Aug 192012

Atos claim that 90% of people surveyed ‘are positive about their experience with us’. Yes, this is on WCA! The claim is apparently from their monthly survey of 2,500 people- odd then that an estimated 11, 000 people a week are going through this horrendous process =44,000 per month. They say:

Independent reviews have confirmed that we are providing a high standard of service in our WCA role and in our monthly survey[1] of over 2,500 customers, 90% of those who respond are positive about their experience with us. We are the first to recognise that in a role as complex and challenging as this, it is also our day-to-day duty to look for ways to improve any aspect of our work.

It would be inappropriate for Atos Healthcare to comment on the government’s procurement process, but the company welcomes competition in the healthcare sector as with all other areas in which we operate.

[1] The survey is carried out by an external company and adheres to market research criteria.

Don’t let them get away with this rubbish! Fill in the #dpac short survey here


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