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Atos claim that 90% of people surveyed ‘are positive about their experience with us’. Yes, this is on WCA! The claim is apparently from their monthly survey of 2,500 people- odd then that an estimated 11, 000 people a week are going through this horrendous process =44,000 per month. They say:

Independent reviews have confirmed that we are providing a high standard of service in our WCA role and in our monthly survey[1] of over 2,500 customers, 90% of those who respond are positive about their experience with us. We are the first to recognise that in a role as complex and challenging as this, it is also our day-to-day duty to look for ways to improve any aspect of our work.

It would be inappropriate for Atos Healthcare to comment on the government’s procurement process, but the company welcomes competition in the healthcare sector as with all other areas in which we operate.

[1] The survey is carried out by an external company and adheres to market research criteria.

Don’t let them get away with this rubbish! Fill in the #dpac short survey here


If you really want to read full Atos text then go to



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  13 Responses to “Atos’ bizarre claim that 90% find WCA a positive process”

  1. Perhaps they are only surveying the 12% that they have put in the support group in order to meet their targets

  2. Excellent comment, bob brown, all these appeals are costing the taxpayer a fortune on top of the 300 million ATOS got for this shambles and the 400 million they’re getting to start into DLA next (so I read).

    Perhaps DPAC, some figures on this out there in the public domain to make the taxpayers furious? It’s no good just disabled people’s voices speaking out, we need everyone’s voice in the whole country speaking out and who better than the poor taxpayers who are paying for it all? It’s such a waste of money that, as bob says, could be put to so much better use. How do you get a job if there are none to be had? Why would an employer take on a disabled person when there are so many fit, healthy young people crying out for a job? Use this money to create industry, for heaven’s sake, and give us all a chance!

    No doubt the benefit system has been defrauded for years – even people in high standing have done it – and no-one is saying it does not have to be looked at (as well as many other sectors), but not in this frantic, shambolic manner of churning out generalised computerised letters to all and sundry (weekly now it seems) no matter what YOUR personal circumstances or whether or not they even apply to YOU! At best it’s frightening when you are already down in your life, but the saddest thing of all is, this policy is costing the most vulnerable among us, in some cases, their very lives. What on earth have we come to?

    We are living, breathing PEOPLE out here – not National Insurance Numbers!!!

  3. Perhaps you have thought of this already, but would it be an idea to set up a petition on this on the government petition website? These ATOS figures cannot be right. I have read hundreds of comments on these assessments all over the internet and have not come across one person yet who has been awarded anything other than a “0” – and plenty who don’t have a good word to say about them.

    It’s not that I think a petition will make the government change their minds (but who knows if enough sign?) but that’s not the point of it really – the point is to give the people of the country caught up in this nightmare and writing into various websites in their thousands, ONE single avenue to counteract these ATOS claims – and where better to do that than the government’s own petition website?

    • There are too many petitions and people shut off from them-which is why dpac and others set up the survey to try and get the real facts out on this-the more evidence we have the better

      • Oh thank you for your reply, I’ve completed it already. 🙂

        Just out of interest, what will be done with the response?

        • responses will used for mainstream media (UK and
          European) and will be published on every left wing blog we can get them on,
          published all over social media, they are going to MPs and they will also
          be used to dispute the next Harrington report- so a fair bit- percentages so
          far and anonymized quotes already gone to Independent on Sunday-and they will
          go to any thing we can think of to try and smash this nonsense -so the more
          people that can fill this in the better-survey ends in Sept after which results will also be published on dpac web

  4. yes well this nazi goverment lies as panarama and news night shows,if so satisfied why so many appeals. my son worked for h.m prison service atos said he was pulling the wool and should go back to work.odd thing is two weeks later this same atos employed by nh.m prison service agreed that my son s medical records confirm he is unlikly to ever work again and he was awarded a full pension on the grounds he was medically unfit. He is still waiting for his appeal for esa as his pension is not enough to live on with three kids and a wife. he is having to provide sick notes while he waits for his appeal which he will undoubtedly win. atos esa is rigged and is costing the country a fortune in appeals which should be invested in industry create jobs and then is the time to cut the state bill not in the middle of an downturn. The liberals have now realised the tories lie and have risked there parties creadability and the tories having got there welfare reform bill through have now ratted on the libs by dumping there lords policy. the lib dems are finidshed as all there credabilty has gone up in smoke because they trusted the liars which is the tory party.

  5. They gotta be kidding themselves that the public will believe that !

  6. Note it said in OUR survey so hardly independent so can safely be taken with a pinch of salt

  7. After the harrasment and stress of being hounded by atos, I was so bad that I almost took my own life, without the support of my fantastic G.P. I bly would have!!! This company and the goverment need to be stopped, mental health stats will drop, as people are killing themselves!

  8. “in our monthly survey of 2,500 customers, 90 percent of Those Who Respond…”
    So how many of the 2,500 respond then? and if Atos ‘customers’ are oh so satisfied why so many appeals?

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