Jan 122012

Independent Living Fund Trustees Press Need for Source of Social Care Support Beyond Local Authorites

In their response to “Caring for Our Future”, the government’s social care White paper consultation, ILF Trustees stressed the need for a source of specialised support from a ring-fenced budget. Whilst acknowledging the need to further develop the current system and a new model of support, the response warned of poorer outcomes for disabled people without the influence of a national element to independent living support.

The response highlights that “Despite attempts through the personalisation agenda for adult social care to support life in the community, with its primary focus on safeguarding and protecting ‘vulnerable people’ from being without basic levels of support, ASC supplied by Local Authorities has, in the experience of the most severely disabled people, been unable to effectively tackle their exclusion from society. “ In contrast to this, service users of the ILF have reported better outcomes and the value of having an assessor who has local knowledge but is independent of the local authority.

The Trustees state in the response that their “firm view is that [a new model of support] needs to look beyond the mainstream funding of social care from local authorities”. The case is made for maintaining a national element to continue the ILF’s role in driving up standards from local authorities and pushing for consistency.

To read the response in full please go to: caring for our future