with uk uncut are still doing events of direct action . why was the protest run on the 13th july not promoted on the peoples assembly web site facebook page this protest which i attended run by members of dpac and one hope one voice was attenend by a small group of actvists no more than 70 people and the peolpe running it worked there butts off only dpac promoted the event, shame on the people assembly for not promoting this event as they delieved 15 hundred stories about the bedroom tax and cuts proud moment seeing an actvist walk right up to No 10 to deliver the box containing the stories people had written this was the first protest since the peoples assembly which the could have got behind but no nothing the have premoted uk uncut stuff the banks (excellent) is this because of the national pull of uk uncuts media coverage which can be small depending on the level of interest generated ( shard) front page . as far as i can see the organisers of the peoples assembly are high jacking peoples protests for there own political ambitions and already has an elite leading it. as one member said on the panal who was a union man at the meeting of the peolpes assembly 22nd june to me as i asked the question what if you dont want to work( slave)for a company and making someone else very very rich why are no speakers who dont believe in the capitalist monitary system which enslaves people in to poverty and creates a class system speaking here to day {i was told you should get your own peoples assembly) wow i thought to myself. SO what has happened since the 22nd nothing nothin we are waiting until the 29th sept big count down clock on there site ha ha ha so my question for the assembly is take direct action now thats what direct action is not at the end of september. the self proclaimed leaders of the peoples assembly are trying to create a new political partyas far as i can see so as an actvist who wants to bring down this whole curpt political system i will not be supporting this group.(people assembly) i will continue to support Dpac and uk uncut we will bring down this polictical system and re place it with something beautful caring and loving non judging or profit making and no forms.

  6. I am appalled to see, as part of this week of action, the Social Model on trial. How can anyone, at this time, think we no longer need it? We need it more than ever. The Social Model shows we are disabled people because of the barriers we face in society, not because of our impairments/perceived impairments.

    The role of the Social Model is to move the focus away from the individual and place the focus on the barriers disabled people face in society.

    Surely we need it more than ever at this time, when many of the barriers which had started being removed are now being put back in place, and the removal of other barriers is seen as not important any more by the government – for example: reverses in and slowing down of creating accessible public transport; increased difficulty in finding, and the slowing down of building accessible housing; removal of resources to gain personal assistance; increase in negative attitudes towards disabled people – to list but a few.

  7. On September 4 Myself & Debbie Sayers are formally presenting our petition re IDS (https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/work-pensions-committee-hold-ids-to-account-for-his-use-of-statistics-2#) to Liz Kendall MP – currently there are 100,433 names on it.

    Would love to play in the Grand Finale of events 🙂

    In Solidarity

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