Aug 262012

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On Saturday NORTHAMPTON DPAC held a stall in Abington Street, Northampton
Included in the many that put their name to our petition was deaf and blind medal-winning paralympic swimmer Janice Tillett, from Crofters Close, East Hunsbury,Northampton, who represented Great Britain in the pool at the Barcelona Paralympics in 1992, winning two relay silver medals. She also won four European Championships golds for her country.
Janice as been recorded in the local press:
We hope that Janice will join us at Atos on the 28 Aug.
Anti-Atos images sent in by Fred Peachum:

























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  One Response to “YOUR Atos Games!”

  1. I have read somewhere that BT tried to close access to your organsiation. But then ATOS service and maintain them. But the BT claimed they were not blocking access. In the famous words of a prostitute in the Profumo affair: “Well, they would say that wouldn’t they!”.

    The “powers that be” will only attempt to silence and eliminate anything that poses a threat or exposes what they are doing. In regimes where criticism is stifled it leads to people becoming politically active, going public for all to see, banning criticism is counter-productive. When people are free to air grievances they release anger by doing so and then feel vindicated. Deny people a say and it ferments into ACTION.

    I see this has been the case with DPAC supporters. Obviously the threat of legal action, blocking your websites, etc, has failed, and you now have an active support base prepared to take on ATOS and expose this death-dealing malignant organisation. I believe in France employees of Atos have expressed concern about the way employees in England go along with the persecution of the sick and disabled, etc. Perhaps you could approach the French for support, too.

    I firmly believe if you can only move one limb, if its a leg, kick ATOS with it. I did what I could. A nasty “DR” Trividi came to my home to make an assesment. Didn’t know where ulcers were and then make accusation he had to flee in danger of his life. Turns out the “Doctor” not qualified, as can be showm by BMA hearing, and ATOS tried to claim they had sacked him. I have reported the obnoxious man to the UKBA as a potentially illegal immigrant. Even the university he claimed to practise at is not recognised by Pakistani medical registry.

    Under FOI I have proof this Trevidi has made several complaints against claimants when they have questioned his medical qualifications. He is still working for ATOS who later claimed all the ifnormation I had was a “typing mistake”.

    There are many ways people can assist you in your campaign if they cannot support your Atos Games campaigns.

    Please all those of your supporters who feel suicide is the only way forward, get them to remember the quote from an American General: “You don’t win a war by dying for your country, you win by making the other XXXXXXX die for hisI ‘m not suggesting we kill ATOS employees literally, but “kill” them by exposing their false identities and qualifications.

    My heart goes out to all fellow disabled and those who care for them. I suffer from physical and mental illness and have attempted suicide in the past. Please, please please encourage everyone thinking of doing this not to give way. Suicide is the act of someone who can see no other way out and feel powerless to change things. But you can, honestly, and that’s by supporting the DPAc and encouraging others in same position not to give up.

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