Mar 252013

A one-day seminar for Young Disabled People and supporters

Saturday 6 April 2013

10:30 am – 14:45 pm, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1S 3LS


10:30 Registration and refreshments

11.00 Welcome from Megan Dobney, SERTUC Regional Secretary


11.10 Further and Higher Education: the specific challenges facing disabled young people followed by Q&A and discussion


Jawanza Ipyana, National Union of Students

11.50 Panel Discussion: Employment, Policy and Good Practice in the workplace

Rob McCraken, CWU Rep

Jonathan Naess, CEO Stand to Reason


12.30 Lunch


1.15 Question Time: How the Paralympics’ dream was destroyed by the cuts

Tara Flood, Paralympic Gold Medallist and Director of Alliance for Inclusive


Penny Pepper and Roger Lewis, Disabled People Against Cuts

Rob McCracken, CWU workplace Rep

Jawanza Ipyana, NUS Disabled Students’ Committee


2.35 Closing remarks from the Chair

2.45 Departure


To register email Joanne Adams on or call 020 7467 1218

Online Signup:

Facebook event page:

Twitter account: @sertucyouth


Oct 062012

A successful conference held in London on the 27th September called for a new UK network to challenge the attacks on disability rights in the UK. The conference supported by DPAC, Inclusion London, ALLFIE, Norfolk Coalition of Disabled people and the Joseph Rowntree Trust brought together leading Disabled Peoples Organisations and leading disability activists.

Key speaker Jenny Morris said that the ‘disability movement’ was more vibrant than ever, and that this Government had launched a number of attacks on disabled people and their rights. However others suggested that there may not be a disability movement anymore, but pockets of activity. What was clear was that challenges by disabled people and disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) must increase. Speakers also raised issues of how ‘the movement’ could be more inclusive in the speakers ‘from the frontline’ slots.

DPAC was there to add commentary and information on what was happening to disabled people under the regime of Atos and the ESA processes as well as the everyday crisis disabled people were facing under this Government. The whole day was brilliantly co-chaired by Tracey Lazard ( CEO of Inclusion London ) and Tara Flood ( director of the Alliance of Inclusive Education) . Speakers included Jenny Morris, Andrew Lee, Eleanor Lisney, Chris Edwards, Debbie Jolly, Linda Burnip and Geraldine O’Halloran, yet, there was also plenty of time for discussion.

Catch up on conference and presentations with the livestream (with BSL)

Catch up on all presentations and discussions through live stream and see Stephen Lee Hodgkin’s brilliant time-line at

Read the excellent John Pring’s ( Disability News Service) account of the day at

Another option to keep up with what’s happening and have a chance to dicuss your views is to tune into Make Yourself Heard on Tuesdays 2-4p.m with Merry Cross 

Join up to the new UK network: be part of the increasing outcry on our injustices!

Send an email to with subject line ‘UK Network’ to be kept in the loop on this exciting and much needed new network of DPOs and activists.

We can also put you in touch with any local DPAC groups in your area or help you set up your own local DPAC group. We now have 26 DPACs across the UK and along with our sister organisation Black Triangle in Scotland we have made sure that disabled peoples’ issues are vibrant and will continue to be-never again must we allow our ‘movement’ to get sleepy- join the challenge!


Mar 022011
Tara Flood at Hammersmith Town Hall protesting with a loudspeaker

Tara Flood at Hammersmith Town Hall

Having discovered at the last minute that our local Council were planning £68 million worth of cuts to services, the Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition Against Community Care Cuts (HAFCACC) decided we needed to be at the meeting.

In our short history we have a great track record on local action – lots of crips on the streets protesting and a couple of years ago we took the council to judicial review to stop the introduction of home care charging – sadly the case wasn’t successful but we made things very difficult for the local tories as we have done since.

So three HAFCACC reps showed up at the Town Hall last Weds to hear the Tory bullshit about the ‘hard choices’ that they had to make, why they thought it was necessary to cut millions from adult social care services, services for people with learning difficulties, Sure Start services and so the list went on…

We all know times are tough but it was clear from the laughter coming from Tory councillors that they had absolutely no concept of the damage the cuts would do to disabled people’s lives or any interest in what we had to say about it. In fact they were constantly distracted by their mobile phones.

The meeting was a disgrace and made a complete sham of local democracy – no wonder then that we made our anger, frustration and disgust known throughout the meeting – loud and often. “Tory Scrum” is a particular favourite of mine!

It was obvious that Tory councillors were uncomfortable having disabled people there telling them the truth. So before too long me and my partner, Andy were evicted by three ‘heavies’ – I didn’t leave before l told the assembled Tories exactly what I thought of them!!

The following day we heard that the Tory annual conference was being held at Hammersmith & Fulham Town Hall the next Saturday and the word was that Boris Johnson was planning to use the event to launch his mayoral campaign – a perfect opportunity to turn up on mass. Boris did show up but was hurried through a side entrance so he didn’t have to see our protest – so much for his desperate need to be loved by Londoners – it seems this only applies to Tory voting Londoners.

HAFCACC’s protesting against these cuts continues and we are busy hooking up with other local campaigning groups to strengthen our voices. I’ve got to tell you – there is something so bloody empowering about telling the truth to power – long will it continue!!

–Tara Flood

Boris did not escape the lens of Pete Riches though and he sent us this report with photos of London’s Mayor Boris Johnson flees from protesters