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In relation to the complaints process generally, we have compiled these instructions, which I hope you will find useful:

In order to make a complaint, you should:

  • Check the contact details at the top of letters you have received from the DWP’s Disability and Carers Service. This local office is where to send your letter of complaint to the DWP.
  • If your claim has been forwarded to ATOS or Capita, you will also need to send a letter of complaint to that local ATOS/Capita office.
  • If you are not sure where to send your complaint, call the PIP helpline on 03458 503 322 to find out.

Within your letter of complaint, ensure that you:

  • Include your name, date of birth, national insurance number, and all your contact details;
  • State your PIP claim reference number;
  • Call the letter “a formal complaint”;
  • State the date you first called the DWP to make a PIP claim (this is the date of your claim);
  • Say how long you have been waiting;
  • Explain how many times you have chased your application, how and when;
  • Say that you want the letter to be dealt with a formal complaint under the complaints procedure; and
  • Ask them to confirm receipt as soon as possible and explain how your PIP application will be processed in a timely manner.

If you are not happy with the response (e.g. it does not explain how your PIP claim will be resolved quickly) then you can:

  • Ask for your complaint to be sent to the Director General of Operations for the DWP, who aims to deal with complaints within 15 working days; and
  • If you are unhappy with the response of the Director General of Operations, you can ask for an Independent Case Examiner to investigate; and
  • If you are unhappy with the ICE’s response, you can then ask your MP to make a complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.


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  2. Hi, I underwent on of the most humiliating and degrading days of my life on Friday. My PIP assessment was in fact a PiP interrogation, my appointment was delayed by 70 minutes and the woman identified herself as a physiotherapist. I was deliberatly made to walk a very very long corridor and had to keep stopping as have a broken neck for the second time…this time inoperable. She was rude and behaved more like a Police Detective interviewing a criminal than a health professional, I tried to answer her questions with facts and detail but she kept stopping me mid sentence and interrupting whilst typing on the computer. I was shocked then to see an examination couch approx foot high with two very high steps Up to it. I asked her for help as could not mount the steps unaided she reluctantly offered a limp hand and again I had to ask for help to sit up. As a Phisio surely she knew I needed an arm under my shoulder and she offered a hand…I had to tell her that was not enough …again reluctantly she did as I asked but I had to cling to her as,she made such little effort. she made me feel like a creature not a person and following the assessment she walked me back as I stopped frequently to catch my breath she went on bombarding me with questions about how I got occasionally to the cinema.which cinema I used…..why I didn’t drive there myself,,,,did the cinema have stairs….what was the last movie I saw. I was exhausted afterwards and really stressed by the treatment.i suffered a TIA yesterday so will Need to see my Doctor tomorrow. I am not waiting for her decision I intend to make a full and formal complaint in writing once I feel a bit better even though it may jeapordise my claim it is the right thing to do. These people cannot be allowed to treat disabled people this way. And having seen dozens of Physio therapists over the years I hardly think that a Physio is even qualified enough to assess someone with the complicated issues I have had for the past 24 years!!!

    • If you make a full complaint, it might be an idea to put it in writing, and have some proof that it has been posted/delivered.

  3. Terrible angela of pip existing claims blackpool
    First they lost my pip forms then as I never received any letters claiming I needed to do an assessment they cancelled my pip terrible dwp procedures…going to ops diector gen of dwp

    • Similar situation, I sent forms and letters, they scanned letters not the forms and now they sent me new forms, and its the new form that has a different and more indepth questions , i think they did it on purpose???????? the rules changed around mobility between these forms, on top of that being in acute observation ward was not reason for extention by the decision maker

  4. My husband has an assessment carried out by Anne Luckman who states that she is a registered nurse. She lied throughout the assessment even claiming to have carried out a Musculskeletal assessment when she did not. She did not show us her identity badge or ask for ID from us and made a number of false observations which mean that my husband was awarded 0 points for mobility when he should be receiving Enhanced award. I am about to complain, although I am not sure good that will be but it may help when going to appeal.
    How are they getting away such blatant lies, this is fraud?

    • My arse-essoer did the same

      – claiming to have carried out a Musculskeletal assessment when he did not.
      – as well as number of false observations

  5. What amazes me is that nobody has made a complaint to the police about the fraudulent statements filed by so many of these private contractor assessors. It is after all potentially a criminal offence under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 to make a statement knowing that it is both false and will cause loss to another person. It also appears to me that an assessor submitting a false statement to DWP is no different from a claimant making a fraudulent claim for benefit. Again it would seem that either Section 3 or section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006 is appropriate here. I’m just dealing with a complaint involving an assessment conducted by Capita in Norfolk. Their report contains no less than eight statements that are completely false, she’s also contradicted herself twice and there are 17 obvious spelling mistakes – many of them repeatedly copied and pasted. In addition I’ve discovered that although the assessor claimed to be a specialist orthopaedic nurse she has no special training in that field so it looks like consent for any examination was obtain by misrepresentation and therefore falls outside the definition of ‘knowing’. Right now I’m waiting on the DWP ‘reconsideration’ and the submission for that pointed out the potential breaches of the Fraud Act. If that fails my intention is to file a formal criminal complaint with the Chief Constable of Norfolk (it’s no good raising this with the local police because they’re simply not qualified to deal with it) copied to the Police Commissioner and the local press. During the assessment the woman conducting was boasting about how she was planning to replace her Mini Convertible with something better in the New Year – hopefully I’m going to mess those plans up!l

    • please let us know how this goes and whether it is something that others could use

    • I’ve been thinking along the same lines David.
      A few years ago I had an ESA assessment that awarded me zero points, despite my mobility problems being glaringly obvious. I asked for a copy of the ATOS report and found many statements which were fictitious, and an ominous line in the summary which said “He has no problems with his hands, so could self propel a wheelchair.” (I have to use a stick to walk short distances). The local Incapacity Benefit Reassessment Unit (as was back then), told me that there had been changes in the legislation & the there was a new interpretation of the term ‘Mobilise’ which meant that I should use a wheelchair instead of a stick to mobilise.
      Having checked the legislation via the The Parliamentary Select Committee Report online and found that this was nonsense.I wrote to appeal, accusing the IB Reassessment Department of “acting independently of the legislation” & of allowing back door diagnostics by unqualified ATOS staff in order to dishonestly disqualify me from disability benefits – in other words, fraud. They quickly wrote back & placed me in the support group, so I think the knowledge of these practices is rife and encouraged within these departments.

      I think that reporting these incidents as fraud could have a lot of merit, but it would be better if we had a centralised database -(possibly via DPAC if they have the resources)- to collate these and identify individual assessors and offices around the country who are serial offenders. This might allow for some form a class action against Capita for fraud. The DWP may also be implicated in this, especially in light of their indifference to the 65% success of appeals against these rigged assessments. I would be interesting to hear form anyone with a legal background on this.

  6. pip complaint number-08081788114

  7. I have limited mobility i been on dla high rate indefinately completed pip app had my inteviiew with atos heath nurse scored 9 pnts on mobillity because of a questionon how i manage to plan and get around in a journey and im able to do di scored me 0 pnts .i have a mobillity car a need helo to get around i stated i have a named driver .the nurse totally lied and im not getting the enhanced rate .i suffer from hip disoacia and oestromalicia .im losing the car in 3 weeks .i have put in for the mand recon ..papers and doctors letters but i feeli have no time in order to hold on to my car .which i need for getting to appointments and therapies.

  8. I am a carer for a person with multiple disabilities who has recently had her PIP turned down because the assessor, a Mrs Robina Moosa who is allegedly a physiactric nurse, blatantly lied to the point that even the time of the assessment isn’t true. The assessment was most likely made before the actual meeting as the scheduled time was on the form rather than the actual time and all but one of the criteria was contested. The person had previously been getting all the higher rates of DLA and now scored 0 on all counts despite being in worse health.A complaint has been made to Capita who did eventually respond but their complaints procedure is mainly to protect their own asses. I am not saying that all of their assessors are bad but the one in question has obviously lied in order to exploit Capita’s pay structure which actually encourages dishonesty and which is upheld by the DWP. However in light of recent decisions made about the cutting of tax credits it may only be a matter of time that Capita and Atos go the same way as the corrupt company Concentrix ,that caused so much misery and poverty…when the assessment is a lie the mandatory reconsideration is a waste of time as the DWP wont take the fact that the assessor lied into consideration and will uphold the original decision…in the meantime there is a lengthy and stressful appeals process to go through and all we can do is wait.

  9. I am too writing to my mp.

    A physiotherapist lied on my form name of Paul Christmas of whom I intend to get stuck off as he blatantly lied on everything. I have renal failure yet he thinks this will effect me for 9 months when I am clearly worsening until I get my transplant. Atos healthcare are breaking the law lying, don’t healthcare professionals have
    a duty of care???? I’m so upset and cry all the time as felt to be a fraud. My mandatory reconsideration was turned down. I have diabetes type 1. Renal failure egfr 23 soon to have trasplant, fractures in my back as well as socroliac joint for which I had radiation denervation for pain. Yet they think I’m making this up. Never been treated so unfairly.

  10. I was wondering if you could please advise me as to the state of my pip application. I am a 31 year old single mum with a 15 month old baby. I suffer from type 1 diabetes, advanced diabetic retinopathy, anxiety and depression, chronic daily headaches and fibromyalgia. I applied for pip because I am unable to work due to these conditions and was advised by the One Stop Shop and my health practitioners. My initial application was rejected with a score of 0 out of 100. I appealed asking for copies of the medical report and also asking them to advise me further on certain points. My appeal was rejected, again scoring me 0 out of 100. In their response they did not answer my questions, supply me with the requested information or seemed to have reviewed my letter at all. I do not know what to do next as I suffer every day with pain, fatigue, headaches along with struggling to control my diabetes all while trying to look after a small child. I feel that if you do not suffer from a visible illness that leaves you wheelchair bound or you do not have mental capacity then you are discriminated against. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated because I do not know which way to turn at the moment.

  11. Does this form work for Pension Credit? I have been waiting for a decision for 9 months and phone DWP fortnightly and they always say they are still deciding. Is there an email address to make a formal complaint, please?

  12. Awaiting to go to appeal dwp have sent me wrong medical records sent me ones for a 67 male in Glasgow hmcts have been informed along with dwp sent new appeal papers to me there wrong again sent wrong medical information yet again appeal been cancelled for second time I think dwp in breach of confidentuality as I’ve got 67 year old papers and for all the grieve theve giving me as I suffer from mental health back pain and arthurises

  13. I have recently moved/moving from Disability to PIP benefit and although I have arthritis and mobility is severely effected they have now decided to reduce my mobility part of the claim to standard and not enhanced rate. I have had this condition for the last 20 years and my condition has got worse and not better.

    I try to work full time at a Call Center and can only get to work with use of my mobility car. If /when I loose my car at the end of October I will have to get a bus/train and tram to get to work. I work various shifts and would not be able to continue at work.

    When I appealed against the decision I was advised that the only thing I could do was to write to my local MP and wait up to 10 weeks for a revised decision.
    I await the revised decision when I hope I will be able to keep my car via motability.

    • Obviously we hope you get to keep your car but in the meantime I think you need to ask Access to Work to fund a taxi for you so you can keep your job. They should be able to do that especially for the shifts you couldn’t use public transport.

  14. how do I complain to pip on my partners behalf when they have put he went on his own and had the interview on his own but I took him with his companion a dog and myself were all in the room and I answered most of the questions ? also how can I complain reguarding that they say he read and write so therefore has lost his mobility car although he got full 10 points on mobility because he was asked if he saw a picture on a ladies toilet and one on mans would he know by looking at the pictures which one he should use although his mental health records have tests in stating his reading abitilty of around a 10 year old. surely a test should have been redone on the 1st reconsideration.??? I am writing this on his behalf as he cant read and write and does anyone have a idea of how long a tribunial takes please sorry to waffle so much just can not get my head round this nonsence.

    • i went pip in-view i was asked if i could use cash machine.This women that test me on my pip in view i hope drop dead soon. it can be 4 months before tribunal. i feel so anger. the way they answer treat me people going talk mp about this. what does uri mean

    • Dear Mia,
      I am not as disabled as you but I have an incurable, progressive disorder (stiff person syndrome). My nurse also lied, or at least left out large, relevant parts of my condition: basically said what I can do not what I am unable to do. I have had a mandatory reassessment, which I also passed/failed: end result, I have lost my car. Because I am still able to work and had someone to act as a guarantor, I was able to buy my car (Motability, who have been brilliant gave me £1000 as well as an extra two weeks to organise a loan etc. If they hadn’t I would have had three working days to get a new car).
      I would like a clear answer about who did my Mandatory reassessment, as I think it was Atos (I have had various different replies). If it was, it is a win win situation for them: they get paid for assessment and mandatory reassessments!
      I have enough energy to take this to court although my health is suffering (any deterioration after the assessment will NOT be taken into account, so after they have broken us they lose responsibility). I was sickened to read something, from the government, online, about the savings made from cut PIPs. No mention of the costs incurred by ATOS etc.
      My nurse deserves to lose her PIN number: she did not follow a health professionals’ first rule: “do no harm.” She was dishonest with her questioning, her examination of the questions to me and, after finding out that I work as a professional counsellor, poured out her problems to me. I was kind to her.
      I am pursuing this through the courts which is the only reason I am not printing her name here in capital letters.
      I am one of the lucky ones, I have family and financial support but this is a PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE PAYMENT: other support should not enter into it.
      I am disgusted and appalled by the treatment of vulnerable people by this dishonest and inadequate assessment tool and it’s equally dishonest and inadequate so called health professionals. Incidentally I had letters of support from two senior consultants in the field of my disorder (Neurology and neuroimmunology) which both explained the day to day difficulties caused by my condition: these appear to have been entirely ignored.
      Try the Citizens Advice Bureau: to date they have been very helpful to me, if a bit pessimistic re.reinstatement of my benefit. I am not pessimistic and I will fight this to the bitter end, not just for me but for the people who don’t have the energy/education/support to do so. We must fight together to get an end to this unfair, dishonest system.

  15. I’m not aware of anyone having a PIP claim number… it’s the NI number that’s the reference, surely?

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